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Jane Barthelemy, aka Srijana is a teacher, artist, channel, author, healer, MBA, and a lifetime practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. Married to Lama Dungtsho, Jane lives in Paro, Bhutan and Bali, Indonesia. Jane’s two cookbooks are paradigm-breaking recipes for natural health, free of sugar, GMO’s, and processed ingredients. Her six upcoming books include a series called "Buddha Speaks" with channeled words and quotes direct from the master, Footprints of the Enlightened Ones, The Bhutan Travel Cookbook, and Heal Your Past Lives. See below.  Contact Jane Jane-books


Paleo Desserts

125 Delicious Everyday Favorites, Gluten & Grain-Free

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Good Morning Paleo

150 Easy Favorites to Start Your Day, Gluten & Grain-free

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The Secret Calendar Codes, E-book

The Secret Calendar Codes is an astonishing, easy-to-read book that challenges our deepest assumptions about TIME, and shows how to blend ancient wisdom into modern life. I wrote this in 2011 under a pen name, Caterina Schiavone, and it is still highly relevant now.

How did ancient traditions measure celestial movement and time? Where are we now in the Precession of the Equinoxes, the 26,000-year cycle called "The Great Year", that rules the rise and fall of human consciousness on Earth? What Isaac Newton saw as a 'wobble' in the Earth's rotation, was seen by advanced civilizations as indication of a larger orbit cycle of our solar system. View pdf: Secret-Calendar-Codes

Jane's Upcoming Books 

What did the Buddha really say? Although the Buddha lived two thousand five hundred years ago, his words still touch us deeply today. What advice does the Master have for the world right now? “Buddha Speaks” is a series of four products offering timeless teachings for humans on any path. Integrating all Buddhist lineages, widely differing translations, and centuries of subsequent interpretations, these words are authentic, unique, and timely, because they come directly from the Master himself.

Buddha Speaks, Channeled Conversations with the Master. A collection of 36 chapters channeled with the Buddha. He offers highly relevant and surprising advice for modern times, on a wide range of issues including trust, anger, obstacles, celibacy, diet, and how to bring about positive change in the world.


Buddha Speaks Illustrated Quotes for Children & Adults.  A book of 36 illustrated quotes direct from  original texts in Pali and Tibetan. It offers a fresh perspective on the Buddha’s words, and a unique opportunity for children and adults to have a conversation around everyday thought-provoking questions. Attractive images bring clarity to the Buddha’s intention, for easy understanding of advanced concepts in simple words.

Buddha Speaks Oracle Cards. A set of 54 cards of authentic quotes directly from ancient texts, offering a new modern version of the Buddha’s words to inspire and challenge readers to find their own path. The cards are beautifully illustrated to promote crystal clear understanding of his meaning.

Buddha Speaks Weekly Oracle Planner. A 52-page journal of inspiring quotes direct from ancient texts, one for each week of the year, with colorful images.

Walking in the Footprints of the Enlightened Ones, is a journey into the soul of Bhutan, a window to the original Shangri-La, a collection of true stories about how I found balance and spirituality. After clearing past traumas, my life became a series of serendipitous adventures, including falling in love with a Bhutanese Lama, being forced out of my home in the US, and moving to Bhutan, to find the ancient Eastern mind largely unaltered by time. Yes, the countryside is dotted with caves and real footprints where saints and rinpoches walked. This book is a multi-sensory guide for trekkers and armchair travelers alike, with stunning images and stories that share intimate first-hand experiences of Bhutan’s cultural traditions, breathtaking landscapes, and authentic food flavors. Click on pdf proposal:


Heal Your Past Lives offers a technique to permanently dissolve negative thoughts rooted in the past. Many people carry distant memories of traumatic heartbreak and fear. These memories can manifest in present time as disease, allergies, intolerances, limiting beliefs, and irrational reactions. We tend to attract and repeat what is familiar or expected. Now is the time for humanity to heal. In this ground-breaking book, I offer 6-Step instructions that show clearly how to pinpoint and heal your own past trauma.

As a medical intuitive beset by bizarre dreams and déjà vu experiences, I suffered low self-esteem, shame, skin eruptions, depression, and multiple food – chemical sensitivities. A series of life-threatening illnesses passed through my life including cancer, total adrenal failure, chronic fatigue, shingles, digestive collapse, and frozen shoulders, all creating an unexpectedly ideal scenario for my groundbreaking discovery.

I began doing a series of self-healings and found I have over 200 previous lifetimes, many of them traumatic. I discovered how to identify and dissolve old impressions that were causing self-defeating habits, bad dreams, and perceptual distortions in my life. I persisted in weekly self-healings, scribbling messy notes through my surprised relief. As past scenes revealed themselves clearly under self-hypnosis, I could hardly believe the traumas I found. My journey took me off-planet, through the Stone Age, ancient Tibet, into Biblical times. I lived as an American Indian, I saw the Inquisition, the Holocaust. I suffered as a victim and sometimes a terrible perpetrator. I was persecuted as Hildegard von Bingen and left for dead as a general in Genghis Khan’s army. With each session, trauma vanished, and my health returned.

My healings turned into a life-changing journey, as each day became increasingly filled with happiness, joy and beautiful synchronicities. The book outlines six steps to heal your own past lives, a journal of 54 unexpected past life stories, and how clearing those traumas transformed my life.

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