Lama D Announces a Course at NewEarth University!

You are invited to join Lama D in his new course with NewEarth University.

It will be a live 7-week Course on Zoom – SUNDAYS. This is the Link to enroll 
The first class will be Oct. 24, 2021 at 12 noon Eastern, 9 am Pacific (USA/Canada). Your tuition is $280.00 USD. Enrollment opens October 8, closes October 2. Thank you! 

The Seven Classes of the Course will Cover: 

  • Topic #1 is: Having a human life is better than living in heaven. I’ll tell you why.
  • Topic #2 is about the four major problems of human life. What are they?  You are born, you get old, you get sick, and you die. And how can we resolve them?
  • Topic #3 is called Tharbi Sabin, which means Seeds for Paradise. What does it mean to plant seeds for paradise?
  • Topic #4 is how to get blessings very easily, and how to be lucky in your life?
  • Topic #5 is what action, prayer, and chant to do every day to have a happy life, get into paradise?
  • Topic #6 is how to analyze your own mind.
  • Topic #7 Powerful visualizations to train the mind to get into paradise.


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