Blue Blood and Human Ascension Rooted in the World Mind

The World Mind is changing. We think very differently from Romans 2,000 years ago. Some say our world has been deeply deranged for millennia. Yes, but from a higher perspective, maybe all is in perfect order. Perhaps CHAOS exists only in my MIND, as a pattern I don’t yet understand. Instead of feeling confused, I can adjust my perspective, to see HARMONY in the BIGGER PICTURE, and guide my own destiny.

Yes, maybe it’s time for our core beliefs to change. But wait! Where did these subconscious beliefs originate? Many of our Western beliefs came from pre-Christian biblical times, though Sumerian, Anunnaki, and other outside influences.

BTW, please keep an open mind, as 90% of our history is unknown. Don’t rush to conclusions or paint yourself into a corner. Clearing our collective subconscious feels unsettling as we our foundational perspectives shift precariously. Maybe our reality cracks and re-assembles while we sleep – Ha Ha! Yet, even in the face of lies, disputes, and violence, we continue to awaken to our true nature more every day.

Lies that try to separate humans from God, Nature, and each other are dissolving. As we dismantle subtle forms of control and division, we can heal the deep subconscious beliefs it the World Mind. We follow the path to light. move forward to claim our God-given birthright as human beings. I’m innately curious. Let’s scan some of the possible subconscious roots of the Western mind.

Executive Summary:

  1. The “Six Biggest Lies” were in the World Mind long before the Vatican made them into law. And deep down, we still believe them. The Six Lies are: 1) Fall of Man, 2) Original Sin 3) Sex is Evil 4) You only Live Once 5) Doctrine of Discovery 6) Money is the Supreme God.
  2. The Holy Eucharist 0f Passover Bread and Wine are ancient blood sacrifices. These traditional flesh and blood offerings are still practiced in Christian, Jewish, Babylonian, Muslim, Hindu religions, etc., as written in the holy books.
  3. Human Trafficking Epicenters were Rome, Carthage, Venice, Malta, and Greek Island Delos. The ancient traditions of war, sex, slavery, and prostitution were accepted for the elite class long before the CIA took them underground out of public view.
  4. Bloody Festivals for Pagan Gods came from Earlier Mediterranean Beliefs. Examples are the Cult of Cybele, Attis, Mithraism Secret Societies, Bacchus God of Wine, Easter-Oester, Christmas, Lupercalia, and Lent. How many ancient Gods were born of a Virgin on December 25th, and returned from the dead on the Spring Equinox?
  5. Vatican Destroys Traditional Nature Spirits & Shamanism. The word “Pagan” or “Pagano” meant “folksy” local religions. The Inquisition suppressed all non-conforming sects. Pagans, Muslims, Jews, Witches, and Cathars. Even the precious fairies and Numini elemental spirits disappeared with the rise of Monotheism, state religion, fear, and control.
  6. Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Dark. The Vatican didn’t create the Devil. He was already a character in early beliefs. Theologians Origen and St. Augustine believed anything that springs from the womb of woman is damned. We live in a universe where infinite Good and infinite Evil are part of the Yin-Yang infinite dual polarity of this reality. As our awareness expands, we embrace our new capacity in the “Star Wars” universe. We choose the side of light, clearing the body, mind, and spirit to ascension.
  7. Blue-Blood Ancient “Gods” Were Visitors from the Stars. Many of our cultural roots came from the Sumerian Anunnaki, a distinctly war-like race. This explains how a religious war can be “virtuous”, where it’s ok to exterminate another culture if they’re “bad”. Herein lies a clear important difference between Eastern and Western collective memories about war.
  8. Earth is a Hybrid Planet of 22 Different ET Races. Ancient local folk Gods were extraterrestrial visitors. How did we inherit our current bloodlines, physical traits, languages, and cultural characteristics from them? (Hint: This is NOT in the history books.)
  9. Phoenician Royal Elite Originated from the Divine Right of Kings. Descended from hybrid Anunnaki, their wealthy banking empire grew from Venice, London, Rome, and Washington DC into a worldwide hidden network of secret societies and alliances of opposing forces in a battle to control minds, money, and resources.
  10. Blue Blood and Human Ascension Rooted in the World Mind. Our awareness is changing and expanding every day – to the positive. Millions are waking up to their personal destiny. The 21st century mind can no longer accept the old, limited belief systems. Humanity’s Collective Mind is winning the Spiritual War. Say good-bye to the Roman Empire and Age of Pisces. Hello Age of Aquarius. It’s a new Yuga! Earth’s inevitable precession cycle is shifting into the next Golden Age.
    (See The Inevitable Rise of Global Consciousness, Precession and the Four Yugas)

1. The “Six Biggest Lies”

Yes, these lies were planted in the World Mind long before the Vatican made them into law. And deep down, some of us still believe them.

See my Article: “The Six Biggest Lies Ever Told to Humanity”  

  1. Fall of Man.
  2. Original Sin.
  3. Sex is Evil.
  4. You only Live Once.
  5. Doctrine of Discovery.
  6. Money is the Supreme God.

Living in Roman times 2,000 years ago was quite different. We can’t imagine the level of stress, ignorance, and violence that existed at that time. Survival was much more difficult. Life expectancy for the general population was only about 25 years.

Roman Emperors conscripted vast armies to expand the empire and conquer all people of the world, in a drive for power and wealth. Ancient warfare gave the victor legal right to enslave a defeated population. Many groups were sold as slaves, their temples sacked, and all valuables taken to Rome to add to the wealth of the empire. 

War was a way of life, and Rome needed a constant supply of soldiers. Since married men were exempt from the draft, Emperor Claudius II actually BANNED CHURCH MARRIAGES for a time to increase the number of army recruits. Secretly, Roman priest Valentine married many couples, and the men escaped military service.

When the priest Valentine was discovered, he was beaten and beheaded on February 14, 269 CE. Later they declared Valentine a saint, and honored the day as a holiday. It was not so much to honor the priest, but rather to replace the raucous pagan celebration of Lupercalia, fertility festival on the same day! Roman authorities wanted to stop the bloody animal sacrifices, sexual rituals, feasting, and wild debauchery dedicated to the she-wolf fertility mother goddess of Rome. So, Lupercalia disappeared, and now we have the day of LOVE and roses!

The Roman Empire had a wide variety of religious practices, some open, and some secretive. Religion has always been about life, death, and marriage. However, at that time, religion was also very much about blood and sex. The Roman Empire was enormous, extending through most of Europe, Greece, Turkey, the Middle East, and across North Africa. Local shamanic practices were very much alive. People celebrated their own regional festivals at important times of year, such as Spring equinox and Solstice return of the Sun. Each community had its own pantheon of gods and a patron saint who protected and guided them in battle. The festivals and rituals to their gods were varied, colorful, and often violent.

We need to remember that the distant past and cultural roots of Western civilization are linked to the Sumerian Anunnaki realm, which has had a powerful warrior-like influence.

2. Flesh & Blood Sacrifice, Eucharist Bread and Wine

Our ancient tradition of blood offering is Christian, Jewish, Babylonian, Muslim, and Hindu alike. Red blood and red wine have been ceremonially linked for eons. The sacrifices came from biological and spiritual knowledge of the importance of blood in our bodies as life-force energy, and its important spiritual connection. People didn’t offer blood sacrifices to the gods because they were evil or superstitious. They believed they offered them as awakened beings of light.

The story of the Last Supper in the New Testament is an example of wine converted into the blood of Christ during the sacrament of Mass. In the Last Supper, Jesus told his disciples that the bread represents his body, broken for forgiveness of sin. Red wine symbolized his blood that was shed to seal a new promise. The modern eucharist communion continues this tradition of sacrifice of flesh and blood.

It is said that John the Baptist saw Jesus and cried, “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of the world.”  This refers to the blood ceremony of healing through the sacrifice of innocent blood. The Passover lamb was without blemish. Jesus was without sin. The Passover lamb was slaughtered, and Jesus was crucified on the same day. The meaning here is that a blood sacrifice in the ancient tradition could effectively remove sins, shortcomings and curses of the people

All Mesopotamian rituals of Sumerian origin included animal sacrifice, wine, purification of sprinkling water, symbols, and prayers. These religions are older than we can imagine. Maybe this ritual lives on in the subconscious levels of the world mind. At one time, it was understood that the role of the people was to serve the Gods. For example, in Exodus 22:29 Yahweh demands sacrifices of ripe fruits, liquor, all first born sons, oxen, and sheep. Yes, the Bible God says “firstborn sons” belong to him.

Many people find the idea of animal sacrifice intimidating, however there is much evidence that important rituals were sealed with an offering, a sacrifice. What is sacrifice? A sacrifice means giving something we hold precious, something that ‘feeds’ the gods on the other side of the veil. The bigger the ceremony, the more important the sacrifice. In ancient times, it was common to offer a living animal or a child as valuable sacrifice. Their innocent blood was believed to offer forgiveness of sins, the seal of new life, and even rebirth.

From a larger perspective, blood sacrifice can be seen as an inter-dimensional link between the physical realm and higher spiritual domains. Since the early belief held that the eternal soul can never die, maybe people saw it as an honor to be part of the sacrifice, an expression of sincere respect and worthiness to higher realms of the universe. So, is it possible that killing a living being or a child can be a blessing? Forgive me, I have no answers, only questions.

History tells us that Canaanites did occasionally sacrifice children to “appease” the god Ba’al or Moloch. One overriding reason was because when drought and famine loomed, only blood would be powerful enough to show the god their dedication and commitment. Moloch was known to be a bloodthirsty god, and his demands for sacrifice were constant. If hunger and drought threatened the land, people sometimes sacrificed both children and adults, believing that Moloch in return would feed them well.

There was also sexual element to ritual sacrifice. By causing Moloch to become aroused he might release his mighty seed to spurt forth in the form of rain and water for crops. Even sowing seeds was symbolic of sex, like implanting a seed within a “field” of flesh of the Mother Earth. Thus, sex and pregnancy were associated with a full stomach and good harvest. Since sex, birth, and farming were all very much intertwined, sacred sexual activity during ritual was considered a sacrifice as well as a joyful fertility celebration.

For example, Greek historian Polybius (208-125 BCE) wrote that Hannibal’s father invited him to join an expedition to Spain in BCE 257 when the boy was nine years old. Hannibal eagerly accepted, but before he was allowed to join, his father “took Hannibal by the hand and led him to the altar. There he commanded Hannibal to lay his hand on the body of the sacrificial victim and to swear that he would never be a friend to Rome” (3:11). Hannibal took the vow gladly – and never forgot it. This is an example of the power of a ceremony that can influence our innermost intent, and even world events.

Hybrid reptilian crossbreeds are said to drink blood to consume a person’s life-force, in order to exist in this dimension. Some say they shape-shift when drinking human blood and eating human flesh. This has also been documented in accounts of Aztec rituals where humans were sacrificed for reptilian god Quetzalcoatl and others, who would drink the blood and eat the bodies for nourishment.

In Mesopotamian, Indo-European, and Hindu traditions, blood sacrifice was common, including occasional human sacrifice. Nowadays these rituals are carefully concealed in secret. We see them in symbolic form, such as in the Christian eucharist and the Jewish Passover seder.

3. Human Trafficking Epicenters were Rome, Carthage, Venice, Malta, and Delos

The ancient business of war, sex, prostitution, and slavery always existed in Rome’s upper classes. As the empire expanded, war turned into a slave and human trafficking machine. War offered financial opportunities for human traders, who frequented battlefront areas to acquire slaves. The victor in war had the right under the law “ius gentium” to enslave an entire defeated population. 

For example, when the Romans took British Gaul (59 to 51 BCE) it is said Julius Caesar took over one million slaves. In the Jerusalem rebellions of 70 and 135 CE, nearly 2 million Jews were sold as slaves. A defeated population would have to choose between running away and living in caves, or suicide, or the family separated in an ignominious life of slavery in which they might at least receive a meal every day. 

Trading centers in Venice, Carthage, Malta, and the Greek island of Delos displayed slaves nude with a placard around the neck indicating a person’s age, origin, and any defects they were known to have. Prices varied according to the sex, age, health, and abilities. Greek slaves were often well-educated. Young men were used in heavy labor. Young women and children were preferred for domestic service and sex. Most prostitutes were slaves.

Kidnapping slaves was a steady institution, especially in Africa. Members of the Roman senatorial class could make enormous profits trading abducted male slaves. Young men sold into slavery were often forcibly castrated. Enslaved eunuchs were highly valued because they were incapable of fathering children and seen as ideal for serving in wealthy households, less likely to have sexual relations with the royal females. In fact, St. Augustine lamented the wide-scale practice of slave kidnapping in North Africa in the early 5th century CE. The word “eunuch” comes from Greek εὐνοῦχος (eunoûchos) meaning “bed-guard”.  

The rights of Roman citizens were protected by law, however a slave had no legal identity. It is said that slaves outnumbered freeborn residents of Rome 3:1. The average life expectancy for a slave in the city of Rome was only 17 years. Slaves were often branded with the owner’s name on the face or body. 

The concept of human rights was quite different in Roman society, which was divided into three levels. 1) The Patricians were powerful, land-holding families, 2) the Plebians were regular citizens, and 3) Slaves, who had no legal status. 

Roman society was male-oriented. Roman men’s sexuality is said to have rested on three pillars: the wife, the concubine, and the prostitute. The prostitute for pleasure, concubine for daily service of our bodies, and wife to produce legitimate offspring and protect household property.

According to Roman law, sexual assault or rape applied only when it was against a Roman citizen. Sex with slaves or prostitutes was easily available and accepted. Any woman who worked as a prostitute, actress, or dancer had no social standing by virtue of making her body publicly available. Thus, she lost any right to be protected from sexual abuse or physical violence. Sex outside of marriage with Roman citizens was limited and often punished. However, men could have sex with prostitutes and slaves.

Slaves were considered property under Roman law, so a slave could legally be killed, sold, molested sexually, tortured, or executed. Most slaves would never be freed. A slave could be granted freedom by their owner, and over time, slaves gained more legal protection. A law was passed in CE 319 that made it illegal to kill slaves, and owners had to stop branding their face, instead to put their mark on the hands and legs.

4. Bloody Festivals for Pagan Gods came from earlier Mediterranean beliefs

Rome inherited some wild traditions! Polytheism included many local gods, countless festivals, myriad festivals, and varied sacrificial offerings. The cults of Cybele, Attis, Mithraic Secret Societies, Bacchus, Easter Oester, Virgin Birth, and Solstice all eventually became Christian. Let’s look at a few Pagan practices!

Bloody Cult of Cybele, Mother Goddess

How did the wild Greek fertility goddess ruler of life, and death end up being the state religion of Rome? First we have to go back to the peaceful Etruscans, who lived in Italy for thousands of years. When someone died, they were buried outside of town on a hill dedicated to the Goddess of death and the underworld called VATIKA. The Goddess Vatika protected the dead; she was respected and feared.

Eventually the warlike Romans conquered and absorbed the Etruscans. But in 204 BCE, the city of Rome was terrified of Hannibal’s advancing army with elephants invading from the North. The Roman Emperor petitioned the friendly city of Troy in Turkey for protection, and the powerful protectress Goddess Cybele arrived in the form of a black volcanic stone. Rome survived Hannibal, and the Magna Mater (Great Mother) was rewarded with a huge temple on top of the Etruscan graveyard. This site was called MONS VATIKANUS, or “Vatican Hill”.

Who is the Mother Goddess Cybele?

Oh dear! Cybele is the wild, promiscuous goddess of fertility, and her crown is a city wall. Cybele gives and takes life. She rules cycles of life and death, therefore it is fitting that her temple might be built on a necropolis of the dead. Cybele’s birthday was the most important celebration of the year, the New Year feast for the return of the sun. People reveled with drinking, and her temple was the “party center” of the city. Followers of her ecstatic, orgiastic cult danced to music, drums, clashing shields and spears, shouting, and singing all night. 

What’s a Taurobolium, bull sacrifice?

Cybele’s celebration, like other important religious events, included the sacrifice of a bull. The blood of the powerful bull was believed to represent tits regenerative and life force, Bulls were killed ceremonially with three tools. First a hooked sword called a venabulum (hunting spear) to stun, then an ensis hamatus (hooked sword) to rip the throat, and finally a harpe (sickle or scimitar) to open the throat artery. 

A Taurbolium sacrifice offered great blessing, purification, preservation, health, and well-being. The date of a person’s personal blood baptism or “taurobolization” was remembered as a “natalicium” or “birthday”, in which an individual was eternally reborn “in aeternum renatus”. The bull’s blood renewed the individual’s vitality, bestowing lasting health, and long life. A Taurobolium could be performed for an individual, for the Emperor, the Imperial Family, Senate, army, or the entire city people of Rome.

In the four-level hierarchy of the sacred cult of Cybele there were: 1) Archigalli as dedicated priests 2) Sacerdotes – community leaders who participated 3) Galli or eunuch priests who gave assistance, extreme sacrifice, and 4) Altar boys to assist the priests.

The bloody cult of Cybele was sanctioned as the state religion by the Roman Senate and flourished for 500 years until the arrival of Christianity in the 4th century.

The Legend of Attis, Cybele, and her Eunuch Priests

Legend tells us the Goddess Cybele had a son Attis, born December 25th. When Attis grew to adulthood, Cybele (Kybele) took him as a lover, and carried him with her in a lion-drawn chariot. But one day Attis was caught lovemaking with a river nymph. Cybele as the earth mother knew everything, so in punishment she drove Attis mad. In a frenzied delirium of shame, Attis castrated himself, removing his man parts to prove his dedication to her, and purify himself of evil.

On “Good Friday”, “Dies Sanguinis”, or “Day of Blood” Attis died and was “crucified” on a pine tree. Pinecones are still displayed as a symbolic ornament on jewelry and gate entrances of houses. The “holy blood” of Attis ran down into the earth to redeem us of sin. After a journey to the underworld, Attis was resurrected on March 25th as the “Supreme God”.

Celebrations for Attis and Cybele began with the sacrificial killing of a bull and a sheep. The blood-covered priest symbolized baptism, human birth, blood in the womb, and a source of strength. In the biggest celebration of the year, Cybele’s priests, called “Galli” (meaning “Roosters”) were eunuchs who wore feminine clothing as part of their sacred service to the goddess. Ascension to higher levels of the priesthood required them to reenact the story of Attis, to dress as women, dance in frenzy, and castrate themselves! They carried swords and axes in self-flagellation, and paraded ecstatically through the streets. Their ceremonial castration was seen as a purification of their male energy and life force, eradication of evil sensual desire, and proof of spiritual dedication to the Mother.

In the ceremony, the Galli carry a 60-foot tree-phallus of his male member through the streets. Cybele’s ritual sexual orgies were also said to include child sacrifice and cannibalism. This cult was fully authorized and protected by authorities, and it was one of the bloodiest of Rome.

Mithra, the Sun God born December 25th

Mithraism was the first Monotheistic state religion of Rome. Mithraism was actually invented and introduced in Rome in the 2nd century. Amazingly, it remained state religion for almost 300 years. Let’s look at this interesting practice, as Mithraism can shed light on the social dynamics that led to the invention of Christianity.

Mithraism was a spiritual practice to attain soul ascension and enlightenment. A secretive, men-only brotherhood society, it included many soldiers, government officials, and military men. It emphasized personal discipline, empowerment, and spiritual attainment up to the divine level of a God. Mithraism flourished between the 2nd and 4th centuries.

The Sun God Mithra was said to have been born fully grown from a rock on December 25th. There were seven levels in the secret Mithraic initiation, leading a man through ascending steps to become a divine being. Initiation is said to have involved killing a bull and baptism in blood meant to cleanse the moral faults of the initiate to renew his soul and physical strength. Underground temples have been found all over Italy, Greece, and the Middle East.

Mithraism was based on a detailed understanding of astrology and Precession of the Equinoxes, the 26,000 Great Year cycle of Ages. Their temples were filled with astrological signs representing human evolution through the 12 zodiac ages. Mithraism uses zodiac symbolism of the bull, snake, dog, and kundalini caduceus.

In CE 391 Emperor Theodosius declared Mithraism to be “Pagano”. The religion was banned under pain of death, and all astrology study was forbidden to the masses. So, Mithraism disappeared at the exact time Christianity was born as the new state religion of Rome.

The Orgiastic Cult of Bacchus, God of Wine

Bacchus was the Roman god of wine, ecstasy, freedom, fruitful abundance, and vegetation. He was always up for a wild party. It is thought that intoxicants and ecstatic states during the rituals allowed Bacchus to take possession of his followers and grant them ecstasy to return to the natural primal state. The priests of Bacchus were mostly women, called “bacchantes”, who practiced lavish rites called “orgia”. When under the “influence” of their god, bacchantes were believed to have occult powers and superhuman strength.

The God Bacchus was said to wander the earth sharing his winemaking secrets with women he met along the way. Rituals used intoxicants, psychoactive herbs, dance, and music to enter altered states of consciousness for religious, shamanic, and spiritual purposes. The god was thought to “possess” his followers during the rituals and free them of inhibitions and shackles of social norms through dancing, music, and sexual activity.

This mystery religion was mostly reserved for initiates, however festivals were open to the public. Every level of society could participate: citizens, slaves, outlaws, and non-citizens. People saw it as an opportunity to throw off the fear and shyness of everyday life in joyful and inebriated nights, evoking ecstatic states of the son of Zeus.

Very little is known of the actual rites of the Bacchanalia. Roman authorities of the time did not take kindly to them. By the 2nd century CE, “excessive and potentially criminal” behavior of the cult of led Roman authorities to suppress it, and they arrested some 7,000 people, many of whom were executed. After that the cult went into hiding and conducted its rituals in secret.

Virgin Birth as Pure Birth

A common idea in many “Pagan” cultures included the belief in the sanctity of a person born without any male sexual seed. For example, the Sun god Mithra was born fully grown from a rock. Romulus and Remus, twin founders of Rome, were born of the virgin Rhea Silvia. In ancient Egypt, the Sun God Ra was born of a virgin mother called Net. The Egyptian God Horus was the son of the virgin Isis. Dionysus/Bacchus was said to be conceived when his mother Semele was mysteriously impregnated by one of Zeus’s bolts of lightning. 

5. Vatican Destroys Traditional Nature Spirits & Shamanism

The word “Pagan” or “Pagano” means “folksy” or “rustic country people”. The word was used disparaging, and soon Rome suppressed all folk beliefs. Although at first traditional religious practices were encouraged and accepted, by the 2nd century, Rome began to require a legal declaration of allegiance to Roman law and state religion. What followed was a two-millennium pogrom and Inquisition to discourage, convert, and destroy Pagans, Muslims, Jews, Witches, Cathars, and even the Numini Elemental Spirits. Monotheism was not a “natural evolution” in the Western world. It was a brutally imposed state religion of fear, and control. 

What were some of the lost local traditions?
People once believed in elemental spirits called “Numina”. These were divine spirits as qualities in nature, people, and places. There were countless “numina”, each one with a unique quality. For example, the “Lares” protected the household gods. Every home had a shrine for the Lares and worshipped them on the first, ninth, and 15th day of each month.

The Penates protected food, so at every meal a portion was set aside for them. The Manes were the spirits of the dead, who were respected and honored. Family graves were revered, as shown by the many memorials in graveyards outside Rome. Ancestor worship was part of honoring the Manes spirits. Graves were considered ‘sacred place for the divine dead’.

The Fata (Fates) were the three noble ladies of Destiny, called Nona, Decima, and Morta. Then there were the Furiae, nasty female spirits who carried out vengeance on mortals, and were inescapable to anyone who misbehaved.

Don’t forget the beautiful Nymphs, young female nature spirits who hung out in water springs, rivers, or mountains. Nymphs were mostly harmless, beautiful, and loved music and dancing.

Easter was for Ēostre, a fertility goddess. In England it was called “Ēosturmōnaþ” or “Easter Month”. The goddess Ēostre was a fertility goddess and guardian of dawn and light.

Spirit Animals and Symbolism

The Owl was held in Mediterranean and Celtic cultures to represent wisdom, guardian of underworlds and protection of the dead. The Greeks and Romans believed the owl implied prudence and wisdom. The Wolf festival was to purify the city and avert evil.  The symbol of the wolf and suckling babies is important in feast of Lupercalia, which made a sacrifice of two goats and a dog. From the goat skins local priests made small whips, dipping them in milk to represent the she-wolf milk. People ran through the streets whipping people with the wet skins, as a blessing. Animal sacrifice marked all important spiritual events. For example, the sacrifice of Suovetaurilia offered a pig, a sheep, and a bull to Mars, the god of war to purify an army before going into battle.


6. Belief in Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Dark. 

The Vatican didn’t create the Devil. He was already a character in early beliefs. I’m thinking maybe we live in a world where infinite Good and infinite Evil are part of the Yin-Yang dual polarity of 3D life. As our reality expands, embrace the Star Wars universe of many beings and infinite dimensions. We choose our side, clearing the body mind and spirit, to pursue ascension in the light.

Thousands of years before Christianity was imposed, Good and Evil already had names and faces. The names of evil haven’t changed much. They were called Satan, Devil, Serpent, Baal, Moloch, Anu, Enlil, Enki, etc. One hundred years before Christianity became state religion, theologians Origen and Augustine believed physical life to be cursed. Anything that springs from the womb of woman was “damned”.

Who was Baal?
Baal was an ancient Canaanite deity of agriculture. Baal means “lord” or “master”. The Canaanites believed Baal was the power of nature, principal deity of the land, superseded only by his father, El. In the 10th century BCE, the Babylonian Baal apparently became Bel Marduk, the ancient king who founded Babylon and built the great white temple of Ziggurat. He was worshipped as the god of war.

Baal’s other name was Moloch meaning “king” in Hebrew מלך “melek”. Moloch went by other names such as Ba’al, Apis Bull, Golden Calf, Chemosh, and was widely worshipped in Egyptian, Jewish, Canaanite, Phoenician, and Punic cultures, pictured as a man with the head of a bull.

In the 6th century BCE, the Hebrew word “Ha-satan” meaning a general opposition to God became “Satan”, and was later translated into Greek as “Diabolos” as the “Devil”.

Reflections on Good and Evil from Manicheism

The brilliant 1st-century prophet Mani proposed a refinement of the Christian cosmology of Heaven and Hell. Manicheism was widespread from 100 CE until 1200 CE when the Christians eliminated all its followers.

According to Mani, before the first creation, good and evil once existed in two completely separate realms, one the World of Light, and the other the World of Darkness. But the King of Darkness noticed the World of Light, becomes greedy for it, and attacked it. On his journey, the Original Man found himself trapped among the forces of darkness. 

Manicheism says the Father of Greatness then sent the Radiant Jesus to awaken Adam, and to enlighten him to the true source of the light trapped in his material body. Adam and Eve, however, eventually copulate, and produce more human beings, trapping the light bodies of mankind throughout human history.

The Prophet Mani has been seen as an attempt by the positive World of Light to reveal to mankind the true source of the spiritual light imprisoned within their material bodies.

St.Augustine was a practitioner of Manicheism for nine years, until he converted to Catholicism. Soon after, Manicheism was vehemently suppressed by the newly formed Roman Catholic church. Mani’s teachings were the root of the 20,000 noble Cathars in southern medieval France. However, Pope Innocent III had them all slaughtered and their lands stolen by local barons.

A Story of Good and Evil brilliantly foretold by Mani on current times:

“There will be men who are mighty in Love and Goodness.
But Evil will also be there as a mood and a disposition without any covering within a large number of human beings. They will extol Evil.”

“The task of the Sixth Root Race is to draw Evil again into itself through gentleness. In the followers there will live the inviolable principle that Evil must be overcome through gentleness. That is the task of the Manichean spiritual stream. It must express itself in the forming of a community which has to spread above all things: Peace, Love, and Non-resistance to Evil. It must create a Form for the Life that is to come later.”

What is Good vs. Evil, Dark vs. Light?
According to the Law of One channeled by Carla Rueckart, there have been several known humans who achieved enlightenment by ascending to the dark side. He mentions specifically Genghis Khan, Taras Bulba, and Rasputin. Could these three be examples of humans who achieved such a high level of Dark samadhi and enlightenment that upon death, they ascended to the OTHER SIDE? Is this like Darth Vader in Star Wars, the epitome of Evil in its highest spiritual form? Incidentally, Genghis Khan is historically known to have had an Indo-European Turkish Mother, and he was said to have red hair, red beard, and green eyes – possibly Sumerian ancestry?

Yes, Dark Forces can Invade or Overtake a Human Body and Soul.
This is one of the negative features of living 3D. The Dracos have been doing this for eons, always cultivating FEAR. We can defend ourselves by developing personal protection tools. And we can be free of them by keeping our thoughts in a high vibration. Exorcisms are real, and still performed in many traditions. 

Good vs. Evil, a never-ending cycle of polar opposites.
Dark vs. Light is Yin vs. Yang are dual forces that never stop spinning in this particular universe. In our 3D dimension we seem to hover on the cusp, playing on the borderlines between good and evil. Some people are White Hats, some are Black Hats. We see people change sides and become turncoats, double, or triple agents, so nobody knows who to trust. At this point in time there is much manipulation and thought control. It requires us to identify what we find as light and dark, and keep an open mind as we root ourselves into the light.

7. Blue-Blood Ancient “Gods” were Visitors from the Stars.

Many of our cultural roots come from the war-like Sumerian Anunnaki. This explains how a religious war can be “virtuous”, where it’s ok to exterminate the other culture if they’re “evil”. Here the difference between Eastern and Western collective consciousness is clearly apparent.

In Biblical times the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Assyrians shared, absorbed, and enriched each other’s traditions with other groups, like the Hittites, Phrygians, Ugarites, and Phoenicians. When cultures met through conquest, often new gods were absorbed into their pantheon. The result was a blend of religious thought and animism throughout the Middle East in which a tree, a stone, a fish, a bird, a person, or even an abstract idea could take on special meaning.

The Mesopotamian trinity of gods included the sky god Anu, the storm god Enlil, and the water god Ea or Enki. Anu’s family may have been associated with Lucifer and Satan, two brothers related in trickery. Some say the god Yahweh from the Bible was also related to Anu, Moloch and Baal. Essentially the ancient Mesopotamian gods were selfish, arbitrary, and often abusive. People understood they were “created for the benefit of the gods”. Humans were to serve, obey, provide food, clothing, shelter, and reverence to the gods. 

Later another trinity arose: the moon god Sin, the sun god Shamash, and the goddess Ishtar. For a time, the local god Marduk became important. A thousand years later Ashur of Assyria took his place.

What is the Nature of the Supreme God?

The ancient Druids are said to have believed in a universal Life Force flowing from a central place (the Irish Well of Wisdom or the Welsh Spiral of Annwyn). It flows to and from all living things with a subtle power superior to even the gods. If this force has a name in Celtic literature, her name is Truth. Maybe this is something like “The Force” in the Star Wars films. 

8. EARTH is A Hybrid Planet of 22 Different ET Races.

All our ancient local and folk Gods were Extraterrestrial visitors. Our current bloodlines, physical traits, and characteristics were all inherited from them. But – we definitely didn’t learn this in school. 

Earth has been colonized by countless races for millennia. And some of the visitors stayed here. Some got together and contributed their DNA to a composite race. Present-day humans on Earth represent the combination of 22 different genetic groups over many thousands of years. This is the origin of every blood type, every body type, and geographic culture we now have. Over time through migrations, slavery, and wars, we have become very mixed.

Who are the primary contributors to human genome?

The Pleiades consists of thirty-two planets orbiting seven stars. Their 16 colonies of Lyraen descent were mostly tall, blond, Nordic types. Some short, dark-haired Pleiadeans are benevolent beings who were in contact with Billy Meier in Switzerland, translator of the Talmud of Jmmanuel. Other Pleiadeans are said to have been behind Hitler’s attempt to purify the human race. Some Pleiadeans are blue in color, associated with Hinduism or Buddhism. There is said to an extensive underground Pleiadean base in Tibet. Pleiadeans, Lyraens and Sirians are all human. They are said to have settled on Earth as the original Hebrews, Egyptians, Atlanteans as well as the Arians of the Himalayas.

The Anunnaki are a reptilian race and civilization of extremely brilliant beings who took it upon themselves to improve the human genetics, by mixing it with their own. The result is the Middle Eastern Sumerian, Egyptian, Roman, and royal genetics of the 13 families. They also are said to be behind the black Jews, Nubian copper blue bloods in Ethiopia, certain African tribes, and south Indian Dravidian hybrid groups. Depending on the percentage of reptilian DNA, our friends the hybrids can be somewhat cold, calculating, self-serving, and even violent.

For Anunnaki reptilian hybrids to function in physical 3D, they needed physical genetics. The physical Lyraens who had blonde or red hair, and blue or green eyes, provided this DNA. These genetics were mixed with other collective groups, creating the current reptilian hybrids, who were taken to many different physical realities to become the dominant species.

The Atlanteans were part of the refugees from the collapse of Atlantis, a Lyraen blonde-haired, blue-eyed race with some green-eyed, red-haired people among them. They had highly developed pineal glands, and are found in North American Indian tribes, Persia, Indians of Northern Brazil, and the Celts. Some Atlantis refugees went to Greece, the Italian peninsula, and Egypt. The Sirians are said to have reorganized the Atlantean descendants there, known as the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians became a powerful maritime civilization that soon colonized the Mediterranean, British Isles, and North America.

The Aldebarans brought us Germanic tribes, Scandinavians, and the wild Vikings. The Arcturians are an extremely spiritual group of humans known for peaceful ways and non-interference. They brought us the lovely Etruscans. The stately and spiritual Procyons have darker skin, golden-brown eyes, and golden-bronze hair. They settled in Central, South America, the Yucatan, and Peru. They became the Mayans, Aztec, Incan civilizations, and Anasazi Indians of the American Southwest. They were given ancient Lemurian and Atlantean outposts in the Andes and Mexico to recreate these cultures, including pyramids, medicine, and sacrifices to the reptilian gods.

The Tau Cetis have dense bodies, populating in Slavic countries and Russia. The Antares civilization brought us the Turks, Greeks, Arabs, and European Spanish that are olive-skinned with black hair and eyes. This is a somewhat aggressive group with homosexual traditions, as evidenced in ancient Greece.

In China, the remnants of reptilian Lemuria created a male dominated empire system in which the emperor and empress were descendent of the dragon sun god. Dragons were revered as auspicious signs and gods in ancient China. The Rigelians were a human civilization that was controlled, eventually mixed DNA, and assimilated by the Asian reptilians, so that the original dynasties in japan and china developed independently from the West.

The Dracos are a large, pure reptilian, multi-dimensional race sometimes called the Illuminati, who have been in control of Earth for thousands of years and some say now are leaving. The Dracos are extremely multidimensionally intelligent yet selfish. They are considered harsh, warlike beings who feel little emotion, and have no regard for culture or humans. Draco are androgynous; they participate in a “shared mind”, and reproduce by cloning.

Dracos created a human-looking reptilian that could easily shapeshift from reptilian to human and back again. Once the hybridization program was complete, the Sumerian royalty had become shapeshifting reptilians. Some say these are the “Sons of Cain”. The new reptilian hybrid became the elite of that culture. Because of the increased reptilian DNA, their blood contained more copper content. And since copper-based blood turns blue-green upon oxidizing, these reptilian hybrids were called “blue bloods”.

Control of the people was much easier when the orders came from a human. Therefore, it was important to maintain the 50/50 human/reptilian bloodline in order to shapeshift into a human. If the split was too reptilian, shapeshifting became difficult, and holding human form became impossible. To solve this problem, they consumed human hormones, flesh, and blood, so they could maintain a human form and avoid frightening the human population. 

Selectively the Dracos chose a more controllable race for hybrid rulers, one that could be managed by implanting reptilian brain thought-patterns. In Europe the blue bloods took over various tribes to become kings and royalty. These royals infiltrated the Greek and Etruscan civilizations, and finally set their plan for globalization through the Roman empire. The so-called black Jews are said to be the real Nubian copper bluebloods, or children of Enki/Ra.

“Sadly, the worst victims in this scheme are the blue-blood elite, whose DNA line had been carefully selected for mind control through remote suggestion.”

Perhaps those secret messages at George Bush Sr’s funeral: “They know everything. I’m sorry.” opened a few plebeian eyes to the cosmic predicament of the world elite. His deathbed confession was an epic turning point; and in return he received a lasting legacy untainted by blame.

Source for much of the above: “Blue Blood, True Blood”, by Stewart Swerdlow

9. Phoenician Royal Elite, the Divine Right of Kings.

We believe money is real. However, money a figment of your imagination. The truth has been cleverly masked in history books. Where do we start?

Gold is universally valued as a precious metal. Perhaps it all started eons ago when gold was mined by powerful rulers of earth, the multi-dimensional “Gods” known as the Anunnaki. Their first designated human royals were hybrid descendants of the “Gods”. These human rulers justified their power through the traditional “Divine Right of Kings”.

In biblical times, Phoenician tribes lived in the area we now called Lebanon. The Phoenicians were skilled maritime seafarers who established a string of safe harbors. Their symbol was the Phoenix, a bird of fire who represents survival and renewal. In Greek, the word “Phoenix” or φοίνιξ means the color “Purple”. The Phoenicians were known for creating a monopoly on murex snails. Their garments made with their purple cloth could be worn only by royalty. Descended from hybrid Anunnaki, soon their wealthy banking empire in Rome, Venice, London, and Washington DC gave way to a hidden network of secret societies and alliances of opposing forces that currently battle for world control.

Early Venetians established banks to facilitate growing trade. A bank was a safe place to hold gold and make loans. Venetians were respected, and if they made a loan, the paper document was accepted as good as cash. At that time there were no fractional reserve requirements. A bank could “loan” any amount on paper without having the actual gold on hand. This gave them the ability to create money out of nothing and earn money from interest. This was a brilliant strategy which allowed them to establish banks in all major cities. The idea was to dominate world banking, and in time to maintain wealth and power by creating confusion, pitting all sides against the middle, and be the hidden winner of all political and financial events.

To that end the Venetian oligarchy created marriages and alliances with other royal families and power centers of every empire. In this way a tiny group of families established and maintained unimagined influence over the religion, economies, trade, and governments of Europe by artful application of “divide and conquer” strategies, applied with the help of the largest and most sophisticated diplomatic corps in all the known world.

British Venetians created the Bank of England in 1694 to allow Venetian banks to loan funds for their wars, thereby creating a huge national debt. Soon the Venetian cartel partnered with Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a wealthy banker who had acquired control of both British and French economies.

With the lure of money their minions grew in number, from Switzerland to Wall Street to Silicon Valley, and China, encompassing every government, all linked by the love of the Supreme God of money. All religions are controlled by this elite coalition, which owns every industry – Oil, Shipping, Medical, Media, Hollywood, Social media, Food, and Education, the United Nations, and even the CIA’s underground trade in sex, human, and drugs.

Perhaps hard to believe. Maybe the Roman Empire is still alive as the United Nations. Perhaps the dynastic trinity of the Vatican, London, and Washington DC isn’t a British tradition at all. Instead, it represents a consortium of Phoenician, Babylonian, Roman, Byzantine, Khazarian, Anunnaki, Venetian royalty and their secret brotherhood alliances transplanted to New York, Switzerland, and Brussels renamed the “New World Order”. Millions of their clones, actors, and “bots” on social media now guide trade, politics, and war worldwide. Meanwhile international fiat banks continue to print paper money with no basis.

By gathering scientists skilled in bio-engineering viruses and injections, a battle now ensues to alter human DNA into a more controllable materialistic machanistic awareness, and to reduce the population to have fewer bodies to control.

Today in our journey of destiny, it seems medical ‘SCIENCE’ has pitted itself against HUMANITY to annihilate GOD and the SOUL through DNA desensitization.”

We each play our role. Our freedom will come as each of us plays their highest role in spiritual science to unravel this web of spiders, mistruths, toxins, and find the truth of who we are.

10. Conclusion: Blue Blood and Human Ascension Rooted in the World Mind

Sorry for this long article – it’s my way of processing important things. I find it liberating to understand the “Six Lies” were not the inventions of a few madmen. Their roots were all in existing beliefs, carefully guided by elites with ET understanding of human mind control. It’s complicated. We see the World Mind changing and expanding every day – to the positive. Millions are waking up to their personal destiny. The “Six Lies” now seem unbelievable to us. The 21st century can no longer accept these old, limited beliefs. Humanity’s World Mind is winning a spiritual war. 

Say good-bye to the Roman Empire, the Age of Pisces, and hello to the Age of Aquarius. It’s a new Yuga! This is just our inevitable cycle into the next Age. The World Mind is changing fast. But the Precession of the Equinoxes planetary movement hasn’t changed in millennia. That’s Earth’s orbit through the galaxy every 26,000 years carrying us toward the photo belt and light-filled areas of the Milky Way. Have patience, it’s a wild and wonderful ride! For more info on that cycle, see my article: The Inevitable Rise of Global Consciousness, Precession and the Four Yugas

How to remove a lie from the subconscious:
A lie hidden in our foundational beliefs represents a block, an unconscious scar in our reality. To remove a lie from our World Mind, we must first recognize its importance and how it affects us. Then we practice the opposite thought. That’s simple enough. The opposite of fear is love. The opposite of war is gentleness. We can do acts of kindness, penance, sacrifice, and charity anytime, large and small. We can use deep prayer and meditation. These are the best techniques I know. With these we can clear everything in time. The more sincerely we all do it, the sooner it will be gone.

The doorway to freedom is to raise our level to awakened consciousness. When we have clarity from a higher plane, we can see through the Chaos and make sense out of the world.

War, control, ignorance, and injustice are nothing new. Millennia of history shows this clearly, just as it also shows periods of enlightenment and awakening.

As we move through our personal cycles of physical lives, our awareness has an opportunity to become wise and be more “attuned to light”. Each new political, cultural, and “uncontrollable” social challenge brings a chaotic public reaction. Our emotional response to these “triggers” is our personal journey of awakening. We might feel righteous anger, fear, or grief. When we cling to a limited linear viewpoint, we will always feel powerless and cannot see. In the bigger picture, maybe chaos doesn’t exist, and all is in perfect order.

What is God?
Personally, I gravitate toward the ancient Druid vision of a universal Life Force flowing from an infinite Well of Wisdom into and through all living things. God has a subtle power higher than any other lesser god, something like “The Force”. If this power has a name I’d say her name is Truth. We empower each other to discover TRUTH in ourselves. That’s how I’d propose to define “God Consciousness”, as an infinite, incomprehensible power of Light and Love.

Ponder on that, and I’ll meet you somewhere deep in the forest….

May the force be with you!

Thanks for showing up!

Sri Jana, aka Jane Barthelemy, is an intuitive medium, energy healer, craniosacral therapist, and author. A practitioner of Kundalini Buddhist meditation for over 50 years, she has an MBA and worked as CFO of Rudi’s Bakery for 10 years. Her life path includes other careers including opera primadonna in Italy and owner/designer of Marco Polo Designs Venetian glass jewelry company. Health challenges led her to teach Qigong, Taichi, and write two wellness cookbooks: “Paleo Desserts” and “Good Morning Paleo published by DaCapo Press/Hatchette Books. Her first website recently won the 2021 Corp Today Magazine Award for “Best Healthy Food & Lifestyle Blog – North America”. Her upcoming books include: “Heal Your Past Lives” and “Buddha Speaks – Channeled Passages from the Master”. Srijana and her Bhutanese husband Lama D are faculty members of the NewEarth University. They live in Bali where they offer distant healings, classes, and retreats.

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