How to Root Like a Tree

When you’re as old as I am, you have a few habits. Habits are just physical patterns, neural pathways. Some of our habits are good, some are unconscious. Sometimes we might find our accumulated patterns weigh us down and need to be cleaned out. Heh Heh!

When things fall apart it’s just nature flushing our old habits and illusions down the drain. And that’s a wonderful thing. But it’s very uncomfortable.

Recently after a major energy shift, I experienced a total physical – mental collapse in which I was so disoriented I didn’t know how to BE in my body. My back was out, my emotions out of control, and I was in total pain. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t sit, and couldn’t do yoga. Miraculously, I was able to do the tree pose, and Lama D snapped a photo. Somehow, I understood this was about grounding into the earth in a new environment. So, I just worked with it patiently and breathed.

I see a huge shift happening in our collective consciousness. The natural cycles of life bring huge crashes and total dissolution of our way of life. And although uncomfortable, they represent a huge opportunity for change and renewal. Some of us got used to accepting winter as a beautiful time when we get to wear our scarves and we have fun bundling up in sweaters. We find reasons to like winter even though it is a total contraction of nature in the annual cycle of death and rebirth. But when the cycle is slow, and the collapse happens just once in our lifetime, we tend to completely freak out. There’s only one thing to do when everything falls apart and that is to relax.

Yes, go with it and when you’re ready to pick up the pieces just start over. You might have to remember how to walk and talk again. And that is fine.

Welcome to my new series called BASICS, where we get to relearn how to be. If it helps you, I invite you to follow my strange and twisted journey to wellness as I start now from the very beginning.

This lesson is about grounding into the earth and bringing your awareness back into your body in the present moment so that you can live. They didn’t teach us this in kindergarten, but they should’ve. In this brief video we will learn to root the energy of the body into the earth and bring your own personal energy to reside in your physical body right now. It’s wonderful that when things collapse around you and you arrive at the bottom, whenever you’re ready to start again then you’ll have a pure mind, a beginner’s mind. And you can rebuild everything. To root the body, some call this the grounding cord. However, it is so much more. It is your connection to the physical world, and when the vertical pillar is activated, your connection to the entire cosmos and to your history as a physical being.

When we forget our ongoing relationship to the earth, our health will suffer. This simple exercise is designed to help you remember, so that you can experience radiant health and full awareness naturally every day. As I did it, slowly I began to heal.

What does a tree do? A tree drinks nourishment from the soil in the earth below, and draws light from the sun above. It grows, offering fruit, shade, and oxygen for all to breathe.

Step One, Root like a Tree

Breathe deeply. Imagine a deep root from the base of your body down into the earth as your mother, which is your home. Feel the bottoms of your feet grow roots to always be at home in the earth. Now breathe deeply and draw nourishment from the mother. Make sure you also lift the sternum, engage the core, most importantly point the tail bone downward. These three focuses will keep the vertical line of your spine tall and open from top to bottom, like a totem pole.

Step Two, Bring Awareness into your Body in the Present Moment

Where is your awareness? Find it, and now bring your awareness 100% back into your body. The energetic center of your body is in the navel area. Breathe into it slowly. Root your awareness in your body. Be aware of this infinite present moment and root your spirit into your body mindfully. If you can walk in nature every day, it will help you make this transition naturally. Take a deep breath and notice you are now grounded deeply into the earth into the present moment and all of your awareness, and your spirit is residing in your physical body. Thank you. I hope you enjoy this simple basic reminder. And there is so much more to learn. However, without this step we can never be whole. Thanks for watching!

How does one ground? Grounding is an electrical connection that ties one’s tailbone to the center of the Earth. Grounding not only occurs through the core of the spine, but also through the feet and each chakra. This occurs much like an electrical cord connecting the kundalini through the major and minor chakras to the center of the Earth and up to the heavens. 

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