Earth Quickening – A Bifurcation of Timelines?

What does an energetic “quickening” mean? I see the intensity of life on Earth increasing. It’s as if someone beams a huge cosmic light down into our 3D life on earth, and this multi-dimensional energy shines on us non-stop day after day. At first we humans pretend not to notice. Gradually over time some people begin to notice an expansion of creativity and opportunity in all fields. Every day the air feels kinda “new”. At the same time some people see vastly increased stress, change, danger, disputes, and violent weather. And the cosmic light just keeps coming down.

Sooner or later life in a “hot test tube” brings inevitable change and reorganization. Many old structures collapse and new ones arise. This can be both positive and negative. Since we are in an expanding Yuga now, and the Milky Way galactic center is penetrating ever more strongly in our solar system, I believe this new energy to be extremely positive in the balance of things. (See my recent article: Are We Entering a New Yuga?)

Rapid change brings joy to some. And it brings challenge to others. The difficulty is immense. Some people may lose their minds. Or their lives. Like a bifurcation of reality, it can be seen as a separation of two human timelines. Two realities, two world views. This feels like a total polarization, followed by a resolution. Call it transformation, if you will.

I believe this process to be energetically similar to the stages of cell mitosis.

What is MITOSIS? Mitosis is the division of one cell into two cells. It happens in our body many millions of times each day. One become two. The entire process in which a cell prepares and completes cell division is said to take about two hours. The infographic below outlines the steps in the amazing process of MITOSIS.

Today’s question: Does the process of mitosis repeat holographically in other areas of Nature? In planetary evolution? In war? In societies? In stellar movements? I’m asking because SOMETHING is going on here.

Cell division may represent a portal to transformation. It appears to me our global reality will split. From a point of view from outside, it’s like one bubble splitting into two bubbles. But if your point of view is from inside, you must choose sides. You either love and accept the new energies. Those who love it will be happy and move out of the way of stress. However, those who resist an inevitable process and cling to the old may experience destruction, perhaps death, or at best, a life of stress.

Are we moving toward a New Earth? If yes, it means energetically that things are moving forward successfully to their natural conclusions.

The bifurcation of timelines is based on two individual life concepts. One side is multi-dimensional and selfless. The other side is fearful and self-oriented. These two approaches are irreconcilable. Each person is free to choose their destiny path. Although this transformation affects every arena of life, it is not political, not religious. It is about spiritual choice.  It’s about inner frequency. Vibration. There is no judgement.

Sometimes the waves of energy might make you feel anxious, and that is understandable. You can find a quiet place to sit comfortably. Breathe and be in the MOMENT. Take your time and let the energy wash through you until you can match its speed and intensity in your own joy. This rebalancing sometimes feels like releasing a heavy burden. You may feel lighter as if you’re floating upward.

Ha Ha! Those are my thoughts for the week.
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