Special Price: The Bhagavad Gita is now an Online Course!

FULL BHAGAVAD GITA COURSE – Special Price: $50 through 1/31/22. (Regular price: $99)
In this 20-video series we delve into the real teachings of the Mahabharata. I bring these concepts into focus in the light of modern 21st century events, and asking tough questions. The Bhagavad Gita is a part of the 5,000 year-old Vedic poem Mahabharata. And these 18 chapters are a jewel of wisdom revealing the purpose of human life and the structure of the universe. It tells humans how to win in the path to ascension! It does this as a conversation between the warrior, Arjuna, and his chariot driver, Krishna.

My 20-video course is now available online to watch anytime. Each video includes a straightforward explanation of the content in the light of modern events. It contains a Q&A at the end for easy retention. The Bhagavad Gita online course is available on My YouTube channel. This playlist will lead you through all the chapters. It is 18 chapters and 20 videos.

These chapters contain the highest wisdom of all time, and the most desperately needed lessons for mankind right now during our time of transition. After studying this amazing epic, my life was changed forever. And yours will be too! Here’s a free video introduction to give you a taste of the online course:

To Order the Bhagavad Gita Course:
The Online Course regular price is $99.00. It is on special now for $50 for a limited time through January 31, 2022. To order, email me (srijana @ fiveseasonsmedicine.com) with your request, make your payment here. and I will email you a private link to this special playlist.

Workshop in Bali?
Or you can come to Bali for the 12-day workshop. We will study the Bhagavad Gita in the morning, and relax the rest of of the day. Ha Ha! The Bali workshop fee of $2,100 includes accommodations and fabulous vegetarian meals at Keramas Sacred River Village, Eco-Paradise in Bali. All you need to do is get a flight to Denpasar! (10-person minimum).

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