Mr. and Mrs. Lama – Coming to the US!

Hi everyone. We are planning a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico in mid October and November. Stay tuned for more details. Yes, we will be looking for a place to stay, and we will need a car. But first, we need to get Lama D’s visa approved. There are piles and piles of paperwork required for a Bhutanese, and we’re almost finished! Everything looks good for a short-term visa.

Lama D and I are here with a friend in his jewelry store.

Lunch on the front steps of our house today is curried vegetables. Yummy! The view of Paro mountains is always amazing.

White Tiger Bhutan Tours has a new logo! We’re have a web developer working on the website and hope it will be up soon at Our Facebook page is up right now at

While in the USA we will announce upcoming Bhutan tours for Spring 2020. Yep, I strongly suggest everyone will need a break from the election insanity to visit peaceful Bhutan.

Thanks for checking in. See you pretty soon!

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