Money and Spirit: 3 Sessions $240

Quiz: Can you live one entire day without thinking about money? Because if you can do that, there is great hope for your future as a human being. Sadly, if you cannot, you may be destined to be trapped as a slave forever.

I am here to facilitate your transition to freedom.

I secretly despise money. I believe money to be a figment of your imagination. If we allow ourselves to be distracted from our true purpose, money is thought form that limits and stifles our spirit. However, I confess for a great many years of my life I devoted myself to making money.

Money is Energy

When you understand that money works according to the Laws of Nature, then you can be free. The simple truth is this:

What you focus your MIND on is what you draw to you. Wherever your attention goes, that is where your energies will go, and that is what you will reap.

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect applies to all beings. Our thoughts, intentions, and actions and intentions bring consequences, either positive or negative.

Many of us were taught we cannot use our own personal power to create abundance and joy in our lives. However, in a very real sense, everything is spiritual. You can view Money with detachment simply as a form of energy. When you learn to use your personal intention to create abundance for the benefit of all, then you can have wealth, comfort, and be in alignment with your highest spiritual destiny. 

My Background:
After getting my MBA in Financial Planning at Indiana University, where I was a straight A+ student, I worked as CFO of a $10 million company Rudi’s Bakery for 10 years. I was fascinated with the details of corporate finance, and learned many tricks of the trade. However, at the same time during this exciting time I also continued to integrate my professional activities with daily Tibetan Trika meditation, as a 35-year resident of the Rudrananda Ashram. I really focused on balancing the energy of money to benefit the community and the world. 

Years later, as owner of my own jewelry company, Marco Polo Designs, I applied all my financial skills, working every day to manifest wealth, to harmonize it with joy, integrity, and spirit. Every day I would do my “manifesting money” meditation. Often I watched the orders come in fast, as if some sweet generosity had magically opened in the universal mind. Creating abundance is more than “fate”. It is a skill you can learn. 

I tried to offer a product or service of real value, not just imaginary hype. With much prayer and luck, I achieved financial success and comfort, although there were plenty of tests and “cosmic jokes” along the way. (Ha Ha!) Now I continue try to be very cautious with money. I try to be generous with everyone, because I know people carry much trauma, greed, and insane, selfish desire around money.

So, are you ready to be free?

3 Hypnotherapy Sessions to Integrate Money and Spirit

What are your issues with money? Is money a blessing in your life? For many, personal finances are a problem both emotionally and practically. Most of us feel we don’t have enough of it. Frequently we don’t manage it well. Often we inherit limiting and negative attitudes about money and don’t even realize that we are caught in attitudes not of our own making. How can we make friends with money?

The secret to manifesting wealth in harmony with spirit is to understand money is energy, balance, and flow. These skills are the same in every activity under the Sun. By dissolving self-defeating beliefs and making friends with money we become strong and healthy in our spiritual life.

These three sessions are a frank and direct approach to money concern, that will lead you to peace of mind and financial flow. The goal is to be free of money anxiety.

This therapy is not about making money necessarily, although that is a part of it. Integrating money and spirit brings us to a portal in ourselves that is much larger, which is peace of mind.

Expand Your Dream
The universe rewards your patience, strength, resiliency, and trust. As old energy of self-centered money clears away, this allows you to dream bigger. Expand your dream and believe that your hardships are coming to an end. The focus is on restoring peace and harmony internally and externally. Then wealth and comfort follow naturally, if it is your destiny.

In 3 Hypnotherapy Sessions We Explore:

  • How to honestly examine your financial situation.
  • How to dissolve old beliefs and create a new mental attitude around personal wealth.
  • Understanding the relationship between material wealth and your spiritual destiny.
  • Why taking a look at your relationship to money is a spiritual practice.
  • Why money is an energy that needs to be in balance and flow.
  • How to take a personal financial inventory.
  • How to create a spending goals system.
  • How to control, prioritize, and anticipate spending.

Secretly, I am praying for a world without money. Before your first session, please read my article: “Reflections on a New World Without Money.” 

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3 appointments: $240

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Srijana, aka Jane Barthelemy is a medical intuitive, author, and healer. She has her MBA in financial planning from Indiana University, and worked as CFO of a 10-million company for ten years. During that time she practiced Tibetan Buddhist meditation for over five decades, residing in the Rudrananda Ashram in the USA for 35 years. She currently practices craniosacral therapy, Acunect, and BodyTalk – an infusion of Chinese, and Ayurvedic wisdom. She is trained in Qigong, Taichi, Daoist sexuality, and Kundalini activation. Her medical Qigong training is with Mantak Chia, Khamto Lee, Daniel Villasenor, Zhongxian Wu, Dr. Ka’imi Pilipovich, Franco Mescola, Richard Leirer, and Lam Kam Chueng. She has her BS in Italian Opera and MBA in financial management. Her two paradigm-changing cookbooks show how to build health with unprocessed foods. Her upcoming books include hypnotherapy instructions for “Heal Your Past Lives”. She also wrote “Buddha Speaks – Channeled Passages from the Master”.  Srijana is on the faculty of NewEarth University and LearnDesk. Her websites are and Srijana lives in Bali with her Bhutanese husband, Lama D.


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