Classes & Treatments OPEN thru 7/14. Srijana going to Bhutan!

My trip to Bhutan has been moved up unexpectedly. It is happening NOW! Please note that classes and treatments will be open only through next Saturday, July 14. After that I will be in Bhutan for a month or more. There will be no Qigong or Taichi classes while I am away. To keep up your practice and boost your health every day, see my article Guidelines For Your Daily Qigong Practice. 

I’m getting married! 
Yes, while I am in Bhutan, I will be getting married, teaching English in a private high school, learning the Dzongkha language, and traveling to seasonal festivals. Did you know that Bhutan is 70% forest; and it has some of the cleanest water and air on the planet? So I plan to come back healthy, fit, sexy, and with my new husband. I’ll post wedding pictures when it happens. Wish me luck!

I’m going to see Master Lam in London
The great news is, London is on my way to Bhutan! I will visit Master Lam Kam Cheung in London and continue my private studies with him. I’ll also study his special type of Chinese Medicine and attend his Workshop on Qigong to Prevent Dementia.

Distance treatments
My distance treatments are becoming more and more a part of regular life. They are every bit as powerful and life-changing as in-person sessions. I offer distance treatments via Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, or phone. Just email me or text my cell 503-701-3486 to request an appointment. I do ALL types of treatments remotely (except scar therapy, which requires manipulation). The cost of a distance treatment is $119, payable via paypal here.

When do classes resume?
Qigong classes will resume when I return. Keep your class cards, as they never expire. My return date is unknown, and could be several months. If you are on this mailing list, then you will receive notices of what I am doing and my return date.

The photo above is Tiger’s Nest, a meditation retreat deep in the forest of Bhutan on the edge of a huge precipice. I had an amazing experience there and that’s why I’ve been called back.

Keep up your health and your Qigong practice – Here’s the link to daily practice guidelines. Remember to drink lots of clean water, walk every day, treat the chaos around you like water off a duck’s back, and stay happy!

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