Your Daily Qigong Practice Anywhere in 15-Minutes

Jump-start your spring with daily Qigong. Yes, I offer 4 classes per week. However the true purpose of my classes is to help you transform your health over time. A regular practice will really improve your life. After about 6 classes, you can begin to feel the meridians move as toxins flow out. Of many types of Qigong available, this is the most detoxifying (we need this in modern life). And this method of Qigong vitalizes the meridians in a minimum amount of time. So if you take one class per week, and do 15 minutes on your own each day, your health will benefit deeply. You can do it anywhere – in your living room, out in Nature, or on a work break. A daily discipline sounds DIFFICULT. However instead of forcing yourself to do something, I find it’s easier to acknowledge the benefits, to cultivate a simple commitment to your own self-love and physical well-being.

The Blue Energy Man, illustrates meridians activated during Medical Qigong.

Qigong Home Practice Sequence  (* Starred Items are required) *

1.) Warm-up
(Hands on Dantien between each one)

  • Swing Arms forward and back (100 – 300 times)
  • Knee circles, first right, then left (30 – 60 times)
  • Oval arms up overhead, spread out and down (100 times)
  • Hip Circles, first right, then left (30 – 60 times)
  • Swimming (30 – 60 times)

2.) Qigong Shaking (1 – 20 minutes)

3.) Wu Chi – Cowboy (5 – 10 minutes) *

4.) Five Elements Sequence 

  • Metal
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wood
  • Earth


5.) Cool Down *

  • Arms Raise Outward 3x overhead, Draw sky down to Dantien.
  • Massage Kidneys Backs of hands
  • Fire Hands – Rub hands until hot, rub back of neck like towel, wash face.
  • Repeat above – Fire, Rub, Wash
  • Close hands Right then left on lower Dantien 3 fingers below navel

That’s it! Please contact me if you have any questions: jane @ fiveseasonsmedicine .com



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