Adam and Eve: What Really Happened in the Garden of Eden?

Today I have no answers, just three questions. As the world fast becomes a more unified collective awareness every day, we share common goals of happiness and awakening. I celebrate the awakening of God awareness in all religions. Many people are trusting the great books as beacons of light, guidance, and hope. I feel so excited at the energetic coalescence of all cultures in upliftment, to honor and respect all traditions. These are our guides to the Truth, whether we interpret them literally or figuratively. The most exciting part for me is seeing everyone throwing off old patterns of fear and shame. Because this indicates the world is REALLY CHANGING. I feel this global awakening is unifying all countries in creative cooperation and freedom toward a higher consciousness. All races, cultures, faiths, traditions can work together to break the chains of control, accepting the need to love God and higher dimensions, to accept that we living in 3D material world don’t have all the answers.

But I have three queries. They’re about Adam, Eve and the Fall of Man. Frankly, I don’t buy the shame and fear. Two thousand years of writhing in shame is enough. Let’s finish this. We’re looking for the Truth.

1. Who Were the Gods of the Ancient World?

The seeds of our civilization are precious. Our Bible stories must never be forgotten. Long ago there was no government, no church, no schools, no banks or money, just humans and God. I’m guessing you could feel the Almighty’s presence in everything, in the air, the natural beauty of Earth and in the blessings. Each city had a local “god” that protected and guided them. We called them “gods” as some were very tall, strong and smart. World history saw many gods under different names like Yahweh, Elohim, Jehovah, Ra, Isis, Anunnaki, Allah, Nephilim, Zeus, Apollo, and Hermes. In the North we had Thor and the Nordic Giants. In India there was Krishna, the Blue God who shows up whenever man forget the path to God. And so many others. China had Fuxi and NuWa. There’s so much we don’t know about our history. I’m guessing there were many levels of intermediate “gods” over thousands, perhaps millions of years.

Several thousand years ago, perhaps in Sumer – I don’t know – there was a story of Adam and Eve. God described the creation of the world, a garden of Eden, with plants and animals, and the creation of Adam and Eve. Maybe it was true, or maybe it was woven from other legends. I don’t know. At one point a terrible flood destroyed everything. A few very special people survived and gradually over time civilization grew back. Ancient stories were remembered. Ancient cuneiform stones were discovered containing the old stories. Hebrew rabbis that knew how to read and write may have translated them as best they could. I’m told that the rabbis knew that the Adam and Eve story came from Sumer, but I’m not sure.

Yeshua lived and taught the world about love. He was crucified by the Roman governor near Jerusalem. For several hundred years afterwards, Christians were outcasts of the Empire, treated like pagans and conspiracy theorists. To avoid being killed, Christians developed the secret fish symbol to share amid Roman suppression. Three hundred years after Yeshua’s death, Romans took up to a new allegiance to Christ, and built the Holy Roman Empire. They assembled writings from stories of Jesus Christ. They called their book Byblos, named after the Phoenician city where papyrus for books was shipped. The Bibles were in Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. To translate the sacred books, many factors have to be taken into account, including politics, who is in power, issues of tradition and social classes and wealth must be considered. What did the original Bible say about Adam and Eve?

The Story of Adam and Eve:
Here’s the Genesis chapter from the King James Bible. I question some translated words.

Some interpretations to note:

  • 3.1  The serpent is not evil. Instead, it is wise, intelligent, astute.
  • 3.5  Yahweh knew that eating this fruit would open their senses and their eyes to a new experience of good and evil, and they would be like Gods. Was this a dangerous fruit, a psychedelic fruit? Why were they blocked from this tree?
  • 3.8  Yahweh is physically walking in the Garden, so is he a local embodied god? Or a celestial god in heaven?
  • 3.22  Yahweh says Adam is now one of them “as an Elohim”. Adam is like a god.
  • 3.24  Adam and Eve are banished from the Garden forever, and this is called the “Fall of Man”.

What is Original Sin and the Fall of Man?

I believe one can trust the Bible reading it literally word for word. Or we can read it symbolically as an allegory. Throughout history many people have added embellished meanings to the story of Adam and Eve, for various reasons. But one I cannot accept is Original Sin, the concept that every human is born with the shame of Adam and Eve’s sin, as an inherent wickedness that must be cleansed only through baptism in the church. The concept of Original Sin was developed by Roman theologian St. Augustine, born November 13, 354 CE. The theory states that the fall from grace of our forefathers Adam and Eve weighs on us so heavily that we are inherently weak-willed in the face of temptations, and we tend to fall into sin. I do believe we are born with past Karma and past lives to resolve, we even carry family threads of a positive and negative nature. But to blanket the entire human race with a sinful nature because of a supposed “error” by Adam and Eve seems extreme.

I question other interpretations of this passage, such as declaring women to be untrustworthy and amoral. I do not believe snakes are evil. Some say Eve had sexual intercourse with the snake, spawning a lineage of evil, however I do not see this indicated in the text.

Instead I see a story of human’s honest quest for wisdom and eternal life, cruelly blocked by a controlling authority who wishes to limit their union with God in order for them to be more easily controlled. Such negative interpretations are designed to create fear, shame to control and dominate. Was the theory of the “Fall of Man” simply an effort to block human ascension into union with God for over two millenniums?

2. Did Adam and Eve Discover the Secret to Eternal Life?

These four elements: Tree of Life, the Serpent, the Kundalini, and the desire for union with God are found throughout the world in every religion and every culture.

The Tree of Life appears in ancient legends as a world axis, unifying higher and lower realms. This sacred tree connects Heaven and Earth, corresponding to the human spinal column, linking us spiritually to the center of the earth and the pinnacle of heaven, the North Star. The Earth’s rotates on an axis pointing almost exactly to Polaris, the North Star of the Big Dipper constellation, which has seven stars. These seven stars are mentioned in many ancient sacred books. For example, the Vedic creation story includes the seven great sages, the Saptarishi, who are responsible to oversee man’s existence on Earth for millions of years,

The Tree of Life in Hebrew religion represents emanations of God’s creation of divinity of the human soul, and the spiritual path of ascension. Eastern In the Bhagavad Gita-10 the Tree of Life is a tool for navigating to freedom from 3D into union with the Supreme. Old Norse legends hold that the giant Yggdrasil tree supports the cosmos, extending high into the heavens where the gods dwell, and down to the underworld far below the Earth’s surface, in a universal pillar. In Buddhism the famous Bodhi Tree is the one under which the Buddha sat before he attained enlightenment. This huge tree is a symbol of awakening, liberation from the illusion of the physical matrix.

Are Serpents Linked to Creation and Ascension?
Legends of snakes are common in many ancient cultures, often connected with creation, wisdom, and spiritual attainment. In Meso-America, the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl, and Viracocha was revered. In Bhutan, the “Druk” dragons inhabit the mountains, and you can hear them howl when the wind blows. In Eastern spiritual practices, the image of rising snakes up the spinal column symbolizes spiritual enlightenment. Chinese mythology tells that the ancestor gods Fuxi and his sister/wife Nuwa were serpents. After the land was swept by a great flood and they were the only survivors, Nuwa created humans by molding clay figures and breathing life into them.

The ancient Greeks considered snakes sacred. The Greek god of medicine Asclepius carries a caduceus, a staff with two serpents wrapped around it, the symbol of modern physicians. For both Greeks and the Egyptians, the snake represented eternal life. Eastern Vedic spiritual traditions describe the body’s internal channels as two serpents, the Ida and Pingala channels weaving up the central Shushumna spinal column through the chakras to the top of the head.


Did Adam and Eve Discover Kundalini Awakening?

Kundalini literally means “coiled” in Sanskrit. This is the name given to the powerful energy potential in the body that rises from the base of the spine. Some see it as two snakes intertwined or two spiral energy lines. When it ascends up the spine, it passes through the psychic centers  up to the crown of the head where it purifies the body awareness, thoughts, and nervous system. This leads to a joyful union of the individual with the universal. This union is the purpose of every spiritual practice.

In an awakened, healthy person, the Kundalini energy flows freely up the spine. It’s as natural as breathing. When someone is ill, simply activating the kundalini in the spine can bring them into balance. Imagine if we taught this in schools and medical schools! This universal energy can be seen as the natural exciting interaction between the dualities. The two poles of nature are Yin Yang, or call it Shiva-Shakti, Masculine-Feminine, Active-Passive. There are many ways to see this and multiple ways to activate. Some of them happen automatically., like earring and drinking. Some are very complicated, some culturally based, and some very sophisticated, some very mysterious, and some very straightforward. Take your pick. This accelerated awakening of the body-mind-spirit is available in MANY traditions.

Now is the time to remove shame and negative interpretations of our sacred books. 

A page of Genesis 2 and 3, from  the 1611 Bible of King James. A team of 47 theologians translated into English from Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. It took seven years to create the first Anglican Bible (as opposed to Catholic) designed to be acceptable also to Puritans. It was specifically designed to uphold his divine right to the throne as a descendant of God. King James was the first King of Both England and Scotland, succeeding to the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth.

3. Did God Create This Difficulty as a Teaching for Ascension?

I believe there is one Infinite Creator that created everything. This creator is infinite intelligence and infinite energy. This creator divided itself into many sub creators in order to experience creation. Each portion is a fractal and contains the same infinite intelligence. As each creator becomes aware of itself, it desires to create its own reality and send parts of itself into its creation.

We are in a matrix, or holographic reality created by “the Supreme God”. He has been referred to by many other names. His/her children inside of this matrix are actually aspects of God. As we awaken, it becomes a desire of ours to know who we are on a planetary level as well as outside of this matrix. The intergalactic council suggested that the oversoul group of negative selfish polarity be introduced into the creation in order to shake things up. This negativity provides polarity that is the recipe for free will, which was said to promote the quickest soul expansion and the most growth. Although the negative oversoul group comes from the light, its job is to create the polarity of darkness. Because on a higher level, all beings, positive and negative are a part of the One Infinite Creator.

There is an “end time” for this negative polarity insertion. So, to be “angry” is counter productive. All we have to do is recognize the difference and manifest the higher frequencies in ourselves.

Upon the end of the cycle, an opportunity was created for humans to grow and “ascend” to a beautiful and positive fourth density (5d) New Earth if they became 51% or more positive in polarity. Either way, these groups probably would not remember who they really are and that they would be nudged to awaken by their oversoul at a specified time on their life. It is our job to do the “inner work” to clear our own negativity and to hold a high vibration of integrity and love which will then affect all inhabitants of the Earth.

The harvest, or separation of vibration is culminating rapidly toward the “end of time”.

Now we are very close to this ascension door opening. I believe that all souls have been weighed and we are simply waiting until the last moment so that as many people as possible can awaken and raise their frequency to more than a 51% positive polarity. Our only job is to remember our true infinite nature as we strive to return home. The Shift, Upliftment = Ascension = Harvest = Rapture.

Yes, maybe this was his plan all along.
It’s working. God is just waiting for us to see him/her and call on him/her, and find the big love in our hearts. The global awakening includes all colors, religions, races, and belief systems. The good news is that we can’t postpone the awakening anymore. The TRUTH is undeniable. It’s here. But we don’t have all the information yet. Hence we have patience. We don’t jump to conclusions, we don’t assume. Knowledge is a work in process. Waiting to confirm. Partial theories, thoughts, possibilities, is now our way of life…..


  • Oh Yes, Adam and Eve discovered the secret to eternal life. They almost got out of the matrix.
  • Their story of failure has been repeated, twisted, and manipulated to make an example of them. 
  • There was no Fall of Man.
  • No mistake, no shame. They almost succeeded.
  • The “God” was a controlling bastard, and we believed the story.

Maybe it was totally invented. Used, mis-interpreted, and purposely communicated to the maximum degree in order to create fear, shame, and control. Millions of people all over the world have suffered this pointless charade. Millions have believed the lies, and supported them financially, for thousands of years. Too bad, now we’re going to have to turn our backs on churches, spiritual organizations, and bring the perpetrators quickly to justice (how about crucifixion?) From now on we go direct to the one Almighty God. Gotta go work in my garden now…. Thanks for stopping by. To be continued…

About me:
I am Sri Jana, aka Jane Barthelemy, intuitive medium, channel, author, energy healer and a devout Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist. I was born in Minnesota, USA, baptized Catholic. As a I child questioned Original Sin and teachings that my Presbyterian mother could never go to Heaven. I have practiced Kundalini and Buddhist meditation for over 50 years. I have an MBA and worked as CFO of Rudi’s Bakery for 10 years. My life path followed many careers, as an opera primadonna in Italy, and owner of a Venetian glass jewelry company. Serious health challenges led me to teach Qigong, Taichi, and to write two healthy cookbooks: “Paleo Desserts” and “Good Morning Paleo”. My upcoming books include: “Heal Your Past Lives”, and “Buddha Speaks – Channeled Passages from the Master”. I live in Bali with my Bhutanese husband Lama D, where we offer retreats, healings, past life clearings, and kundalini meditations. My website is

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