EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

By Jane Barthelemy. Your transformation is about to go into hyper-speed. Transitioning from miserable to happy, from sick to healthy, is as easy as 1-2-3. This post is about the powerful Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is a revolutionary system of acupuncture that you can use to heal your own mental, emotional, and physical problems. Instead of needles, EFT uses tapping. We just “tune in” to the emotional issue at hand while stimulating specific meridian points on the body and tapping them with our fingertips. You don’t even have to believe it – it works anyway. For most issues, EFT reduces conventional therapy from weeks, months,…

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Adrenal Fatigue, Modern Stress Syndrome

By Jane Barthelemy. What is Adrenal Fatigue? According to Dr. Mercola, up to 80% of adults experience adrenal fatigue during their lifetimes, yet it remains one of the most misunderstood illnesses in the US. The term “Adrenal Fatigue” was first coined in 1998 by naturopath and chiropractor Dr. James Wilson, author of the book “Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome”, and founder of the CCNM Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, the largest Naturopathic college in the world. At first the medical community rejected the concept as ridiculous. However now Adrenal Fatigue is seen as a genuine disease by doctors, and commonly diagnosed by the…

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My Favorite Herbs for Kidney Health


by Jane Barthelemy, CBP, CRM, DRM, MBA, Author. Your kidneys are a remarkable organ, and deserve loving care. Kidneys have many essential functions in the body, including filtering the blood, controlling metabolism, water balance, producing bone marrow, ruling sexuality and libido. The kidneys are intimately linked to the brain, nervous system, hearing, and the ears. Thick beautiful hair and graying of hair are ruled by the kidneys. The adrenals are part of the kidney system, providing high energy when needed, however they often get overworked and tired. In Chinese medicine, the Kidneys provide Qi or life energy to all the other organs. Do…

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6 Surprising Tricks to Lick Colds & Flu


By Jane Barthelemy. Any change in the weather can shock your immune system. That’s when we get sniffles, colds, and flus. Microbes are everywhere, just waiting for these opportunities. They float in the air, we share them with family and friends, spreading them with our hands. We spend good money on medications, and we lose time from the things we must do.

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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep


by Jane Barthelemy. Good sleep is the foundation of health, and lack of sleep can literally drive you insane. Yet drugs to treat insomnia are even worse. Join me as I explore radical, natural solutions to restful sleep from ancient Chinese medicine and simple old-fashioned home healing. It is said that one in 10 Americans take sleep medications, 

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Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River


This painting by Gu Kaizhi (346-407 CE) was inspired by a poem by Cao Zhi of the same name. It portrays a ritualistic ceremony in reverence to the Goddess of the River and the Healing Spirit of Water. The painting is now in the Palace Museum of Beijing collection. Click to enlarge.

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Are You Alive? A Quick Questionnaire


By Jane Barthelemy. Yes, I’m asking: Are you truly alive? Are you experiencing your life fully? Do your senses fill you with joy? How vitally alive are you on a scale of 1 – 10? This article explores deeply personal questions. Why is that important? Because your health, your success, and your destiny depend on how you answer.

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