My Book, The Cosmology of Qigong

cosmology-qigong-bookBy Jane Barthelemy.
This book attempts to explain the roots of Qigong in simple terms for Westerners. A recent public talk I gave in Santa Fe, and Gubbio, Italy, the book explores Daoist history, the relevance of Qigong practice and ancient Chinese wisdom.

Is our modern society the pinnacle of human evolution? What are the ancient legends and history of Daoism? Who were the ancestors that developed Qigong and Tai chi? What is the origin of Chinese medicine, and when was the earliest known medical book, the Huangdi Neijing, written? What were the original 8 Branches of Chinese Medicine? How old is Qigong? Who invented the I-Ching?

What is Yin-Yang and the Chinese 5-Element System? How do the cycles of the Sun, Moon, Earth, and planets affect our bodies and our consciousness? How can we use Qigong forms to tap into the vital energy of the Cosmos to improve our health and wellbeing? Click on the image to read.


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