Coming: Retreats and Tours in Bhutan, Nepal, Bali, Tibet

I’m excited to announce that Lama D and I are organizing a series of tours and retreats in Asia. We believe they’ll offer an ideal setting to get away and relax in a luscious environment, rewire the nervous system, network with others, and share inspired revelations about leading-edge concepts that are healing the world. We also feel this is a win-win-win solution to give people an opportunity to commit to their own transformation in a magical place of calm that’s free of everyday life pressures. And it will be possible for anyone in the world to participate, since visas to Asian countries are less expensive and not restrictive as the US.

These new programs coincide with the release of my new books! My books include “Buddha Speaks”, a channeled book by the Master, and a series of English translations of original quotes from ancient texts. My new book “Heal Your Past Lives” offers a way for people to clear their own past trauma and dissolve unneeded emotional distortions. My book “Walking in the Footprints of the Enlightened Ones” is a Bhutan Travel Cookbook with stories, photos, and authentic recipes. I am seeking a publisher now. Read more about my upcoming books.

Overview of our retreat programs:

Tours in four countries.
Bhutan, Bali, Nepal, and Tibet will be our focus. The tours will combine relaxation, visiting spiritual sites, cultural immersion, and discussions of top innovative issues of our time. Our tour company, White Tiger Bhutan Tours, will organize the travels.

Winter retreats in Bali.
Lama D and I plan to offer retreats in Bali, and to escape the winter cold in Bhutan. I am inviting top teachers in various fields as guests to offer their best programs. Lama D and I will be visiting Bali this February to find a venue for the retreats.

Why Bhutan, Nepal, Bali, and Tibet?
We have chosen these four sites very carefully, for beauty, cultural traditions, practical convenience, and reasonable cost. Each of these places holds a wealth of ancient wisdom that is still alive. We can relax, visit high-energy sites, and return transformed. These sites in Asia are far more economical than most vacations in the Western hemisphere. Yes, you’ll have to GET to these locations, however we will arrange reasonable group travel rates. Our tour company, White Tiger Bhutan Tours, will spearhead the travel programs. For more information, see our website here: White Tiger Bhutan Tours.

1. Bhutan, the Kingdom of Happiness.

Isolated for centuries, Bhutan has a cultural purity that is surprising for foreigners. For example, Gross National Happiness, the national policy since 1972, rates the government’s effectiveness by measuring happiness of the people instead of solely financial means. Bhutan does not allow industrial chemicals in farming. The air and water are clean. People are kind and honor their families. Buddhism is alive and well here, as indicated by deep cultural traditions and the powerful energy of ancient saints in caves and monasteries. I love Bhutan, and plan to live there in warm months.

Bhutan requires foreign tourists to prepay their trip through an agency licensed by the royal government. There is a minimum daily cost of $250 in high season, and $200 in low season. The good news is that this fee covers all accommodations, meals, guide, vehicle, and activities, so there are virtually no out-of-pocket costs for your trip. For more info, check out our website: White Tiger Bhutan Tours.

2. Kathmandu, Nepal is a cultural hotbed and crossroads on the ancient silk road. 

Kathmandu is known as the “City of Temples”, having the largest Buddhist Stupa, and some of the oldest Pagodas in the world. Even though the city is chaotic, I love to spend a few days exploring the legacy of history where Hinduism and Buddhism have merged in a rich, unique culture. Kathmandu is a great travel gateway to both Tibet and Bhutan.

3. Bali is an island of serene beauty where the Divine Feminine is honored.

Bali has luscious tropical climate, mountains, and stunning beaches. Bali has over 4,500 temples where ceremonies take place almost every day, usually on a new or full moon. Bali is the only Hindu island in Indonesia.

Daily offerings can be found everywhere in Bali. These “Canang sari” are skillfully made from leaves and flowers into works of art. Offerings are usually made and given by one female representative of the family to the “bhuta kalas” gods inside a family temple and around the household.

4. Tibet holds the ancient secrets of Asian culture in the Himalayas.
Tibetan Buddhism is a rich source of inspiration, wisdom, and ancient art that has infused and nourished every culture of China and India, and Southeast Asia for thousands of years.


We will visit the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet, and other cultural centers. Lama D will lead the Tibet tours as he speaks Tibetan, knows Tibetan Buddhism, and is familiar with the best sites.

Bali Retreat Ideas

Thank you for checking in. That’s the news! Stay tuned for more exciting developments.

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