We Celebrate 1 Year at Keramas in Bali!

Hello friends. I have three EXCITING things to tell you!

  1. Today is our 1-Year Anniversary at Keramas Sacred River Village!
  2. Lama D’s Study Group just exploded to 2,500 people!
  3. I’m learning new design skills for cell phones.

1. TODAY is our ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY at Keramas Sacred River Village!


One year ago today we moved into this beautiful place. Suddenly I was HOME. This morning I woke up and checked the date – it’s July 16!  OMG!  Today’s the anniversary!  Maybe everyone forgot. No matter, I’ll have my own inner celebration. But NO! This morning the owner Ketut announced we are celebrating with a special lunch for EVERYBODY!!  Ketut was up at the crack of dawn to go to the market to buy ingredients for Balinese lunch for EVERYBODY! He’s a capable man with many talents including farming, team building with the community, and cooking! He made wonderful food!

These are hard times in Bali. The entire island is failing financially. People are hungry, and tourists still don’t come. Even so, they made a beautiful party for us. And especially for me, they used no sugar and no GMO’s, because they get that these are off-limits for me (My body gets sick with instant weakness and a phlegmy coughing cold.) Fortunately, I have a strong 6th sense so I check the food before I eat.

Lunch was yummy! Fresh green veggies with coconut, tofu, chicken soup, spinach with peanut sauce, and all the Balinese flavor trimmings. Wow!

We love everyone here. We are in full Nature immersion, however with services. Many days we are the only guest. We have a few local Balinese visitors, however foreign travel to Bali is limited.

2. LAMA D’s study group just exploded to 2,500 people!

Yes. Lama D has found a new destiny niche! Wonderful to see! He started with a small group of 10 people. He offered MP3 talks by the famous Bhutanese spiritual giant, the Je Khempo. The talks are in a high spiritual language of monks, called Chokey. Lama D paraphrases the talks in Dzongkha, the everyday language of Bhutan. Then he explains the deeper meaning so they can apply it every day. They are in tearful gratitude. The lessons begin at 5am every day Bhutan time.

It’s a free group, which almost instantly exploded to 500, which is the maximum for a group on WeChat – the most common Asian Social Networking app. People are so excited to receive these unique teachings, and they tell all their friends. That was three weeks ago. Now he has FIVE groups of 500 each for a total of 2,500 people. He has to repeat 5 transmissions every day. Fortunately, he’s a social networking whiz. They enthusiastically listen to the teaching each morning. Then they ask questions and praise his knowledge. He is on the phone every waking moment of the day.

Lama D is very inspired with this new project. And a little tired today. See his eyes? Please send him your best wishes – he’s working very hard. His group is called “Tharbi Sabin”, which means “Seeds for Paradise”. The name is important, because as we live our lives, everything we DO and THINK is a SEED for the future of our lives and of ALL of LIFE. The universal memory is forever. So it’s all about planting seeds and creating harmony.

Lama D gives specific thoughts, visualizations, chants, prayers, and very new concepts to the people. He teaches the ancient Mahayana way to cross over, pass through the various realms beyond the Earth. After death, it seems there is an interim stage where we are in the dark and must choose a new body, a new life. then we must choose where to go next. The interim stage is called the “Bardo”, which usually lasts about 21 days. Then the soul must ether go to Heaven, Hell, Human realm, Animal World, or the Hungry Ghosts. Or enlightenment. Which would YOU choose? Christianity sometimes calls this Purgatory, but the Buddhist concept is much more precise.

Every day the students are weeping with joy. Lama D is helping many people make sense of this life. Especially since Bhutan has been trying to measure up to the example of life in the West, and they see this all collapsing now like terrible falsehood. So Buddhism takes on new meaning.

What’s he teaching?
The Seeds For Paradise
 group explores the passage through 3D physical life. Since the whole idea of material existence is to prepare the soul to merge with the Great Spirit, now is the time to  train our minds to positive thinking and selfless deeds. This practice is said to protect us in the Bardo realm, which is lonely and confusing. Ultimately we find your way in the larger universe. I’m looking forward forLama D to offer this in ENGLISH!

3. Learning new design skills for cell phones!

It seems all our teaching and writing projects require me to be internet savvy. Yep – a cyber warrior for cell phones. But I DON’T want to get lost in Social Networking. So, I asked a Russian designer to help launch Instagram. She’s wonderful BUT my learning curve is steep and Instagram design has many avenues. She’ll prepare the artistic plan and the first 30 days posts and after that I will do it myself. It’s terrifying – and fun! We’re searching for a “look” that’s interesting, easy, and meets the requirements for integrity, professionalism, and youthful audiences. Now everything is cell phone compatible online.

Above is our Instagram 5-color palette, our COLOR MAP. Daily posts are SQUARE. The pattern of squares creates a harmonious “look”. The posts are web articles, quotes, events, and photos. Not shown are vertical Stories and Highlights. Our Instagram page will link to my website here FiveSeasonsMedicine.com.

This is a blog article recapped as a square image for Instagram.

Today I exported real photo for a testimonial. Yay! Another technical breakthrough!

The social networking world is in flux. Ha Ha! Facebook censored seven (7) of my accounts (I have one left!). And since they’ve been hit with a class-action lawsuit for censorship, it could end in a break-up of Facebook. For now it’s an ok place to experiment. Common ownership issues aside, it looks like the survivors will be Instagram, GETTR and Telegram. Come join me at the following links:

I’m looking forward to a stable cyber future for the world. Hopefully new skills will make it easier to play the “collective consciousness” game. This week I’m exploring a few easy techniques.

This square describes a blog article about Milarepa’s final lesson.

This is my “Listicle” of surprising facts about Qigong from an article and ebook.

An Instagram square quote can be on a video background.

Upcoming works for Cell:
Most of my books are now cell apps! The Children’s Buddha quotes is now for a tablet. The Buddha Channeled book will be an audio book. Agent proposal going out soon.

Dimension and formatting requirements are specific for each social networking tool. I’m learning these design apps: Canva, Pexels, Lightroom, UnSplash, FreePrequel, MotionArray, MeshGradient.com, Is.graphics.com, Figma, and Kirlian Photography Editor. Below are a few of my experiments.

Thanks for joining us! Please be well!

Srijana and Lama D

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