Remove Obstacles $90

Many people carry internal blocks, attachments, or frequencies that are not their own.
Obstacles may show up as limiting beliefs, emotions, life challenges, or disease. We are hardly ever aware of parasitic invasions, as they may have come in unnoticed, and they may have been there for a long time. It helps to have another person who can see them and remove them. 

You can learn tools to protect yourself from obstacles and implants. It is important to meditate in a very high frequency of love every day, use psychic protection, tools, and associate with people who uplift you.

There are many levels in our world. We are souls living in a 3D physical dimension. The 3D realm is challenging, as we have negative and positive energetic forces inside us and all around us. These forces are multi-layered, so we can’t always “think” our way out of a complicated situation. It is critically important how we engage and interact with these forces, in order to stay energetically clear.  

We are here for a reason. And we are always free to ascend to higher levels. Perhaps the reason you are here NOW is to shine your light brightly, or to learn important lessons. 

Negative attachments are etheric.
They can change appearance or manifestation. They are often parasitic in nature, meaning they drain our energy. We feel exhausted and confused for no reason. These attachments are sticky, and may show up as emotional mood swings or sudden exhaustion. Sometimes they show up as irrational brittleness, rigidity, self-rejection, and refusal to accept our lives in the present moment. When we identify with any concept, thought form, even the ego, we strengthen our own false implants. Negative attachments are present only in low vibration energies. We may unintentionally attract them when we allow ourselves to be negative, angry, confused, or depressed. 

Obstacles cannot be permanently healed with drugs or pharmaceuticals.
To avoid and remove them you must consistently follow a high-vibration in your life. Practice self-love and acceptance. Live with high integrity, and look for tools to help you on your positive path. It helps to surround yourself with people doing positive actions, people who wish you well. 

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