Lifelong Learning Courses with Srijana

Lifelong Learning for Everybody. 

I’m an avid researcher and teacher on diverse subjects related to Health and Spirit. My courses integrate a variety of subjects via this website, live Zoom interview, or prerecorded video. You may design your own curriculum. Choose from 60 classes in 12 categories such as Energy Medicine, Detox, Future of Money, History, Chinese Medicine, Anatomy, Ego, Global Consciousness, Buddhist Meditations, and How to Heal Your Past Lives. Many of the 60 individual classes can be found on the blog. Some classes are free. Some require prepayment via PayPal or Stripe. Paid classes include a video and text. I am a medical intuitive, researcher, and healer. I live in Bali with my husband Lama D, Buddhism teacher of “Seeds for Enlightenment” to 11,000 students in Bhutan. To schedule a chat, email me: Srijana @ 


Heal Your Past Lives, Video Training

I am very excited to present my new training: 
Heal Your Past Lives – Six Steps to Dissolve Old Trauma for Lasting Happiness. 

My mission is to empower you to find health and wellness, to permanently dissolve negative patterns rooted in the past. Deep subconscious memories influence our present reality and can manifest as disease or emotional reactions.

  • Session #1  My Surprising Story
  • Session #2  Foundational Concepts of Self-Inquiry
  • Session #3   Six-Step Technique: Heal Your Past Lives

The training includes three 35-minute classes and a pdf text.

1.5 hour class. $180.  Read More..


The Bhagavad Gita Course

A 20-video course. Each video includes a clear explanation of the contents in the light of modern events with a Q&A for easy retention of spiritual concepts. The videos ar a playlist on My YouTube channel. This will lead you through all the chapters. 

An epic of wisdom!
This course delves into the real teachings of the Mahabharata. I bring these concepts into focus in the light of modern events, asking tough questions. The Bhagavad Gita is a part of the 5,000 year-old Vedic poem Mahabharata. It contains 18 chapters, each one a jewel of wisdom revealing the purpose of human life and the structure of the universe. It tells humans how to win in the path to ascension! The Bhagavad Gita consists of a conversation between the the blue God, Krishna, and the reluctant warrior, Arjuna.  20-20-Video course. $50  Read More…

The White Light Meditation, 2-hour Workshop

Energy Medicine: How to Absorb the New Frequencies

Tracing New Foundations of History

Future of Money

Tibetan & Chinese Medicine: Integrate Body Mind & Spirit

Detox, Raise Your Body pH

New-Paradigm Self-Healing Wisdom: Sacred Body Anatomy

Dissolve the Ego, Remove AI and Mind-Controlled Thought Forms

Rewire Your Nervous System for ASCENSION 

Classes Coming soon:

Srijana, aka Jane Barthelemy is a medical intuitive, author, and healer. She has her MBA in financial management and has practiced Tibetan Buddhist meditation for over five decades, residing in the Rudrananda Ashram in the USA for 35 years. She practices kinesiology, craniosacral therapy, Acunect, and BodyTalk – an infusion of Chinese – Ayurvedic wisdom. She is trained in Qigong, Taichi, Daoist sexuality, and Kundalini activation. Her medical Qigong training is with Mantak Chia, Khamto Lee, Daniel Villasenor, Zhongxian Wu, Dr. Ka’imi Pilipovich, Franco Mescola, Richard Leirer, and Lam Kam Chueng. She has her BS in Italian Opera and MBA. Her two paradigm-changing cookbooks show how to build health with unprocessed foods. Her upcoming books include: “Heal Your Past Lives”, and “Buddha Speaks – Channeled Passages from the Master”.  She is on the faculty of NewEarth University and LearnDesk. Her websites are and Srijana lives in Bali with her Bhutanese husband, Lama D. 

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