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The simple act of pressing these TOP 12 POINTS will reset your body, so that Qi, health, and happiness can flow more easily. It’s a quick way to restore balance to physical - emotional issues. It’s even more important during times of big transformation. And it’s FREE! These are the 12 points universally needed by almost EVERYONE on EARTH. Just a few minutes will unblock your muscles release emotions, and give you mental clarity.

For more information, see: Top 12 Acupressure Points to Recharge Your Energy in 5-min

Kundalini Double Breath Activation: Awaken the Energy Body

“Just as the physical body functions in a certain way, we also have spiritual body with its own mechanism, which is highly sensitive and rarely used, but is every bit a complete a system that actually runs the physical life. If you want to hear a bird sing you can’t stay in the middle of a city you have to go to a place where there are open spaces and trees. To learn to contact the inner self one must also begin with special conditions.'

For more information, see: Kundalini Double Breath Activation

We can energize the pineal gland to enliven the “SWEET SPOT” of infinite multi-dimensional consciousness. Do this every night before bed. When we synchronize the left and right brain hemispheres, we optimize intelligence, body meridians, and organs, allowing us to integrate time, space, and multidimensional realities.

Our left and right brain hemispheres have very different abilities. You need both functions, because together, they reflect all your innate abilities. The Pineal Gland is the Antenna Third-Eye Receiver of Your Body. It is located in the very center of the brain, between the two hemispheres. Just like an antenna, the Pineal Gland receives frequency vibrations. It produces hormones that affect mood and biorhythms of day, night, waking, and sleep.

Left-Right Brain Balancing is the root of the current trans-humanist battle in the world today. We are free to choose our own path.

For more information, see: Brain Balancing is Pineal Activation

Daoist Microcosmic Orbit – Video Training 

Your Future Genesis is Spinning Inside You. The Microcosmic Orbit is the oldest and most important meditation of Daoism. This complete video training 35-min. shows how to use breath and visualization to refine and build Qi within the human energy body.  

 The Microcosmic orbit is an advanced practice sometimes called the SMALL HEAVENLY CIRCUIT, because it rewires your body electrical system in harmony with the cosmos for perfect health. In the Daoist system the energy centers are called gates or portals.

Alternate Nostril Breathing: 2-min Balancing - Nadhi Shodhana

This 2-minute breathing will oxygenate your blood, balance your brain hemispheres, boost brain clarity, and calm your mind. Alternate Nostril Breathing is called Nadhi Shodhana which means to clean or purify all the nadis, the meridians or energy channels. This is an ancient pranayama exercise you can do by yourself anytime to destress and rebalance.

Brain-Balancing for Mental Clarity

Brain-balancing immediately boosts brain function and calms your nervous system without any medication. Tapping synchronizes left and right sides of the brain for better concentration. Backed by cutting-edge research, this integrates your WHOLE BRAIN. Immediately boosts brain function, calms emotions, resets the nervous system.

  • Merge big-picture awareness on the right hemisphere with precise logic on the left.
  • Balancing the dual polarities promotes higher intelligence and ease.
  • Precise tapping gently optimizes body functions in all organs.

GROUNDING in 30 Seconds: How to Be a Spot of Calm in the Midst of a Storm

We see huge CHANGES in the world. 
We know that nature has cycles, like day and night. We understand orbits that bring us months and years. However, some cycles are MUCH LONGER. Like once in a lifetime, or once in thousands of years. Grounding helps prepare your body for huge transformation. Every new cycle represents enormous opportunities for learning and renewal, although it can bring great upheaval and discomfort. This exercise helps to ease the stress of change. Grounding is an important inner tool to prepare for transformation. Some call it Rooting or Earthing. 

Retrain Your Vagus Nerve - Fear to Freedom in 6 Easy Steps

How many years have you been under stress? Intense stress over time may create fixed patterns of tension in your body, which can accumulate and cause mental and physical ailments. Intense stress can strain the entire nervous system so that it cannot function. You can fix that now. 

Six Steps to Freedom.
More information here: Retrain Your Vagus Nerve

How to Release Stress

Now you can move out of fear forever. Many people live in a constant state of Flight-Flight, as our entire communication system brings us constant ups and downs. Continual tension creates great suffering in the mind, emotions, and body. How wonderful would it be to drain your stress every day? This simple technique allows you to release all stress in the body and mind. It’s a great way to raise your vibration and enjoy good health.

We live in a world of constant low-level stresses that accumulate inside us. These stressors build up and cloud our system from within. Let’s clear them. 

White Light Meditation - Short Version

This meditation takes just 4 minutes. It is a brief opening to Breath, Grounding, and Protection.

Learn how to infuse White Light into the brain centers: into the Amygdala emotion processing area, the Pineal Gland, and the Confluence of Sinuses at the back of the brain.

Learn how to root into Mother Earth and connect up to the cosmos. This short version can be done anytime.


Reclaim Your Personal Sovereignty: A Frequency Balancing 

Six-Steps to Raise Your Vibration, Adapt to New Energies, and Find Your Human Heart. 
This 15-minute self-care practice helps reset your nervous system to be at ease in in the middle of chaos. Learn to live in continually shifting energies where every day feels different.

There are 6 Steps:  1. Balance Brain Hemispheres,  2. Alternate Nostril Breathing,   3. Release Stress,  4. Loving Kindness Meditation.  5. Protection Bubble,  6. Blessing and Gratitude. 

Detox & Vitalize Your Body Lymphatics

What’s the fastest way to detox your whole body and be young at any age? We know our bodies are 70-90% water, so keeping your fluids clear and moving just might be top key to your health. It’s vitally important is to drink plenty of pure water and keep your liquids clear.

A few minutes of self-care every day makes a huge difference in your health and longevity. This technique will re-hydrate your tissues and reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, lymphoma, hypertension, sepsis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

This is my favorite subject, and it's SO IMPORTANT.  Click to read more here.


Taichi Class - Beijing 24 form with Srijana


Use this guided meditation to reset your Gut-Brain Axis. Read the whole story here.


Time Restricted Eating for Longevity & DNA Evolution

Q: How can you have more energy, stronger immune system, and live longer?
A: When you control your mealtimes!

WHAT you eat is important. But it’s equally important WHEN you eat. In our modern world it's considered normal to eat three meals a day plus snacks. Exciting new research shows how Time-Restricted-Eating can improve our health and extend life when we follow our body’s natural circadian clock. But when we stay up late, skip meals, overeat, or eat dinner late, we disrupt our natural bio-rhythm. Cellular repair happens in DEEP sleep.  Find more information here.

Hidup Sehat, Healthy Life Talks in Indonesian

I’m so excited to announce my health talks in Indonesian. Our family healing group meets frequently here in Bali. Topics range from Body pH, to Brain Balancing, to inflammation, and How to release stress. Each meeting I do a presentation in Bahasa Indonesian. It’s a huge challenge for me to do these. Preparing the talks helps me to learn the language and hopefully offers this beautiful community something in return for their generosity. This is the Playlist. To read the entire texts, click here:




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