Personalized Weight Loss Program

weight-loss-affirmationYour Personalized Weight Loss Program:

1. Proven 4-week program with support & follow-up

2. Mental Re-patterning around Weight Loss

3. EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique to clear old habits

4. No deprivation, no calorie counting

5. List of foods to eat, Foods to avoid

6. Unlimited Low-carb Vegetables, Herbal teas, Broth

7. No wheat, Sugar, Alcohol, Caffeine, GMO foods, Limit dairy.

8. Re-setting Habits with daily plan of high protein meals

9. Walk 15 minutes outside in AM before breakfast.

10. Optimize your metabolism with regular mealtimes by the Chinese organ clock.

This is a weight-loss program specifically tailored for you. The first appointment includes a consultation and mental re-patterning for success, to dissolve any mental or emotional blocks to weight loss. We look at the root causes of your weight issues, and help you clarify your intentions for your desired weight loss. We test for specific problem foods and allergens. You will receive a suggested daily plan, and a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid. There’s absolutely no calorie counting and no deprivation, yet If you do HALF of these things, you will lose weight. You may choose a DIY plan of one appointment, or a comprehensive plan of three appointments with follow-up calls. The program can be done in person, or remotely by phone or Skype.

“The inner intelligence of the body is the ultimate and supreme genius.”—Deepak Chopra

Personalized Weight Loss – Single appointment only. 1.5 hours: $95
Weight Loss, 4-week Comprehensive – 4 weekly appointments, daily phone consultations: $299

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Yes, custom packages are available, please contact Jane.

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Jane Barthelemy, CBP, CRM, DRM, LAP, MBA is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Licensed Accunect practitioner, Certified 3rd degree Reiki Master, Certified MogaDao Qigong Guide, MogaDao Sacred Sexuality Instructor, MBA, and a lifetime practitioner of Tibetan Trika Yoga meditation for over 40 years. Jane lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM New Mexico at the Blue Lotus, at Santa Fe Soul, and doing remote treatments anywhere. Contact Jane


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