Here in Bali our days begin with a gentle movement session. It could be Qigong, Taichi, Yoga Therapy, or just walking. The purpose is simply to listen to the day, to balance the body, mind, and spirit. 


Qigong is a powerful healing tool thousands of years old. Flowing movement harmonizes the meridians in the body to spirit, so you could call it “meditation in motion”. How does it work? Qigong is based on ancient Chinese medicine and the Five Element Theory. The specific movements balance the organs and acupuncture meridians. Qigong was once revered as a primary healing method even more important than acupuncture, however much has changed through the centuries. Each Qigong movement has a medicinal quality that is very real. Lama D practices traditional Bhutanese movements of the monks. Monks perform these dances for important festivals, often dressed in colorful costumes to offer prayers that tell ancient legends of Bhutan.


Taichi is a series of healing movements designed to balance and align the body and all meridians. Srijana teaches the Beijing 24 form. When done daily, Qigong and Taichi can heal almost anything. Jane has practiced Qigong and Taichi for 12 years. During that time, she has healed all her illnesses – cancer, chronic fatigue, adrenal failure, chemical sensitivities, food allergies, frozen shoulders, shingles, and digestive collapse, to name a few.

Master Lam Kam Chuen, a Master of Qigong and Taichi, is Srijana’s teacher.

Srijana studied with Master Lam Kan Chuen in London.  His book “The Way of Energy” outlines the practice. Here it is available in pdf.

Yoga therapy

Yoga therapy is Yogic practice with a therapist or in a small class. It is not a one-size-fits all sequence. Each session is specifically based on the needs of the practitioner today. Yoga Therapy involves teachings and specific routines to optimize health and alleviate structural limitations. It can also heal physiological, and emotional issues through conscious movement. The definitive developer of Yoga Therapy is A G Mohan and his wife Indra Mohan. I had the delight of studying Yoga Therapy with the Mohans. They gave me a short daily routine which sustained me through my opera career, and allowed me to c maintain spinal health and body balance through my life. My yoga therapy sessions and classes or class will give you a set of techniques to maintain your health and address any structural issues.





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