What’s Really Going On? Join us for a FREE Zoom Discussion Feb 26 (Feb 27 Asia)

What’s Really Going On? Join us for a FREE Zoom Discussion Monday Feb 26 (27 in Asia).

We will spend 60 minutes speaking and sharing information, then 30 minutes for a group discussion. 

  • 9 Faces of Reality
  • 6 Realms of Samsara in Buddhism
  • How to Exit the 3D Matrix ALIVE
  • Finish with a brain integration practice

Because NOW is the TIME. 

Join Free Zoom Meeting – 1 1/2 hours

Meeting ID: 830 4512 4395

What’s your Heart Level? Brainwave Frequency? Density? Are there Parallel Worlds? What is your Bloodline? Soul Lineage? Time? Physical Space? Can we assimilate this awareness in the Sweet Spot in the center of the brain? INTEGRATION is a key to upgrading our consciousness to a new reality.  

This discussion is about how to raise your frequency level and leave the 3D world, NOT about how bad things are in the world.

WORLD TIMES of 1 1/2-Hour Discussion:

  • Pacific time 6 pm Mon Feb 26
  • Mountain 7 pm Mon
  • Central 8 pm Mon
  • Eastern 9 pm Mon 
  • Melbourne 1 pm Tues
  • Rome 3 am Tues Feb 27
  • India/Bhutan 7:30 am Tues 
  • Thailand 9 am Tues
  • Bali/ Perth/Singpore 10 am Tues

This Discussion Group is FREE.  Just Come! 

The discussion will be based on these two articles:

  1. WHAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT? Breaking the Cycle of Death and Rebirth
  2. The 9 Faces of Reality – Integrate the Sweet Spot in the Center of Your Brain

We are in the midst of a huge awakening.
Our reality is so new we search for ways to express it in words. In this greatest shift of the ages, we are discovering other states of being that we can embody and integrate. The old blueprint has dissolved. We are free to choose our direction in a new paradigm to claim our highest destiny. 

The 9 Faces of Reality, and How to Exit the 3D Matrix of Samsara ALIVE! 

  1. What’s Your HEART LEVEL? The Hawkins Consciousness Scale Measures Heart Frequency. 
  2. What’s Your BRAIN FREQUENCY Brainwaves can be measured by EEG on the scalp. What is your level of awareness, health, and joy?
  3. What’s Your DENSITY? 3D? 4D? 5D? There are many levels of density in the universe. Some are physical, some non-physical. 
  4. There are Many PARALLEL REALITIES. There could be infinite simultaneous worlds. 
  5. What is Your BLOODLINE? That is your physical lineage, DNA, blood type, inheritance from your physical mother and father. 
  6. What is Your SOUL LINEAGE? What and where is your soul’s original home?   
  7. What TIME do you Live in? We measure time in days, years, centuries and millenniums, based on celestial movements. 
  8. What is PHYSICAL SPACE? What are the SIX SENSES we use to perceive space? 
  9. How Can We INTEGRATE these Faces of Reality in the Brain center?
    Brain balancing synchronizes Left-Right Brain hemispheres and activates the Pineal Gland, the SWEET SPOT in the center, where we can access multi-dimensional awareness.

We hope to see you there!

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