The Triple Burner, Your Crystalline Communication Matrix

What is the Triple Burner? San Jiao has been translated as “Triple Heater,” Triple Warmer” “Triple Energizer”. Sanjiao refers to the three origins: heaven, earth, and water. The upper jiao receives ethereal influences likened to heaven. The middle jiao is associated with the earth element. The lower jiao is associated with draining of water. An alternative interpretation of the name has been the “three burning spaces”. One could also say the triple burner provides a passageway along the primary Yin Yang vertical axis between the fire of the kidney and of the heart, sometimes called ministerial fire. The triple burner is…

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The Gallbladder Meridian, Discernment and Decision Making

The Gallbladder rules choosing between options, decision making, and good judgement. What course is right for me? It helps us find our life direction anytime we are wallowing in procrastination or indecision. On a physical level, the Gallbladder assists digestion to keep it moving, controls sinews, body flexibility, and tendon strength. It carries out the plans of the Liver, providing courage and initiative to keep our life moving, including emotions. The Gall Bladder influences the sides of head and body. It transforms Kidney vitality into action. The Gallbladder rules sleep, as it is associated with the deep sleep point from 11 pm to…

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The Liver Meridian – Springtime, Rising Emotions, New Ideas

What are the Functions of the Liver Meridian?  The Liver stores blood and regulates blood volume. The Liver is responsible for planning, and oversees our path in life. The Liver relates to emotions. It generates anger, a clearing force, to keep things moving and flowing. When anger dissolves, this energy transforms into faith, optimism, and wisdom. The Liver is responsible for spreading Qi smoothly in the blood, body, organs, and psyche. It controls the sinews and muscle tone. The Liver rules the health of nails, vision, and the eyes. Liver stagnation or hyper-activity can lead to extreme emotional states. A healthy Liver transforms…

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