New Distance Sessions: Six Sacred Practices, April 11-22 $27

Hello friend. I’m offering personal distance sessions for twelve days, to help reset the nervous system and protect your immunity.

Six Sacred Practices to Protect You In Times of Crisis.

My mission is to help you relax and navigate through this global – personal transition in the very best way.
These 30-minute video sessions will include the following steps:

  1. Brain Balancing to reset your nervous system and recalibrate the electromagnetic body.
  2. Alternate nostril breathing, called “nadi shodhana pranayama“, meaning “subtle energy clearing breathing technique.”
  3. Loving Kindness Meditation from ancient texts of the Buddha.
  4. Energy protection visualization during times of crisis.
  5. A chant of power and simplicity to reinforce blessing and protection.
  6. Setting an intention for your highest future.

If time allows we can address any other issues you’re facing.
You will also receive a pdf of the Six Sacred Practices instructions so you can continue.
I feel these are the most important steps we can all take to prepare and uplift ourselves.

I’ll be doing three sessions per day for the next 12 days starting Saturday April 11, through April 22.
The sessions will be short – just 30 minutes long, for a cost of $27 each.

To PrePay:
Please prepay for your session. Click here to pay via PayPal.
Scroll down to the bottom of that page and choose:
     Another Amount  ——–> Click on link to right:  Enter the amount of $27.

To schedule your session:
I have three session times available each day: 6, 7, and 8pm Pacific Time.
Please email me at, or reply to this message.
Please send me three time options from the list below so I can plan my schedule and insure you a time. I’ll respond to confirm via email.

  • Sat. April 11: 6, 7, 8pm Pacific Time
  • Sun. April 12: 6, 7, 8pm
  • Mon. April 13: 6, 7, 8pm
  • Tues. April 14: 6, 7, 8pm
  • Wed. April 15: 6, 7, 8pm
  • Thur. April 16: 6, 7, 8pm
  • Fri. April 17: 6, 7, 8pm
  • Sat. April 18: 6, 7, 8pm
  • Sun. April 19: 6, 7, 8pm
  • Mon. April 20: 6, 7, 8pm
  • Tues. April 21: 6, 7, 8pm
  • Wed. April 22: 6, 7, 8pm

Call Me for Your Session:
At the time of your session, please call me on Skype (janebar108).
Or if we are Facebook friends, you can use Facebook Messenger: JaneBarthelemy
Or if you have an iPhone, you can call me on FaceTime.
On WhatsApp I am Jane Barthelemy on Bhutan number: +975-1796-7830
My Bali direct dial cell is +011-62-0819-3718-4020, but there will be a charge and no video.
I’ll be waiting for your call!

In case of problems or loss of internet, don’t worry. Email me about it, and I’ll do any catch-up sessions starting April 23rd.

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful face!


Thanks for checking in!  All is fine here in Bali. We are living in amazing times.


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