Introducing Three White Light Meditations

Hello, I’m Srijana intuitive healer, channel, and meditation teacher in Bali. I’m very excited to offer a series of three classes on the White Light Meditation. First, I’d like to tell you where they came from and why.

You can heal yourself with frequency. Meditation is tricky to talk about because we are expressing the meeting of three different realms: 1) The PHYSICAL BODY with 2) The MIND, and 3) The MULTI-DIMENSIONAL world of spirit. So sometimes we don’t know exactly what words to use. Sometimes we try to convey our idea using words from this tradition or that, but the translations are not precise, and minds work differently. Our history is old, and so it is essential to find original sources of knowledge, when we can. My husband Lama D is from the Mahayana tradition of Bhutan, which is perhaps one of the purest lineages of Buddhism and the most direct path to enlightenment that we know. It’s expressed in visualizations and chants in Chokey, a high spiritual language. It is not influenced by Western concepts or layers of British translation. I have seen him perform miracles, so I respect and learn from his systems and many others. When you get beyond the cultural trappings, suddenly the true meanings converge.

The White Light Meditations that I am teaching are channeled from Hermes and Thoth. Yes, they are different, however at certain times in history these two multi-dimensional beings also intersected. We can’t always explain everything with linear logic- just wait for further clarity. These meditations are a synthesis, a multi-cultural approach essentially about how to turn on the lights. So suddenly you see things in a new way and your picture of YOU somehow reconnects differently, and you can even make a U-turn in your old view of things. That’s transformation or leaving behind our human programming. Turning on the lights can happen suddenly like flipping a switch and a bright light illuminates everything in your brain. Very often it is a gradual increase of light in your inner field of vision, and that’s fine too.

I’m teaching three classes of the White Light Meditations 1, 2, and 3. They’re ALL about turning on the lights, and it starts in the BODY. Because the body is the TEMPLE, and it is THE TRUE physical manifestation of the SOUL. Therefore, when we bring spiritual essence into the body it’s something special. Most of us can’t just go directly to the spiritual realm. We actually have to bring it in through the body. We practice with breath and focus, without trying to dissect it with the untrained mind. All my study corroborates this with over 50 years meditation, plus Taichi, Qigong, Taoist sexuality, anatomy, energy healing, craniosacral therapy, I see that spirit first takes root coming through the body.

A true spiritual practice begins in a tuned body because we are physical beings. We depend on our physical to carry and transmit the energy. And then we refine it from there. So, to deny the physical or to stifle sensuality doesn’t help. This practice has taken me over five decades to synthesize and channel. I’m not that quick, however I’m blazing the direct path, I can’t be distracted in rabbit holes and dead-ends. I do all three meditations every morning. And because we’re living in very amazing times, even though it’s taken me decades, you might turn the lights on in one second. And that’s why I’m sharing it with you. You can take your own time to percolate, however some of you are going to get it right now.

White Light Meditation number one is about Breath, Root, and Protection. It is about clearing your body, eating simple foods, dissolving emotional reactions, releasing toxins, and removing pain, so the body can hold multi-dimensional energy. We have to build a foundation to create pure, crystalline fluids which we then infuse with the power of the mind and our passion. Passion is voltage. Meditation is also about passion because life doesn’t begin without that. In fact, life doesn’t happen at all without sex. So, we can just dive right into that joy and root into the Earth like a huge totem or tree of life, linking the earth to the amygdala emotional center, and the heavens.

I am using early Chinese medicine from the first known medical book 4,500 years old by the Yellow Emperor, (meaning it came to us from the aliens). This book is especially inspiring to me. I bought it online and it’s clear that this kind of medicine integrates empirical study of the body reading pulses and adjusting the meridian polarity, movement, diet, but also deep meditation. The purpose of this medicine is to create balance in the body to allow the spirit to flower, which ultimately brings us to enlightenment. So, it’s a multidimensional healing system.

We find true knowledge in many sources, and sometimes we fall into this linear way of thinking about medicine as a physical activity that waits until you’re really out of whack, then finds a single factor to blame, and applies an un-natural adjustment to try to “cure” your disease. But that is such a small fraction of the truth because the physical world is this big and the spiritual world that invites us is infinitely larger. We know the small physical world is just a reflection and therefore depends entirely upon the larger world, which you can only find in meditation. Once again, we can go directly to the source, which is the real multi-dimensional world. So, don’t talk to me about healing sickness as a physical science. I’ll just laugh. And that’s why I teach how to heal yourself through the White Light Meditations, because it’s the most direct path to wellness, longevity, and enlightenment.  Ha Ha!

White Light Meditation number two is about the Five Vital Substances. These are the life essences that make the physical body alive: the Qi, Blood, Fluid, DNA, and Spirit. It focuses on the waters, the lymphatics, and the extraordinary meridians of destiny, which are the very first channels to appear in an embryo immediately after conception.

We do a visualization of the deepest X-meridians, the X-organs, and the major and minor chakras to fill them all with light. You could needle the liver meridian for example, but it’s not nearly as direct. What we care about here is your destiny. So, its quicker to just to send buckets of light into your X-meridians, which contain all the same points, and are the source for all the other 12 meridians. Ha!

The THIRD white light meditation is where we go into the multi-dimensional. It’s an encounter with a non-material reality unlimited by the physical. Once you’ve gone through the body in #1 and the waters in #2, the third meditation cultivates cosmic intelligence through visualizations and a powerful chant.

Because monks for thousands of years have practiced certain visualizations and sounds to elicit high frequency vibrations in the body. This resounds in the spine and pineal gland when you chant. So, each of the three meditations has its own specific chant. When you allow the sound to penetrate your body with joy, especially your spine, it will cut through the gunk, lint, the dust bunnies, old human programming, whatever is ready to dissolve, so you can bring yourself to a multi-dimensional state of balance. You’ll be healthy, happy, and of course you won’t be able to explain it in words. And your relatives will say you’ve lost it, but you’ll be fine, and you can live in this state of conscious passionate happiness protected anywhere in the universe every single day.

So, that’s what we’re doing. Lama D, my husband has 2,500 students in Bhutan and he’s teaching them on WeChat in Chokey which is the sacred language of high Tibetan Buddhism. He explains how to get through the first stage after death, moving through confusion into clarity and find the best possible future life.

The idea behind these meditations is to build a strong foundation of spiritual muscles in you, in order to end samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth in a body over and over. This also dovetails with my two books, one in which I channeled the Sakyamuni Buddha directly, and he dictated 36 electrifying chapters of what we need to do in modern times. If I ever get it published you can read it. Or I may just make an audiobook.

And also it fits in with my study of past lives. I was basically forced by illness to heal myself. And what I discovered was a series of traumatic experiences, which I cleared, and it utterly changed my present day-to-day reality. I scribbled almost unreadable notes in self hypnosis and eventually dictated it into a book. What I discovered in those sessions was really life-changing. For example, I was a Lyran hermaphrodite whose planet was blown up leaving me many eons of deep sadness – which is gone! I was a cruel warrior in Babylon, a mixed blood hybrid ET and agent of extermination. In another life I was a young woman Blue God in Kashmir where our entire community was murdered. As the medieval nun Hildegard Von Bingen, I wrote music to bring people to ecstasy.

Clearing 60 past traumas somehow melted enough negative baggage, and my life started to change immediately, dissolving all kinds of emotional trauma stored as stuck electric fields that were part of my permanent reality as unconscious expectations and reactions. Emotions can make us sick. It seems clear we are all carrying around memories of past existences which become our very framework of existence. That is why I teach how you can release your own past trauma, because it’s another important secret to healing. But that’s my next class.

Today I am introducing three White Light Meditations in three classes. Video Classes are $30 each or 3 for $75, and I’ll send you the link to the videos. Or the Zoom personal instruction class is $50 each or 3 sessions for $120. If either of these interests you I invite you to click MORE INFO below. And contact me.  I am open to questions and totally here for you. Blessings!

Srijana from Bali

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