Srijana, aka Jane Barthelemy, is an intuitive medium, teacher, author, healer, MBA, and lifetime practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. Married to Lama Dungtsho from Bhutan, they live in Bali, Indonesia. Her upcoming books include “Buddha Speaks – Illustrated Quotes for Children & Adults”, “Buddha Speaks – 36 channeled Conversations with the Master, and “Heal Your Past Lives – 6-Steps to Dissolve Old Trauma for Lasting Happiness”. Her earlier two books are paradigm-breaking recipes for building immunity naturally, free of sugars, GMO’s, and processed ingredients. For more information Contact Sri Jana


“Buddha Speaks Illustrated Quotes for Children & Adults”

What did the Buddha really say? Can anyone tell me? I am genuinely curious, because we desperately need his counsel right now. Although the Buddha lived two thousand five hundred years ago, his words still touch us deeply today. But English translations from the Pali language often confuse the issue. What advice does the Master have for our modern world?

Buddha Speaks offers timeless teachings for children and adults on any path. It integrates all religious faiths, Buddhist lineages, divergent translations, and centuries of interpretations. These words are authentic, unique, and timely, because they come directly from the Master himself.

This book of 48 illustrated quotes are sourced from original texts in Pali and Tibetan. It offers a fresh perspective on the Buddha’s words, and a unique opportunity for children and adults to have a conversation around everyday thought-provoking questions. Attractive images bring clarity to the Buddha’s intention, for easy understanding of advanced concepts in simple words.


“Buddha Speaks, Channeled Conversations with the Master”

A collection of 36 chapters channeled with the Buddha. He offers highly relevant and surprising advice for modern times, on a wide range of issues including trust, anger, obstacles, sexuality, diet, and how to bring about positive change in the world. 60,000 words.


“Heal Your Past Lives,
6-Steps to Dissolve Old Trauma for Lasting Happiness”

Who would you be if you didn’t carry burdens from the past?

Heal Your Past Lives offers a technique to permanently dissolve negative patterns rooted in the past. Many people carry distant memories of heartbreak and fear. Deep, subconscious memories influence our experience, and can manifest as illness or stress. This book shows how to pinpoint and dissolve any past trauma.

My mission is to empower everyone to find health and wellness, to permanently dissolve negative patterns rooted in the past. I offer 6-Steps to identify and remove old patterns forever.

This book outlines six steps to heal your own past trauma, plus a journal of 60 past lives, and how clearing them transformed my reality. As past life scenes were revealed, I could hardly believe the traumas I found. My journey included wars on earth and other planets. At my best I was a Buddhist Lama in Tibet and the clairvoyant medieval nun, Hildegard von Bingen. At my worst, I was a Babylonian part God, a cruel mastermind of pestilence and extermination. With each session, trauma vanished, health returned, and my intuition expanded. I found it easier to forgive everyone including myself. My healings became a life-changing journey to wellness.

Anyone can do this. To heal old traumatic emotions can change your whole perspective, empower your true destiny, and bring you to health and wellness. 


“Paleo Desserts” Published 2012 by Hatchette Books

Now you can have your cake and be paleo, too!
The Paleolithic diet and lifestyle—based on eating hunter/gatherer foods for optimal health—has surged in popularity, but with grains, dairy, and refined sugars off the menu, indulging isn’t easy.

Paleo Desserts is the first comprehensive cookbook of its kind: everyone’s favorite desserts now made Paleo friendly, lower carb, and gluten free. Providing 125 mouthwatering, easy-to-follow recipes from brownies to milkshakes, Jane Barthelemy serves up treats to satiate even the biggest caveman sweet tooth.

Recipes include Raspberry Crumble Bars, Tiramisu, Black Forest Cherry Pie, Lemon-Berry Parfait, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Whipped Coconut Crème, and more. Paleo Desserts includes a color-photo insert and ingredient lists for simplified shopping.

Good-Morning-Paleo_3D“Good Morning Paleo” Published 2014 by Hatchette Books

A good breakfast has long been touted as the secret to a great day.
But if you’re following a Paleo diet, traditional favorites like English muffins, yogurt, oatmeal, toast with jam, and treats like pancakes, waffles, and blueberry muffins are off the menu. Now, Jane Barthelemy, the author of Paleo Desserts, has whipped up more than 150 healthy, luscious, low-carb replacements free of gluten, grain, dairy, and refined sugar. Created to give you greater energy without hunger pangs, feelings of deprivation, or a crash later in the day, these recipes are nutrient-dense and see of the sugar and chemicals that trigger cravings and weight gain.

You’ll find everything from homemade staple ingredients, such as non-dairy milks and nut butters, to grain-free breads, cereals, and muffins, as well as smoothies, egg- and meat-based hearty breakfasts, and grab-n-go goodies — and they’re all made with real foods: fresh vegetables, tart fruits, unprocessed meats, nuts, eggs, and refined oils. With egg-free, tree nut-free, and meat-free options, as well as recipes that work with diabetic and candida-friendly diets, Good Morning Paleo will give you healthy, nutritious fuel to keep you going strong throughout your day.

For more information, Contact Sri Jana


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