Mastery Program $720 / $1,200 / $2,100

The Mastery Program consists of weekly 1-hour sessions with me. This can be done via Zoom or as a residential program with me. 

Many people choose to dedicate a period of time to invest in transformation, health, and longevity. With focus and balance, you can change your destiny. I try to practice the authentic law of consistency. This means we try to be the best person we can be in every single moment, in order to build our future each moment one at a time.

When you are ready to take a quantum leap forward in your physical health, freedom, and spiritual ascension, I am ready too. When you feel a deep wish to leap with confidence into the joyful unknown, I am here to serve you as a supporting partner in your spiritual development.

The prepaid price represents a significant savings from the regular price of $90 per session. 

  • 3 months – 12 sessions: $720  ($60 ea.)
  • 6 months – 25 sessions $1,200  ($48 ea.)
  • 1 year – 50 sessions $2,100  ($42 ea.)

Just like in my regular sessions, we will continue to discuss any issues you face. We  will do very deep intuitive healing work to clear your path, profoundly removing obstacles to happiness and health.

In this Mastery Program, every session is unpredictable and fun, a deeper exploration for your benefit. Each session will build on the last with greater synergy. I will make suggestions and may invite you to do specific homework. I may challenge you in a friendly way. If you reciprocate with consistent focus each week, at the end of your chosen time, you will be on a much higher level in your personal path to Self-Mastery. This is the sacred path to Truth that never ends.

To apply for the program, please email me a brief request letter indicating your goals and your reasons for wanting a Mastery Program with me. I accept only applicants whose goals align harmoniously with my own, and that I have time to really serve.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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