Remove Obstacles $90

Removing Obstacles is dedicating a time to clear away the old. 
Normal price is $90 for a Zoom session. Now on special for $50 through April 15, 2024.

Spring cleaning means we simplify to make space for the new. It’s a time to release old emotions, restore loving relationships, and renew your inner commitment to love yourself. 

To Love Yourself is not vanity or egotism. 
It is knowing that you are infinitely greater than your personality, talents, skills and achievements. You are a powerful multidimensional immortal soul made of love-light energy. Loving yourself is acknowledging that you are an inseparable part of the Supreme Being and energetically connected with all other life  Loving self is honoring your highest self, steadfast in the light and perseverance in a difficult, vital mission in this period of time.

To release old emotions will lighten your load.
and remove heavy burdens that weigh you down. Any pattern of self-doubt, anger, guilt, resentment, jealousy, or remorse is a terrible weight on your heart and mind. 

What Happens in a Session?
I use intuitive listening and energy medicine to pinpoint the root of any obstacle that blocks your progress. I start with the top priority to heal, continuing to remove successive layers. The root of an obstacle could be an event in the past, a belief, a thought pattern, a buried wound, an emotional held in a body organ, an unhappy memory, or even a learned family habit that has nothing to do with you.

Many Tools Can Remove Obstacles

  • I teach many techniques to stabilize emotional ups & downs. These are all available in my free videos such as Brain balancing, Vagus nerve reset, How to release negative tension, Breathwork, Lymphatic clearing, and more.
  • Spend time walking in Nature as often as possible, to harmonize your body frequency to the Earth.
  • Deep Breathing exercises have a profound ability to release rigid held patterns.
  • A Family matrix clearing can repair etheric blocks in complex life relationships, to heal estrangement and negative patterns with no words or confrontation needed.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique can help dissolve unconscious distress around any issue. 
  • Energy Medicine techniques such as BodyTalk and Emotion Code can pinpoint the root of any issue and dissolve the threads holding it in place.
  • A Past life healing can uncover and dissolve old emotional patterns held over many lifetimes, so they do not affect you anymore.
  • To dissolve emotional baggage stored in the body organs I use BodyTalk energy Medicine.
  • Trauma release techniques for a specific event can unbury the subconscious shock and dissolve the “charge” so any wound can heal naturally.
  • I use Accunect Intuitive Chinese Medicine to identify any primary beliefs holding you back.
  • I use spirit guides to assist at every step.

We are living in exciting times, with many surprises and energy surges all around us. That is why I am offering this special healing therapy. I want to assist each person to raise frequency and participate in the enormous shifts and opportunities uplifting our lives at this time.

Negative attachments are etheric and changeable.
They are often parasitic in nature, meaning they drain our energy. These attachments are sticky, and may show up as emotional mood swings, sudden exhaustion, or confusion. Sometimes they manifest as irrational rigidity, self-rejection, and refusal to accept our lives in the present moment. Negative attachments are present only in low vibration energies. We may unintentionally invite them when we allow ourselves to be negative, angry, or depressed. 

Obstacles cannot be permanently healed with drugs or pharmaceuticals.
The best way to avoid and remove them is to consistently follow a high-vibration of integrity in your life. Practice self-love and acceptance. Look for tools to help you on your positive path. Surround yourself with people doing positive actions, people who wish you well. 

To schedule a session, email me at srijana @
Please include the following items:

  • A few sentences of what you would like to accomplish in the session.
  • Tell me your time zone so I can suggest a time. I’m in Bali, Indonesia.
  • The normal cost is $90. Special price is $50 through April 15, 2024.
  • Please pay via PayPal on the Payment Page. 
    Scroll down to “Pay another amount” and enter $50.

I will email you a suggested time.
When you confirm, I will email you a meeting link for Zoom or WhatsApp.
Best Wishes! Srijana


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