Recommended Reading




Rudis-bookSpiritual Cannibalism, by Swami Rudrananda, published by Rudra Press, 2001

The first American Swami tells it like it is, straight from the heart, what is the true nature and core of a spiritual life.




Perpetua-BroumasPerpetua, by Olga Broumas, Copper Canon Press

This brilliant modern poet of our times crafts words of the most sensual poetry I have efilled with truth.





Karcher-I-ChingTotal I Ching, Myths for Change, by Stephen Karcher

This reconstruction of the oldest and most respected oracle of all time, fuses two conflicting interpretations: Original Daoist shamanic traditions, with the more commonly known Confucian version.




Golden-Flower-ClearyThe Secret of the Golden Flower, The Classic Chinese Book of Life, translated by Thomas Cleary

This timeless Taoist and Buddhist Guide to meditation from the Quanzhen School in 13th century China, was recently made famous by Karl Jung. It is a lucid and beautiful translation of a practical manual to awakening one’s inner potential through concentration, breathing, and inner alchemy.



The Greatest Story Never Told, A Scientific Inquiry into the Evidence of the Fall of Man from a Higher Civilization in Antiquity – 1988 by Lana Cantrell

This book presents history, truth, fall of man, higher consciousness. Published in 1988, representing the 8-year PHD research project of its author, Ms Lana Corrine Cantrell. This book represents what is supposed to be the absolute best work of its kind, revealing the true history of mankind, hidden in the ancient texts of the Egyptian, Sumerian, Indian and Hebrew peoples.  This book carefully tells the story of how the human race actually got here in the first place. Cantrell brought to her study of pre-history not only an open mind (a major pre-requisite) but also an extensive background in medical writing and reporting, which enabled her to offer unique insights on many mysteries of pre-history – insights we have never seen before, and may never see again. Below in pdf.





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