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Jane Barthelemy, aka Srijana is a teacher, artist, channel, author, healer, MBA, and a lifetime practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. Married to Lama Dungtsho, Jane lives in Paro, Bhutan and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jane’s first two books are paradigm-breaking recipes for natural health, free of sugar, GMO’s, and processed ingredients. Her six upcoming books include a series called "Buddha Speaks" with authentic words direct from the master, a Bhutan Travel Cookbook, and Heal Your Past Lives. See below.  Contact Jane Jane-books


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Jane's Upcoming Books 

Although the Buddha lived two thousand five hundred years ago, his words still touch people as if he had spoken them yesterday. In these books, I wish to reframe his timeless reflections in easy English in order to reach a large audience.

"Buddha Speaks, Channeled Conversations with the Master" is a collection of 36 chapters channeled with the Buddha. These are both highly relevant and surprising for modern readers. He spoke on a wide range of topics such as trust, anger, obstacles, celibacy, diet, and how to use emotions for positive change

Buddha Speaks, Channeled Conversations with the Master
Table of Contents 

  1. Biggest Obstacles on the Path
  2. Finding your Highest Path
  3. About my Life
  4. Plenty of Reasons to be Angry
  5. Four Noble Truths
  6. The Middle Path of avoiding extremes
  7. The Eightfold Path in a nutshell
  8. Sex and Celibacy in Buddhism
  9. My Five Auspicious Dreams and their Meaning
  10. Think You Know? How False Concepts Block You
  11. Building your ABC Root System
  12. Ten Lower Habits to Dissolve
  13. A Monk’s Diet
  14. What’s Emptiness? Nothing, Something, Everything
  15. Emptiness Meditation
  16. Come as you are, Here and Now.
  17. Alternate Nostril Breathing to Calm the Mind
  18. Crossing the Ocean of Samsara
  19. Ice Cream Meditation
  20. Grief Meditation
  21. Reaching Out, Buddhism in Action
  22. How to Use the Power of Emotions for Your Growth
  23. Anger Meditation
  24. Loving Kindness Meditation
  25. What Can You Trust?
  26. Breath, Chakras, and the Spiritual Body
  27. Train Your Mind to Conquer Distraction
  28. What Do You Value Most?
  29. How to Transform Suffering into Happiness
  30. Rebirth is a Fact of Life
  31. Harness the Power of Words
  32. How to Stay Afloat in an Ocean of Extremes
  33. The Chain of Cause and Effect, Dependent Arising
  34. How To Heal the Body? Heal the Mind
  35. An Ignorant Mind Kills The Heart
  36. Choose Your Own Fate or Be Controlled by Others

"Buddha Speaks Illustrated Quotes for Children & Adults" is a book of 36 illustrated quotes direct from the original texts, the Pali Canon and Tibetan Kangyur. It offers a fresh perspective on the Buddha’s authentic words, and a unique opportunity for children and adults to have a conversation around everyday thought-provoking questions. Attractive images bring clarity to the Buddha’s intention for easy understanding of advanced concepts in simple words.

"Buddha Speaks Oracle Cards" is a set of 54 cards of authentic quotes directly from the original texts, the Pali Canon and Tibetan Kangyur, offering a new version of the Buddha’s words. The cards are beautifully designed to promote crystal clear understanding of his original meaning.

"Buddha Speaks Weekly Oracle Planner” is a calendar book of 52 inspiring quotes direct from the original texts, the Pali Canon and Tibetan Kangyur, one for each week of a calendar year, with colorful images.

Footprints of the Enlightened Ones,The Bhutan Travel Cookbook
I find Peace, Love and Radical Simplicity in the Kingdom of Happiness

"Heal Your Past Lives" is a book to empower people to see through the sensory experiences of the present, to look deeper in order to overcome negative habits and tendencies that have their roots in the past. It's a how-to book with 6-Step instructions to find and heal your own past trauma. It includes a journal of my own 54 past life healings, and how they transformed my experience of life in the present.



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