Six Book Proposals from Srijana in Bhutan

Hello, I am seeking a publisher for six unique books. I am also seeking knowledgeable foreword-writers and book reviews. My mission is to delve deeply into ancient truths to extract the inspiration and creative keys we need to transform ourselves in challenging times. My three pdf book proposals are linked below. Thank you for your consideration.

Paro, Bhutan
Faceboook: Sri Jana: srijana1080
Skype: janebar108
Bhutan tel: 975-1796-7830

These six books have recently come out of my quiet, peaceful environment in Bhutan:

  1. Buddha Speaks, Channeled Conversations with the Master.
  2. Buddha Speaks, Illustrated Quotes for Children and Adults.
  3. Buddha Speaks, Oracle Cards.
  4. Buddha Speaks, Weekly Oracle Planner.
  5. Heal Your Past Lives, Six Steps to Dissolve Old Trauma for Lasting Happiness.
  6. Walking in the Footprints of the Enlightened Ones, The Bhutan Travel Cookbook.

Overview of “Buddha Speaks” Four Products

What did the Buddha really say? Can anyone tell me? I am genuinely curious, because we desperately need his counsel right now. Although the Buddha lived two thousand five hundred years ago, his words still touch us deeply today. What advice does the Master have for our modern world? “Buddha Speaks” is a series of four products offering timeless teachings for humans on any path. Integrating all religious faiths, Buddhist lineages, divergent translations, and centuries of interpretations, these words are authentic, unique, and timely, because they come directly from the Master himself.

  1. Buddha Speaks, Channeled Conversations with the Master. A collection of 36 chapters channeled with the Buddha. He offers highly relevant and surprising advice for modern times, on a wide range of issues including trust, anger, obstacles, sexuality, diet, and how to bring about positive change in the world. 60,000 words.
  2. “Buddha Speaks Illustrated Quotes for Children & Adults.  A book of 36 illustrated quotes direct from  original texts in Pali and Tibetan. It offers a fresh perspective on the Buddha’s words, and a unique opportunity for children and adults to have a conversation around everyday thought-provoking questions. Attractive images bring clarity to the Buddha’s intention, for easy understanding of advanced concepts in simple words.
  3. Buddha Speaks Oracle Cards. A set of 54 cards of authentic quotes directly from ancient texts, offering a new modern version of the Buddha’s words to inspire and challenge readers to find their highest path. The cards are beautifully illustrated to promote crystal clear understanding of his meaning.
  4. Buddha Speaks Weekly Oracle Planner. A 52-page journal of inspiring quotes direct from ancient texts, one for each week of the year, with colorful images.

Click below to view pdf proposal and sample chapters:



Heal Your Past Lives

Six Steps to Dissolve Old Trauma for Lasting Happiness

My book Heal Your Past Lives offers a technique to permanently dissolve negative thoughts rooted in the past. Many people carry distant memories of traumatic heartbreak and fear. These memories can manifest in present time as disease, allergies, intolerances, limiting beliefs, and irrational reactions. We tend to attract and repeat what is familiar or expected. Now is the time for humanity to heal. In this ground-breaking book, 6-Step instructions show clearly how to pinpoint and heal your own past trauma.

As a medical intuitive in Santa Fe, New Mexico beset by bizarre dreams and déjà vu experiences, I suffered low self-esteem, shame, skin eruptions, depression, and multiple food-chemical sensitivities. A series of life-threatening illnesses passed through my life including cancer, total adrenal failure, chronic fatigue, shingles, digestive collapse, and frozen shoulders, all creating an unexpectedly perfect storm for my groundbreaking discovery.

I began doing regular self-healings and found I have over 200 previous lifetimes, many of them traumatic. I discovered how to identify and dissolve old impressions that were causing bad dreams, self-defeating habits, and perceptual distortions in my life. I persisted in weekly healings, scribbling messy notes through my astonishment. As past scenes revealed themselves clearly under hypnosis, I could hardly believe the traumas I found. I did not find kings or queens, but instead far more surprising, real people. My journey included a life as a hermaphrodite on a distant planet, and a humanoid in Africa. I lived in ancient Tibet, Biblical times, and starved as an American Indian. I lived through the reign of reptilians in Peru and Yahweh, the Babylonian warrior gods. I saw the Inquisition and the Holocaust, suffering sometimes as a victim, sometimes a terrible perpetrator. I was persecuted as Hildegard von Bingen, and fought as a general in Genghis Khan’s army. With each session, trauma vanished, and my health returned.

Living in Santa Fe felt better, and my healings turned into a life-changing journey, each day increasingly filled with joy and beautiful synchronicities. The book outlines six steps to heal your own past trauma, a journal of 54 unexpected past life stories, and how clearing those traumas transformed my life.

I also invite a screenplay and movie of selected scenes, because these stories are powerful teachings for all people. Truth is far more fascinating than fiction. Even a master science-fiction writer couldn’t invent the amazing tales I discovered in our history. Click below to view proposal and sample chapters.



Book Proposal,
Walking in the Footprints of the Enlightened Ones,
The Bhutan Travel Cookbook

I Discover Peace, Love and Radical Simplicity in the Kingdom of Happiness

Walking in the Footprints of the Enlightened Ones, is a journey into the soul of Bhutan, a window to the original Shangri-La, a collection of true stories about how I found balance and peace. After clearing past traumas, my life became a series of serendipitous adventures, including falling in love with a Bhutanese Lama, being forced out of my home in the US, and moving to Bhutan, to find the purity of the Eastern mind largely unaltered by time. Yes, the Himalayas are dotted with caves and real footprints where saints and rinpoches walked. This book is a rich, multi-sensory guide for trekkers and armchair travelers alike, with stunning images and stories that share intimate first-hand experiences of Bhutan’s cultural traditions, breathtaking landscapes, and authentic food flavors. Click pdf examples:


Table of Contents
Walking in the Footprints of the Enlightened Ones,
The Bhutan Travel Cookbook

Srijana, aka Jane Barthelemy, is a Buddhist practitioner, photographer, channel, artist, medical intuitive, and author. The name Srijana means “She who is deeply inventive, creative, and independent, one who serves and assists all of humankind.” Srijana began her spiritual journey in 1972 under Swami Rudrananda, known as Rudi. She continued her Buddhist studies with Lama Tshering Wangdu Rinpoche, a lineage holder of the Longchen Nyingthig, Shije, and Chöd traditions. Jane’s profound curiosity about life has led her through a life of many careers including MBA and CFO of Rudi’s Bakery (named after her teacher), opera primadonna in Italy, owner and jewelry designer Marco Polo Designs, Paleo chef, Taichi instructor, medical intuitive, ESL teacher, author.

Several life-threatening illnesses prompted her to study energy medicine and make major lifestyle changes. Each chapter of her life was punctuated by some kind of crisis in which everything had to change – health, career, relationships, lifestyle, and place of residence. While living in Italy and performing as an opera primadonna, Srijana began to cultivate the powerful collective energy of audiences in theaters. This led her to be aware of what she calls the “World Mind”. She began to tune into that universal field every day in her morning practice, listening for energy changes, and responding accordingly. Srijana is a Nature lover and Buddhist practitioner for nearly 50 years. A medical intuitive, she offers teachings and sessions at She is married to Lama Dungtsho, Buddhist teacher, graduate of Simtokha Dzong and Tango Buddhist Institute, Thimphu, Bhutan. Together they offer workshops and tours in Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, and Bali. They live in Paro, Bhutan. pdf More about Srijana

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