2021 Workshops – We Need Your Ideas. What Inspires you?

Hello friends. Greetings from Bali, where all is well. A quickening is happening. We invite you to jump in! Our 2021 teaching plans are taking shape, and the beautiful island will soon be open. Here’s STEP ONE, a list of classes and workshops we’d like to offer. You could call them “teaching-learning” topics, because although we will be teaching you, you will also be teaching us. BTW, did you know that in some languages the words for “learning” and “teaching” are the same? Too bad our schools hardly ever let this happen.

The truth is, learning and teaching are a magical creative exploration in which people can give and receive equally. It can happen in a “school”, or any moment at all. The magic can happen at any age or stage of life. My formal degrees are letters after my name. However, I’ve gained far more knowledge outside “school”, by voraciously following the best teacher that exists – EXPERIENCE – as personal threads of wonder and curiosity are revealed. How do you feel about this concept of study?

Our Bali workshops will be here at Keramas Sacred River Village, which offers reasonable accommodations, open air classroom, and healthy meals for all your dietary needs. The black sand beaches are a 5-minute bike ride away. Our vision is for your workshop to be a relaxing time to reset, with plenty of quiet time to enjoy the natural beauty. The only pre-requisites for the course are 1) You must be able to quiet your mind. 2) You must hold a concept of integrity. 3) You much acknowledge your body as a part of Nature and the grand plan.

Lama D is a brilliant teacher. His roots and training are the oldest Kagyu Buddhism. He is a graduate of Bhutan’s Simtokha Dzong and Tango Buddhist Institute with a Master’s degree in Buddhist philosophy. He is also an active force in Bhutan politics. One of his special gifts is to see into the root of an issue, and to creatively mold a solution to serve all parties in balance. He does this with a flexible mind and a feather light approach. Maybe that’s why people in Bhutan call him “Thayri Bari”, which means “Bullseye”. Ha Ha! Like a marksman, his gentle arrow hits center every time. Also a skilled master chef, Lama D oversees our kitchen, and is sensitive to your dietary needs. We’re so lucky to have him.

Take a look at the list below. What topics inspire you? What are your burning interests? Would you prefer to come to Bali? Or study online? Should they be group classes or individual consultations? Which classes interest you most? Please give us your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you via email to srijana @ fiveseasonsmedicine .com.
Thank you! Lama D and Sri Jana.

    This 7 to 13-day workshop features the natural beauty and inspired atmosphere here at Keramas Sacred River Village.  Don’t worry, we’ll have time to relax every day, to swim in the pool, or take bike rides to the black sand beach nearby. We also visit favorite sacred sites featured in my video: Bali, A Brief Introduction to the Beautiful Island
    Every day we meet for an hour on a topic related to the Five Elements. In Bali the Hindu five elements are Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. These essential aspects of nature express the forces of the seen and unseen worlds that function in the universe and in ourselves. Awareness of how the five elements interact helps us to find harmony in our own lives. We will be assisted by the staff with special experts to give an inside experience in Balinese traditions.
    The workshop begins with a traditional Balinese blessing with fire, flowers, officiated by the family priest.
    We take a ceremonial bath at the sacred healing waters right here, with prayers by our Balinese priest.
    We gather foods from the garden and jungle to prepare a traditional lunch. See the video of our delicious lunch!
    We study art of the Hindu Majapahit Empire that survives only in Bali.
    We make the Canang Sari offering of flowers, fire and water. See my Bali Harmony article.
    We meditate with a Balinese priest at the 7th century temple on the property. See my video: 7th Century Temple at Keramas Sacred River Village in Bali
    We visit the Tirta Empur sacred fountains for ritual cleansing and spiritual renewal.
    We pay our respects to the Pura Besakih, the largest “Mother Temple” of Bali.
    We thank the ocean spirits at the Uluwatu “Temple of Divine Origin at The End of the Rock”.
    The workshop closes with a ceremony of gratitude the evening before departure.
    Conscious Mindfulness. How to eliminate extreme tension. 

    How do highly evolved spiritual warriors achieve calm equanimity in the midst of difficulty? They achieve it through careful preparation and mind control. This class teaches you Buddhist techniques you can apply within your own religious tradition to reset a pattern of reaction to achieve calm. Lama D is the expert in methods to minimize disturbance to body, mind, spirit. He is a walking example of how to overcome negative energies that confront your life. Buddhist principles are effective solution within any belief framework. Techniques include specific words, thoughts, chants, and visualizations. You will learn how to make your prayer more powerful in your own religion with examples and demonstration. Learn how to sharpen your mental focus to ask for help from universal powers. Since there is only one mind, you choose what to focus on, and use it to reset your thought patterns. You will learn the specific steps to reduce agitation from your environment, so that extreme stress doesn’t phase you. Lama Dungtsho is a brilliant example of how to adapt ancient principles in practical ways to “let it go” and find equanimity in modern life.
    This course teaches you how to permanently dissolve negative patterns rooted in the past.
    Bring your questions about past lives, your suspicions of trauma or foul play, and we will straighten it out. By the time you leave, you will feel lighter. You will be able to heal past trauma in yourself and others.
    Like a knot of highly concentrated toxic energy, trauma is a heavy burden that can create holes in your auric field. Every trauma that you carry fragments your consciousness, as if a piece of your awareness is tied up remembering it. This holds you back from achieving your highest destiny. When you release the root of trauma, you dissolve an old pattern and expand your inner awareness.
    The training has three parts: 1) Learn self-hypnosis technique. 2) Learn how to get clear answers to your questions through body-dowsing, 3) Learn how to ask clear and specific questions without limiting the answers with your assumptions.
    The text will be my book: Heal Your Past Lives, Six Steps to Dissolve Old Trauma for Lasting Happiness. It outlines six steps to heal your own past trauma, plus a journal of 54 past lives, and how clearing them transformed my reality. Anyone can do this. Once you understand the technique, it takes some practice, and the rewards are enormous. To heal old emotions can change your whole perspective, empower your true destiny, and bring you to wellbeing.
    This course is about getting to know your SELF. It begins with physical anatomy, and then moves into energetic anatomy. We use modern anatomical slides and ancient diagrams. We use treatment tables to work on each other. We compare the experience of physical bone structure, lungs, spleen, nervous system, connective tissue, bone marrow, blood, and lymphatic systems. Then we move into the energetic Chakras, Taoist spiritual centers, the Extraordinary Meridians, Spinal cord, 5-Element Organ Consciousness. These energetic systems intimately control the flow of vital Qi or energy through the body. We meditate to feel these systems in our bodies using breath and concentration. You will gain a new perspective of your gift of a human body and how it integrates with the universe in time and space. This class would be a prerequisite for the Level 3 Meditation Ecstatic Merkabah Activation.
    Who Are the Guiding Flames of Buddhism? 
     In this class we study the inspiring lives of the greatest Buddhist teachers, the heroes and heroines of ancient legends that just might be true. Who are these “Wild Lights”? When did they live? And what were their contributions to the living soul of Buddhism? How are you much like these wisdom keepers? What can we learn from them?
    We’ll spend a day getting to know each “Wild Light” in person. Some of them are known, like Shakyamuni Buddha and Padmasambhava. Others are lesser known, including Milarepa, Drukpa Kunley – The Divine Madman, Avalokiteshwar, Yeshe Tsogyal, and Thonpa Shenrab Miwoche – root of Bön Buddhism from Zhangzhung, Tibet 18,000 years ago. A guided meditation by Lama D will help us tune into each teacher’s exciting energy, their life story, obstacles, quirks, and the near-impossible accomplishments that helped them break through into the celestial power realm. Please bring your inner ears, eyes, a meditation cushion and a flying carpet.
    Sacred Geometry applied to healing the Earth.

    This course begins with a group prayer and intention to heal ourselves and the Earth. We make a detailed study of sacred forms of geometry in Nature. We cover 2D and 3d shapes, Fibonacci numbers, the Flower of Life, 3D Metatron’s Cube, and we assemble a moving Merkabah. We finally arrive to the Platonic solids and study their relationship to sacred energetic sites on the Earth’s surface including Macchu Pichu, Egyptian pyramids, and Teotihuacan. In the last class we use the geometric forms in a virtual tour of Earth’s sacred sites, like a distance healing, in which we plant intentional seeds of transformational power. Bring your subtle senses and universal perspective.
  7. Level 1 Meditation:  Six-Part Harmonization, To clear the field and protect
    See my meditation video online. This is a daily practice to cultivate calm, happiness, and be the master of your life.
    1. Brain Balancing – to synchronize the brain hemispheres.
    2. Deep breathing – to calm the mind and stir deeper awareness.
    3. Release Negative Tension – to clear old energies.
    4. Loving Kindness Meditation – to set powerful positive intention.
    5. Bubble of Golden Light – energy protection visualization.
    6. Sacred Prayer or Chant – to reinforce your field.
  8. Level 2 Meditation: To Clear and Activate Personal Destiny
    Learn how to focus and align the spiritual centers, an essential key to self-healing. At the same time you will activate your Extraordinary Meridians used in Ancient Chinese Medicine. These are the pathways of ancestry and destiny formed at the moment of conception, rulers of the other 12 organ meridians.
  9. Level 3 Meditation: The Ecstatic Merkabah Activation of the Pineal Gland
    Over time this advanced meditation heals you completely. It frees you from the physical level and most pain. It involves a gentle but intense concentration with breath to activate specific body systems. It takes some time for most people to master. It will help you to glow with inner happiness, and become almost immune to the challenges of living in the physical world. Fasten your seatbelts.
    Where is Humanity in the Cosmic Cycles of Time?

    This class will give you a bigger perspective of 2021 in the universe and human evolution. It is based on my online book The Secret Calendar Codes, which traces calendars of many traditions. How did the ancients observe seasonal cycles of the Earth, the planets, and the Great Year?
    We watch the video “The Great Year”, and use as a textbook: The Holy Science that Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri wrote in 1894 (guru of Yogananda) in which he explains the ancient Indian counting of Ages or Yugas. See my article: Where are we now in the Cosmic Cycles of Time?We study the Sumerian calendars, Greek wisdom, Roman religions, the real origins of Christianity, plus Egyptian, Hebrew, Chinese, Tibetan, Mayan, and Indigenous calendars. These ancient calendars understood the Precession of the Equinoxes, also called the Great Year cycle of 25,920 years that defines the rise and fall of civilization on Earth and human evolution.
    “Shiva Buda” –  The Oldest World Religion is Still Alive in Bali

    Balinese spiritual beliefs are rooted in ancient Shamanism many centuries older than religion as we know it. Bali traditions predate the more recent veneer of Hinduism and the Five elements in Ayurveda. The “original” religion is still alive. It is sometimes called Tirtha, meaning “sacred”. Some call it “Shiva Buda”, recalling a time when God was incomprehensibly powerful beyond names or conceptual thought. Shiva Buda is related to ancient Bön Buddhism, which traces back to 18,000 years ago in Tibet.
    The Balinese four cardinal directions surround a central circle representing the eternal sphere human life, which connects everything. It means we live in perfect balance between God, nature, family and community. North is the mountain, which is black or green, symbolizing fertility. South is the ocean, which is always warm, active, full of life, fire, red color. East is the Sunrise, white color, birth and beginnings. West is the Golden Sunset, prosperity, and endings.
    This class calls on the local experts in Bali history and traditions. We could offer the material in one hour, one day, or a week, depending on time needed to visit sacred sites.
    A Creative Thinking Course. In this course we delve into the illusory world of the MIND from a spiritual perspective. We will cover:

    How to think.
    How to not think.
    What is a thought? What is a thought form?
    How to see through what others are saying.
    How to recognize and question your own underlying assumption.
    How to observe the hidden intentions at work in your words and those of others.
    How to laugh at yourself.
    This class is a bit like a Zen koan. Freedom from the dominion of thought forms brings happiness. We use logic to disprove what we thought was reality. We throw each other riddles or puzzles that help us unravel truths about the world and about ourselves. This is not mind games or fast comebacks. No. This is true reflection on the moment, which you must learn to be the master of your life. You practice precision and integrity in communication, because in the next chapter of your path, sloppiness will not be tolerated. I share a few life-changing stories including: The Stupid Girl, I Meet a Spider, The 3 Hairs, and The Black Bag. I will test you. Kindly. You will test me, and quiz each other as we unravel everything that we thought we knew, to discover we know nothing at all.
    The Hermetic Teachings of the Kybalion
    We will carry this hidden gem of timeless wisdom out of the dark Egyptian underground. We part the veil and light a fire to bring it alive in the 21st century. Page by page. Not yet sure which translation to use. The lifework of Hermes Trismegistus was to plant the great Seed-Truth, kept alive for thousands of years by those people that never sought popular approval or numbers of followers. Indifferent to fame or public recognition, they knew there are precious few in each generation who are ready for the truth, or who could even recognize it if it were presented to them. These few people attend faithfully the altar of Truth, on which the Perpetual Lamp of Wisdom is kept burning.

    “O, let not the flame die out! Cherished age after age
    in its dark cavern–in its holy temples cherished.
    by pure ministers of love–let not the flame die out!”

    The Bhagavad Gita and the Secrets of Life

    In this ancient epic poem, God speaks to Arjuna, a human warrior during a terrible battle with his family and friends. In the course of the war, God illumines every secret Truth of life and wisdom, to release us from human bondage. Written somewhere between 2,000 and 12,oooo years ago, perhaps its secrets are ready to be brought back into the world. With great respect, we will try to integrate every line of wisdom in this most sacred Sanskrit verse. We hope to discover why this is considered the root text of all spiritual exploration. We will try to interpret it light of our own experience and and find ways to apply it in our everyday lives. Fortunately, this is now possible thanks to expert guidance from the new English translation by Paramahansa Yogananda: “God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita”, The immortal dialogue between soul and Spirit. 
    This is a proposed series of readings from my upcoming book “Buddha Speaks, Channeled Conversations with the Master”.  It consists of 36 chapters, words direct from the Buddha which I channeled in 2019. I would read one chapter per session and post on YouTube or another site with other images. It could be pre-recorded or offered as a live class. It could be for paid subscribers or available for free. In this book the Buddha offers highly relevant and surprising advice for modern times on a wide range of essential topics including trust, anger, obstacles, sexuality, diet, and how to promote positive change in the world. There’s a lifetime of reading in these chapters, appropriate for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, but not for the faint of heart. The books contains the essence of wisdom for these challenging times.
    Living with Intention and Grace – 
    Or this class could be called “Pain and Obstacles as Portals to Freedom” Maybe you can suggest a better title.
    The greatest skill you can learn is to use your difficulties as a trusted guide toward your highest destiny. To turn obstacles into win-win-win.
    The class is limited to six participants, one per day, so that we have time to tune in and uplift each person. We attempt to set up a highly integrated atmosphere of love and support. Then we use our own problems, one person at a time, to offer gentle what-if suggestions to help each other learn. We follow and observe our personal foibles like untangling a precious knot leading to personal freedom. We discuss problems and find solutions in which not just you, but EVERYBODY wins. We explore emotions as your precious doorways to personal wholeness and awareness. We discuss mindfully observing our thoughts, consciously mining the fear, anger, worry, and grief, to discover and express the true wholeness that you are. We cover detailed analysis of the deeper consciousness of each emotion, grief, anger, and pain, and their usefulness as intelligent buoys on the path to freedom. Or their ability to kill you with a disease. You will go crazy in this class, and YOU will be in charge. Lama D is a skilled mediator. I hope to be watching from the swimming pool nearby with a smile.
    Advanced Energy Medicine Techniques for Professional Healers
    – This would be a 7-10 day workshop, a Zoom class, or an individual mentoring for experienced practitioners.
    The content would depend on the specific goals and experience of the student practitioner. Sri Jana offers many healing practices outlined here. The techniques could include Biofeedback, Kinesiology, Kodaishin Extraordinary Meridian Activation, Advanced Bioenergetics, How to Use Gold Needles without penetration, Zero-Point Energy Activation, Healing Wands, Chakra Breathing, and how to begin and close your healing sessions with mediation.
    Meet the Goddess, and She is You!
    Reset and Recalibrate in Bali.
    This group workshop in Bali lasts 7-13 days at Keramas Sacred River Village. We invite you to set aside this time to come relax in a beautiful environment, to birth your personal destiny. This workshop could also be regarded as a sexual clearing after millennia of gender misunderstanding and abuse on both sides. We integrate duality and the balance of Male and Female in every aspect of life. Thus, the Male honors the Goddess in woman and also in himself, as he was born of a Goddess. The Female personifies the Goddess and accepts her role as giver of life.
    First you allow the old self to unravel and dissolve, like shedding an old skin. We acknowledge our accomplishments, our blessings, and our shortcomings. We see clearly our addictions (mental, physical) and release them. Then you allow a new person to come forward and you get to know your new self.
    The workshop begins with a traditional Balinese blessing and your personal intention.
    Each person receives a multi-dimensional destiny healing from Sri Jana. This sets the stage for your intentional transformation that will be unique and highly personal.
    Each person receives a Tibetan Healing Massage from Lama D.
    Sri Jana and Lama D will mentor and meet with you as needed during the workshop.
    We will have time to relax every day, to swim in the pool, or take bike ride to black sand beach.
    We also visit sacred sites in Bali featured in my video: Bali, A Brief Introduction to the Beautiful Island
    Every day we meet for an hour on a topic related to the Five elements. In Bali the Hindu five elements are Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. These essential aspects of nature illustrate the forces of the seen and unseen worlds that function in the universe and in ourselves. This simple awareness of how the five elements interact helps us find harmony in our own lives.
    Sri Jana will lead a Qigong or Taichi on the grassy lawn in the mornings.
    The workshop closes with a ceremony of gratitude the evening before departure.

Which classes interest you the most? Just cut this list. Paste into a reply email. Rate them from 1 to 10. Email as a reply to newsletter, or to srijana @ five seasons medicine .com

  7. Level 1 Meditation
  8. Level 2 Meditation
  9. Level 3 Meditation

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