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Everything is Energy.
Understanding and protecting your personal energy is vitally important. Energy moves inside us, around us, and through us. We absorb it and express it in words, actions, and thoughts. 
To claim your energetic power, you must learn to ground yourself into the Earth. 

In this session I show you how to do your own protection every day. In a one-hour session I will first ask you about your concerns and interests. Are you looking for mental purification? To relieve stress? Repel negativity? Resolve problems? Harmonize body mind and spirit? Develop a stronger magnetic field of Qi?

Your personal session will be unique depending on your needs. During the hour I will teach you step by step how to protect yourself in a few minutes a day. The steps includes quiet breathing, grounding into the Earth, focusing on releasing certain areas of your body, activating the heart, dissolving layers of your old habits one layer at a time. Then we create a strong and safe space for you to live, called “Wei Qi” in Chinese medicine, we protect it, bring in your guardians, and seal it with a prayer. You can do this exercise daily anytime, especially when you wake up or before you go to sleep. This is the technique in a nutshell.

Take back your own power now. You must do this yourself. No one can do it for yGo within by meditation, introspection, and meet the unique being who inhabits your physical body. By attuning to its frequency, you attune to the whole universe. This is the universal secret.

Energy and its frequency is the basis of the physical world. Protecting your energy is vitally important. This practice is used by many people of every religious faith. It is essential to believe in God or a force much greater than yourself. When you learn to listen to the world of energy, life is more fun, because you are dealing with the root, not the reflection. You grasp the dynamic relationship between light and dark, active-passive, earth-sky, male-female, and you will see the world with different eyes. You learn to transmute negative energy.

Since energetic influences are in us and all around us, we had better master them ourselves. We do this by mindfully observing and controlling our own thoughts in positive ways. At every level of existence, you’ll always be rolling with the energy, moving in, out, and around us, absorbing, expressing with our words, actions, and especially thoughts. When you are sovereign in your energy field, you can live freely as you like, surrounded by beauty.

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1. We Are All Connected

We participate in the shared universal energies. However, we have individual  bodies and souls that we must take care of.  Until we achieve a total oneness, enlightenment, or “ascension” merging with the divine, we live in the physical realm and we have work to do. Our work is to develop keen awareness of our health, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

We are fortunate to have a human body. As humans we have free will. This gives us the opportunity to learn, observe, and choose our way to live, select our own energetic surroundings. A tree generally has very little choice about this, however as humans we have real choice. The body is a gift that we may use or abuse. Your physical body is a repository of every personal issue and obstacle in the energy realm. For example, disease and discomfort are an indication of our karmic and spiritual challenges. What kind of a miracle is that?

Psychic protection is necessary skill for a spiritual life. And for a happy life. This simple energy protection training is far more important than any subject we studied in school. Because in many ways it determines our success or failure. How we care for our own space rules our level of health, happiness, and our success in moving through the energy soup toward a higher path. When we notice how we connect with energy, with other people, we can learn how to live without being drained, used, misled, or abused.

This broad perspective of the energy world might lead us to be very afraid. Yes, there is much to fear. However, energy also protects you. Your awareness and your attitude are your best defense. Some indigenous cultures teach their children, so by kindergarten age they already know how to protect themselves as second nature. This is basic training in cultures that appreciate nature. Contact with nature aligns us to the earth and cosmos. However, our modern material world tends to pull us away from Nature, and our health suffers.

Life is messy and wonderful. We need to develop the necessary energy tools for a successful life. Your path is unique. Just take a step and you’ll pick it up. Like any technique in life, you might grasp it in a second, or it may take a lifetime to perfect.

“The take-away: Stay grounded into the Earth, centered in your heart. Feel your internal compass. You have a direct connection to the supreme universal power, the generator of dimensions. Use it to stay grounded in your sovereign power.”

  1. Why Psychic Protection?

Psychic protection is a way of living that keeps your heart pure and your nose clean. Why do some people attract trouble at every turn? Why do unlucky people suffer all the insect bites? But someone who was about to get on that plane that crashed, somehow cancelled their reservation at the last moment. How does that work? It’s a mystery. When the universe is on your side, you are protected. In order to have protection, you must earn the respect of the hidden string pullers in the world. Then they help you in unseen ways. The secret is to live in a manner that is kind, relatively free of selfish desires, and you try to serve others.

We live in a wild energy world. It is unpredictable, exciting, chaotic, wise, and also perfect for learning on our path. Energy is in the forms of the physical people around us, the words we hear, the information we take in, the things we read, the cyber world. Energy can sometimes be verbal, often silent and non-verbal. Sometimes thought energy penetrates us, such as when we feel other’s good wishes, we know of our mother’s love. Also, negative thoughts, bad wishes, selfish or controlling thoughts from others can penetrate us. We may feel them consciously, or they may just come into our unconscious memory unnoticed by the mind.

We feel energy emanating from people and animals around us. Energy also comes from unembodied beings, invisible forces, qualities of light, music, vibrations, and sprits. Energy is subliminal messages on the airwaves, TV, and the web. Energy is inside us and around us because our physical bodies are just compressed energies. In fact, our bodies hold every memory of our past experiences of the universe, although we must be very quiet to hear this.

Yes, it’s a real soup of energy. Energy awareness is absolutely essential to our everyday daily lives, not just when practicing energetic healing arts. Energy feeds us, and we feed it. Some energy is beneficial to us, some is neutral, and some is harmful. Like the food we eat and the friends we keep, we choose the world and the dimension we live in.

When I speak of psychic protection, I am not referring to the strange phenomena often depicted falsely by the entertainment industry. I am referring simply to the protection and balancing of ALL energies that comprise your body-mind-spirit. Psychic protection techniques will make your life easier. But you must be willing to establish good habits and then do the daily work. You already learned how to brush your teeth and put on your clothes every day. So, you can learn these techniques. Warning, you can’t be protected from something you deserve, or something you have coming, such as your karma for past actions. When those karmic difficulties come, it is your opportunity to repair a wrong from the past, to make it right for eternity.

Psychic protection is a way of living your life, a meditation, a few steps. You live like you’re playing “for keeps”. Because your life matters. What you think is important. What you do for others matters. Everything you do or think leaves a legacy. Life is trying to teach you in every moment. Just listen.

  1. What Stuff are We Protecting From?

Just for fun, I made a random list of the things we want to protect ourselves from. It’s pretty scary. Fortunately, if you’re reading this article, you’re already on the road and have practically won the battle of psychic protection. Look at all the terrible things you’ve avoided. I classified them into External, Internal, and Really Bad Stuff – which represent the worst culprits, and our greatest challenges. You’re doing great!

External Stuff

Energy vampires, Psychic attack, EMF attack, Satanic influences, Spirits, Ghosts, Psychic invasion, Toxic foods, Harmful energy cords connected to others, Abusive people, Psychic possession, Constant disappointment, Narcissistic relationships, Judgmental families, Selfish co-workers, Programming from TV, Childhood repression, Mind control from media, False beliefs, Toxic food, air, and water, Heavy metals, Chemical build-up in the body, Psychic attack, Farming chemicals, GMO foods, Etheric demons, Psychic entities that lurk around looking for soft hearted fools, Harmful bacteria, Nuclear danger, War, Assault with a weapon, Wild animal attack, Poison gas, Natural disasters, Travel accidents, etc.

Internal Stuff
Self-hatred, Low self-worth, Unconscious negative memories, Buried trauma, Harmful thoughts, Past life tendencies, Unbalanced nerves, Dehydration, Stuck meridians, Fear in the body tissues, Chemical imbalance, Fear in the digestion, Fear of criticism or psychic attack, Fear of abandonment, Fear of death, Fear of success, Terror at becoming your true highest self with all its amazing power and responsibility, Ill-begotten thought seeds in the unconscious mind, Shame, Years of accumulated fear, anger, and resentment, Sloppy emotional habits, Grief, Worry, and Self-doubt, Disease, Smoking, Drinking, Drugs, Sugar Cravings, Food Addiction, etc.

Really Bad Stuff (The Worst Culprits)

DNA manipulation, Curses in the family line, Thinking you know, Addiction, Mental programming, Mind control, Psychic influences you’re not aware of, Stubbornness, Inability to listen, Ignorance, Laziness, Distraction, Unwillingness to look, Lack of focus, Hard Hearted, Blocked Energy Meridians, Gullibility.

Pent-up, old emotions inside us are the root of many so-called psychic imbalances. Without a practice , we can’t live a happy life. We will wander continuously as we bounce from one distraction to the next, never able to find a stable home base inside ourselves. However, with a simple practice for a few minutes a day, soon it becomes 2nd nature.

  1. Are You an Empath? They’re Looking for You!

Some people naturally possess a high degree of compassion for others. This is a gift. Empaths are easy to love. Animals gravitate toward empaths. Empaths often make the best healers. However, empaths suffer, and often need psychic protection the most. Some empaths feel cursed due to their high degree of sensitivity. They may absorb feelings of others, sometimes confusing these feelings for their own. Empaths may feel the emotions of the human collective consciousness and take it all into themselves. Oh dear – this evokes feelings of depression and shame. It’s a terrible mistake to take on personal responsibility for the negativity in the world. The truth is, empathy is a gift. With focused tools, one can turn empathy into a power to help yourself and the entire world.

Many energy workers are empaths. However, they have a tendency walk around like emotional sponges, like a “wounded healer.” For example, in a crowded room full of chatter, it may be difficult for an empath to distinguish their own thoughts and emotions from those of others around them. Empaths often live immersed in their sensitive feelings, oblivious to their vulnerable openness, utterly blind to the protections needed. They do not ground, so they lose balance in emotional changes, suffering ups and downs between anger, sadness, and depression. When we are engrossed in a negative emotional state, we automatically attract un-wanted entities and energies. If you are an empath, you must develop increased sensitivity to listen and feel the energy yet be protected at the same time. It’s like energetic multi-tasking, and a necessary tool for your survival.

Psychic vampires roam the streets, bars, music stores, yoga studios and convention centers, just looking for unsuspecting empaths. Believe me, I know, because I was once one. Every time I returned from a trip or trade show, I was sick. My intuitive advisor had to pull off me the sticky entities that just love to find juicy generous people. Ha Ha! Life is a great teacher! There’s much more I could tell. In short, after removing countless curses, entities, and psychic attacks, I finally learned how to clear them myself, and my life was changed forever. Now I’m sharing these valuable life lessons with you.

Empaths have special challenges in their interpersonal relationships. Some find themselves in families or partners that are controlling energy vampires. Selfish narcissists naturally gravitate to sensitive, generous loving empaths. The worst sociopaths are often the most charming, but this is a disguise for a selfish, manipulative predator. Please remember that this skillfully concealed Cluster B personality disorder comes with unpleasant dramatic, emotional, unpredictable, anti-social behavior. Since they have no moral compass, associating with these people can make you sick. Our illnesses come from many sources. Associating with the wrong people can definitely increase the risk of illness, such as adrenal failure, endocrine imbalance, PTSD, auto-immune diseases, metabolic dysfunction, and cancer.

What about psychic possession? Oh yes, this happens every day. It is simply when you’re not an equal player in a relationship. Hah! That includes almost every romantic relationship. Many women find themselves in need of financial support. Make sure you are involved with a kind-hearted person. And make sure you maintain your sovereignty. Set your boundaries so you’re an equal player in every relationship. We tend to give our energy away in spiritual groups where the guru ends up as psychic controller, with your heart and all your resources. Use your empathic skills for your own health. Listen to your deepest intuition so that you truly honor your feelings and embrace your God-given sensitivities.

It is normal in every relationship for power to jockey back and forth until we either establish a good balance, or one person completely dominates the other, or until the attraction or mutual need evaporates. At that point, the learning is finished, or they separate for some reason. As an empath, if you are in a relationship because you NEED something, or you desire something, or are pursuing a dream, then you may be stepping into “deep doo doo”, until you find the strength to just walk away. The health downsides of being in an unbalanced psychic relationship are untold emotional trauma and cellular inflammation, which is root causes of all disease. As an empath, your life’s purpose is to take care of yourself. So, it’s a shame to get sick when your life’s purpose is simply to love yourself.

Tools for empaths: Please read the wonderful book by Dr. Christiane Northrup: “Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Recovering Your Health and Power.” Trust your intuition. As an empath, you are highly sensitive. Stop hiding and let your inner light shine. Get strong. When you fully embrace your empathic gift, you will be able to experience great joy. You’ll see the bigger picture – a new perspective that is full of beauty. And you’ll learn to refill your own energetic cup by merging directly into Source. That’s just the beginning.

  1. Psychic Protection Happens in the Mind, So Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

Your mind can be your best friend. Or it can be your worst enemy. The key to a happy life is to observe and control your own thoughts. Then you can maintain a high level of functioning every day. The Buddha taught about equanimity, how to discover joy and balance just appreciating things the way they are.

“Everything comes from your thoughts,
Led and controlled by the Mind.”
The Buddha, 6th Century BCE

 Your thoughts determine your life’s path. What do you attract in your life? A daily practice will help you to monitor your thoughts, so you can easily attract your highest destiny.

The way we live is not “Natural”. We live separated from the Earth, the air, the moon, the seasons, and we are not deeply in touch with our bodies. In a chaotic world, how can the mind be stable? With so much activity around us, we are easily distracted. Life becomes a dance attracted things we “ like” and repelled by things we “dislike”. Even though we wish for a deeper life, the likes and dislikes rule our existence. When we believe only in our likes and dislikes, we fail to claim our sovereign space, and we are easily controlled and manipulated by others. We have given away our power to what we “think we like”, and we are soon left powerless. Psychic protection is all about claiming your space, about finding your power, about claiming your free will and independent mind.

Are your thoughts you own? In our modern world, master thought manipulators very much want to tell us what to think. They are super smart. Using sound, light, and words, they “hint” what we should  think, so we are prepared and more likely to come to a certain conclusion. Maybe we even believe it’s our own thought! Watch out for these “hints”. This is an advanced tool to penetrate your unconscious called “priming”. It’s a sophisticated way to influence your openness and behavior without your ever knowing it. When we are engrossed in a movie, TV, or a video, we are open to suggestion. Like a person under hypnosis, we easily absorb suggested thoughts that guide our actions. I say, “watch out”, however thought manipulation is everywhere, and it’s impossible to resist. My solution is to turn off big media TV and avoid mainstream jabber for my health and wellbeing. There are plenty of independent ways to be well-informed.

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  3. Dr. Christiane Northrup: “Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Recovering Your Health and Power.”
  4. Psychic Protection: Balance and Protection for Body, Mind and Spirit, by Ted Andrews

About me:
I am Sri Jana, aka Jane Barthelemy, intuitive medium, channel, author, energy healer and a devout Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist. I have practiced Kundalini and Buddhist meditation for over 50 years. I have an MBA and worked as CFO of Rudi’s Bakery for 10 years. My life path followed many careers, as an opera primadonna in Italy and owner of a Venetian glass jewelry company. Serious health challenges led me to teach Qigong, Taichi, and to write two healthy cookbooks: “Paleo Desserts” and “Good Morning Paleo”. My upcoming books include: “Heal Your Past Lives” and “Buddha Speaks – Channeled Passages from the Master”. I live in Bali with my Bhutanese husband Lama D. We offer classes, retreats, healings, past life clearings, and kundalini meditations. My website is FiveSeasonsMedicine.com.


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