Taichi and Qigong Came from Tibet

Hello friend. It’s been an exciting week here in Bali. Today’s article is my free e-book in preparation for Taichi and Qigong retreats. Who knows when they’ll be? Some retreats will be about Buddhism, Nature immersion, Healing techniques, as well as Qigong and Taichi. We will do some retreats ourselves, plus invite master teachers from around the globe to allow people to experience first-hand the natural harmony at Keramas Sacred River Village in Bali. You are invited, of course.

I wrote this book several years ago, and recently revised it, because it is still highly relevant. I hope you find it interesting. It translates into a beautiful daily practice that builds health, strong immunity, psychic protection, longevity, balance, and happiness See the free pdf here. This week we also did a photo shoot here at Keramas. So much fun! The photos came out wonderful. But then I stubbed my foot and cut it, so I’m not walking for a few days. No problem – it’s healing beautifully – patience….
I send you so many blessings. Also sending big prayers that this crazy world will find its way to the TRUTH.
Here is the Indonesian doc in Word: Taichi-Qigong-Tibet-Bahasa

Thank you for reading! Sri Jana

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