Planting seeds will bring fruit

A Dharma talk by Lama D.
Today is a good day. I would like to share a few thoughts about Dharma, which is a Buddhist concept. There’s no exact English word for Dharma. Dharma means a Truth taught by the Buddha. Dharma is following the Laws of Nature.

In the world and in our earthly lives, there are so many kinds of religions. I am following the Buddhist philosophy. Followers of Buddhism say they can practice the Dharma. What does that mean?

I would use a metaphor to say that Dharma is like planting seeds. And virtue is like receiving the fruits. In my experience, it’s wonderful to have seeds, and you can do good work. That’s not bad. However, it’s even better when you can develop Virtue, which is like harvesting the fruits.

When we do good things for others, this goodness returns to us. Like paying it forward you will receive benefit in the form of comfortable times and happy feelings.

Everybody knows that when we feel comfortable, we’ll be happy and glad. So if we wish to be comfortable, we need to do good things. Not selfish or stupid things. Because if we plant a negative seed, a selfish seed, this will come back to you and you will definitely feel an uncomfortable sting.

So the Buddhist philosophy is simple. In our actions, we must do good for everything, good for everybody, good for the ALL. Good action means that everybody wins. I win, you win, everybody wins, and nobody is left out of the circle. Anytime you do good things for somebody or somewhere, you create a comfortable situation for yourself and others everywhere.

However, sometimes we feel uncomfortable. This is an obstacle. We are challenged in our wish to do good for everything. Don’t be mad or disappointed. Instead, we need to feel it is a blessing. A challenge is a benefit. It forces you to wake up and be more aware, to be creative.

So in the end, I would like to say that Dharma is an important Law of Nature. It is about cultivating the seeds, developing virtue, and enjoying the fruits. So if you want to have very good fruits, then you have to first plant your seeds.

For example, if you want some good apples, you have to first plant the seed and care for the plant. Then when the time comes, you will have good fruits. Right? Seeds give birth to fruits. Dharma and virtue are hard to see, however, we can physically see it is just like planting apples for the future.

So I would like to request everyone use this wisdom and practice the Dharma in your life. Do good for everyone. This is your Dharma. It is a Law of Nature. What you plant comes back to you a hundred times. When you do this, you will have a very comfortable life and others will enjoy it too. That’s because you cared for the seeds and the fruits.

Thank you very much.

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