Mastery Program $720

The Mastery Program consists of 12 weekly 1-hour sessions with me. This powerful three-month program is open to my regular clients only. The price of $720 prepaid represents a significant discount of $60 per session from the regular price of $90.

Many of my clients have chosen to carve out a period of time in their lives to focus deeply and dedicate themselves to personal transformation, longevity, and health. In one quarter of a year, you can change your destiny. When you are ready to jump-start your health, freedom, and spiritual ascension, when you are ready to face the total unknown, then I am here to serve you as a supporting partner in your unfoldment.

Just like in my regular sessions, we will continue to do very deep intuitive healing work to clear your path for the future, profoundly removing obstacles to happiness and health. Every session is a deeper exploration into the unknown. In this three-month program, each session will build on the last with greater synergy. I will make suggestions and invite you to do some thoughtful homework. If you reciprocate with consistent focus each week, at the end of 3-months time, you will be on a much higher level in your personal path to Self-Mastery. This is the sacred path to Truth that never ends.

To apply for the program, please email me a request letter indicating your goals and your reasons for wanting a Mastery Program with me. I accept only those applicants I have time to really serve, and whose goals align harmoniously with my own, so that we know it will be a win-win for both.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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