Comprehensive Health Scan

“Srijana’s Comprehensive Body Scan gave me valuable information quickly and economically, without invasive samples or blood tests. The test showed I need to avoid toxic accumulation and improve my oxygenation. I learned so much about my digestion, my best and worst foods. Her immediate 10-point feedback is a blueprint to take control of my health.” Franci S.

What are your most important health markers? What’s your biological age? Most people might say: “I don’t know, but I’d like to check my blood count, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. These are good markers, easy to measure with machines. However, if you’re anywhere near a normal range, they won’t tell you much about how to optimize your health.

Look Deeper
My Comprehensive Health Scan looks deeper at the key roots of health and happiness. The scan measures over 150 health markers intuitively, which I then study to find relationships and offer recommendations. After the scan, I will give you my top ten suggestions to permanently improve your health. This is a challenging intuitive integration of many factors, which I truly love to do. However, it is quite exhausting, so I can do only one scan per day.

Relaxing and Non-invasive
The Comprehensive Health Scan is a good way to learn about yourself on many levels. The scan takes a little over an hour while you rest comfortably and I intuitively read your body. I only offer it in-person here in Bali. Each health marker is rated from 1 to 10. The scan looks for highs and lows in your health profile and possible flags to focus future attention. It surveys organs, endocrines, meridians, hydration, body pH, food intolerances, emotions, oxygenation, toxin levels, and your awareness in the moment, to name a few. After the scan is finished, I will prepare a list of suggested steps you can take to optimize your health.

A Starting Point to Tune into Your Body
If you’re searching for a holistic overview of your health, this scan is a great place to start. I look at the health of your bones, muscles, organs, tissues, body ph, food intolerances, senses acuity, blood sugar, level, sleep, emotions, chakras, and body micro biome. How much sunlight exposure do you need? What is your primary meridian, how is your water quality, and how are you processing emotional stress? I will explain the numbers and give you a list of priorities to optimize your health.

“As a healer I learn so much by listening to people’s bodies, and find exciting revelations in every scan. I discover cases of accumulated toxicity leading to chronic disease due to simple dehydration, which you can reverse. A common pattern is heavy metal deposits in the bone marrow due to toxic exposure, leading to EMF hypersensitivity to WiFi and 5G. The first step in healing this is a heavy metal detox. 


Many people carry emotional trauma that can lead to a pattern of hypertension and cardiovascular stress. This can be healed energetically and through diet. Some people seem to glow with health, in spite of poor food and utter poverty, when they have strong religion or family relationships.”  Sri Jana

A Low-Cost Approach
This kinesiological-intuitive scan can in a single pass, uncover areas in need of attention, to underline potential problems long before they are detectable to standard medical tests, for a fraction of the cost. It can also indicate where you’re doing a great job with your health. Consider it a starting point for your personal research, healthy lifestyle choices, and specific diagnostic tests. Sri Jana is an intuitive healer, not an MD. She does not diagnose disease or prescribe medication. Comprehensive Health Scan-4-18

You will receive the full scan page showing each marker and a summary score in these areas:

  1. Overall Level of Health
  2. Biological Age
  3. Organs
  4. Endocrines
  5. Systems
  6. Tissues
  7. Chakras
  8. Senses
  9. Food
  10. Hydration
  11. Toxins
  12. General
  13. Cellular
  14. Energetic
  15. Meridians

Comprehensive Health Scan appointment: 2.5 hours: $375

Contact Sri Jana to Schedule a Session:
This must be done in person. Please email me at srijana @ five seasons medicine .com to schedule a session.

How to Prepay for the Scan
Please prepay for your session via PayPal here: Click to go to the payment page
Enter the amount $375.00

Preparation for the Scan
Before your Session, please download the questionnaire pdf below, fill it out, and give it to me before your session:


“I’m so happy I did Srijana’s comprehensive scan. It gave me perceptive feedback about how I’m taking care of my health. It showed me some strengths and a few areas to improve. For example, my muscle tone and endocrine function are in good shape. One flag was toxins such as pesticides and heavy metals in my bone marrow, which I’ll be working to remove. My water quality looks questionable, so I’ll be getting a filter. The scan raised my awareness of how body, mind and spirit are a unified whole, and the importance of listening. Thank you!”  C. Thomas



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