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Bali, A Brief Introduction

What makes Bali special? Learn about Bali’s surprising history, culture, and religion. Best places to visit. Few people know the surprising events that created this unique culture.

The Forgotten Pandemics of the 21st Century

Did you know that we have more Suicides than Covid deaths in the world? It's true. The Forgotten pandemics of the 21st century are already here, and they’re far more deadly than a virus. Here are the top 12 Pandemics in the world:

1) Low Nutrients 7.5 billion, 2) Hypertension 1.2 billion, 3) COPD (Lung Diseases) 560 million, 4) Osteo-Bone Diseases 550 million, 5) Obesity 480 million, 6) Diabetes 470 million, 7) Heart Disease 450 million, 8) Body Toxicity 430 million, 9) Alzheimer's 50 million, 10) Cancer 18 million, 11) Electro-Magnetic Disease 10 million, 12) Suicide over 2.5 million.

Six Step Harmonization to Start Your Day

In challenging times, we all need a 15-minute daily reset to cultivate calm and happiness. This will help you improve brain balancing, deep breathing, release negativity, re-set the heart, and set protection.

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