“True health happens when the body is aligned with spirit.” — Sri Jana

Hello and welcome. At some time in their life every living person has experienced a beautiful feeling of truth, joy, and completeness in their body. The opposite is when we experience “dis-ease”, which represents a separation or a “dis-integration” in the union of body and spirit.

What is Transformational Healing?
Transformational healing is You connecting to YOU to create balance. It requires becoming extremely quiet to be able to LISTEN to the body’s innate intelligence, to invite gentle shifts that align it to spirit, back to its original blueprint of health. You could call it a marriage between Heaven and Earth, or the original Father and Mother. It has also been described as a feeling of coming home. The power of transformational healing comes from silence, from listening, and allowing the wisdom of the body to shine.

"The body is your sacred vehicle to spirit. Your responsibility is to honor it to find freedom. My work as a healer is to empower you to take the next step into that infinite resource. "


In the West, Five is the number of Love

Five is symbolized by Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, along with Venus, her Roman sister. Five is the ancient ruler of life, love, light, unity, and wholeness. It is the marriage between Heaven and Earth.

Five represents a leap between the physical and the spiritual. It’s about creating something completely different and new, grasping what we can’t be sure exists. Five is about using ingenuity, bending the laws in surprising new ways, evolving and transforming.

Five Elements of Eastern Wisdom describe the Laws of Nature. 

The Five Elements are a basis for understanding all of life. Seasons are the phases turning as the Earth revolves around the Sun. Our calendar year is marked into four seasons by the cardinal points, solstice and equinox. Chinese philosophy sees the year as having five seasons, to unify the seasons with the five elements. The fifth season is brief, just a few weeks between Summer and Autumn. It is what we call Indian Summer. Every season has an element. The fifth season represents the Earth element, and coming home.

Five Seasons Medicine is the Interrelationship of all Elements.

True medicine is the unification of the body with the cosmos. At Five Seasons Medicine we harmonize the human body, mind, and spirit with the wisdom of Nature. Maybe this sounds a little vast and vague. However it is very practical. Nature is totally efficient. True healing aligns the body to Nature and to the spirit. The result is peace and wellness on all levels. Hence the name Five Seasons Medicine.

“Sri Jana put me fully at ease when I arrived and explained how we would proceed. I felt right away I could trust her and her abilities as a practitioner. As we began, she told me the links she found. When she worked, I felt an immediate shift in my body to a feeling of deep pure health, pure wellness. As she continued I noticed my body was letting go even more and I experienced an even deeper sense of release. It has stayed with me and to this day I still carry that as a cellular memory. Thank you Sri Jana, so much." Kathleen Spike


How many places in Nature can you find the number FIVE?

Lama D is a spiritual teacher, graduate of Simtokha Monastery and Tango Buddhist Institute in Thimphu, Bhutan. Sri Jana, aka Jane Barthelemy, CBP, CRM, DRM, LAP, MBA is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Licensed Accunect practitioner, Certified 3rd degree Reiki Master, Certified Qigong Guide, Sacred Sexuality Instructor, MBA, and a practitioner of Buddhist Kundalini meditation for over 50 years. Sri Jana and Lama D. live in Bali. Contact us.

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