Feeling Blessed

I almost missed it. The email arrived innocently from CEO Today Magazine notifying me that my website JanesHealthyKitchen.com had won “BEST HEALTHY FOOD & LIFESTYLE BLOG – NORTH AMERICA”. It took about 24 hours to soak in. Then I understood. OK, it was just a little recognition from the universe, that maybe I’m doing an OK job.

I’m very grateful, and happy to share the good news with you. That website JanesHealthyKitchen has been a weekly labor of love for about 10 years, after finishing my first book “PALEO DESSERTS”. Now it has over 700 articles on recipes and healthy lifestyle. It has no distracting ads and receives no remuneration from anyone. Thanks for sharing my good fortune! Come check it out here: JanesHealthyKitchen.com

Birthday Special! My Comprehensive Health Scan is $100 off.

It’s my birthday month, and I’m feeling blessed! I’m offering my Comprehensive Health Scan on special for $275. Normal price is $375. This is a 1 1/2-hour Zoom distance session. I invite you to help me celebrate my birthday, and use the scan to gain a profound picture of your health to continually optimize your wellbeing and resilience in these challenging times. The special price applies to sessions through November 13, 2020. This is my most all-encompassing session at a superior value.

What are your most important health markers? My Comprehensive Health Scan looksat the key roots of health and happiness. The scan measures over 150 health markers intuitively, which I then compare to find relationships and recommendations. After the scan, I will give you my top ten suggestions to permanently improve your health. Click here to learn more. 

Lama D and I are very happy here in Bali. It’s a good thing, because we can’t leave Ha Ha! He spends most of his time in phone conferences with Bhutan. He has many projects and interacts with thousands of people. Already he has written a new dictionary of Dzongkha with a team of 700 other Dzongkha teachers. Every day as the eldest son he resolves family issues, straightens out misbehaving, saves divorces, and offers sound spiritual advice to all. He is active in Bhutan politics, which all happens on Social Networking vie WeChat. His nickname from the Bhutan parliament ministers is “Thadi Bari” which means “Bullseye”. Archery is a revered masculine sport in Bhutan. Give him a problem, and he comes up with a solution that serves everybody. Yep, he’s brilliant. If we ever get back to Bhutan, he’ll be famous.

Lama D and I are looking forward to our group workshops here in Bali in 2021. Are you coming? He is practicing English every day, following the election debates and Ted talks on our iPad. He also finished his first Buddhist Dharma lecture in English, (for which I was the only student). It was on the topic: “Techniques on How to Live Stress-Free”. I’m so proud of him!

The daily pace of life here is steady and sane. My lunch today is a cabbage salad with green beans. Yummy!

Lama D loves food. Here he is sampling traditional Balinese food wrapped in banana leaves.

It is a Balinese woman’s sacred job to bless the home with their handiwork. I finished weaving a Canang Sari offering for the temple. The people here are patiently training me to play my role. They gave me a REALLY HARD weaving job to do, which I completed successfully! Soon I will study how to light the incense just right, and learn the prayers to chant.

Miraculously, I found a non-toxic hair salon in Seminyak, a suburb of the capital Denpasar. The owner Patrick is from Mauritius via Australia, and is a very skilled hairdresser. I waited until the last minute, but couldn’t make my video before resolving the hair issue. Whew!

Another miracle happened this week. My package of supplements arrived from the USA, thanks to my friend Carol. She shipped it via DHL from PakMail, and I picked it up at the airport. Thank you!!!

Today we are going to the bank ATM on the motorcycle with Putu, my friend and expert in everything Balinese. Masks, helmets, and pants are required.

Lama D is an expert in the kitchen. He insists on doing all the shopping and the cooking. For me this is the funniest thing in the world! After decades of always being the chef, I’m not allowed to do anything. He says I can’t do it. “I’ll just make a mess of the kitchen and break everything.” Then when I try to prove him wrong, I drop something and break it! “See what I’m saying,” he says. Fortunately he’s a very gifted cook, and he listens to my food requests. I’m so lucky!

Today Lama D made me a delicious breakfast of Balinese organic red rice with cauliflower sautéed in garlic and New Zealand butter. Yummy!

I finished the German subtitles for my video “The Forgotten Pandemics”. This image says: “Did you know that we have more suicides than Covid Deaths in the world”. Yep. And coming soon are subtitles in Indonesian. Click to watch my video.

These are the best of times, and the worst of times. The old-fashioned hulling system for native red rice is the healthiest as it removes only the outer hard hull. Sadly, in modern times, polishing machines remove ALL the outer coatings until our rice is utterly stripped and white or light pink in color. The outer seed coatings that are rich in vitamins and especially minerals, which prevent diabetes, are thrown away. High fiber red rice prevents bowel problems and sugar-related diseases from glycemic white rice. But we prefer to throw the outer coatings into the garbage. Most people here eat white rice, and wonder why they get diabetes. They think I’m weird to eat red rice, and that’s OK!

The family invited me to share a ceremony to bless the Keramas Sacred River Village. So happy to find this beautiful enclave!

This is Ketut, the owner of Keramas Sacred River Village. We are standing in front of his 7th-century temple after a ceremony. I am so grateful to be here.

Thanks for stopping by! Blessings to you all! Best wishes for a rebirth of Truth and sanity in the world! Sri Jana

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