Here are a few of my favorite meditation practices.

Rudi’s Double Breath Meditation

“As the mind and emotions are housed in the physical body and are functions of the physical man, so too the spiritual body has its own mechanism. This mechanism is sensitive and rarely used but is as complete a system as the mechanism that runs the physical life. If you want to hear a bird sing you can’t stay in the middle of a city you have to go to a place where there are open spaces and trees. To learn to contact the inner self one must also begin with special conditions. First you must realize that there is…

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Small Heavenly Circuit Meditation

The Small Heavenly Circuit is considered one of the oldest and most powerful techniques in Daoist Qigong, used for thousands of years for elevating spiritual awareness. In ancient times, it was considered an important esoteric meditation for all serious practitioners, and was taught in secret to members of the imperial family by enlightened sages. Legend says that Lao Tzu achieved immortality by practicing Small Heavenly Circuit. Mediation with Breath Connects Two Meridians The Small Heavenly Circuit is a meditation and breathing practice that involves linking two energy pathways that run along the midline of the body into a cycling loop.…

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St. Germain White Light Meditation

The following meditation is from the words of St Germain taken from a book Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King, 1939 by Saint Germain Press. Godfre tells his story of visitations by Saint Germain. “The first step to the control of yourself is the stilling of all outer activity of both mind and body. Fifteen to thirty minutes at night before retiring and in the morning before beginning the day’s work, using the following exercise, will do wonders for anyone who will make the necessary effort. For the second step: Make certain of being undisturbed, and after becoming very still, picture…

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Earth Sky Meditation

This meditation is as old as humanity. Yet it is just as important today as it was thousands of years ago. It is a meditation with form, direction and a purpose to allow an ordinary person to consciously experience the presence of God. God is always present everywhere, but often as humans we forget. This meditation lets us remember. Find a quiet place and sit comfortably, on the Earth itself if possible, and close your eyes. Begin to breathe rhythmically and evenly — meaning that you inhale in the same amount of time that you exhale. Relax, and let your…

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12-Breath Wei Qi Meditation

By Jane Barthelemy. This is an advanced Daoist meditation to activate the Extraordinary Meridians and to reinforce protective Wei Qi. For experienced practitioners already familiar with the gates, it is best done using the Daoist reverse breathing technique. Scroll down to see the diagram of meridians for each of the 12 breaths. Governing Vessel (Du Mai) – From relaxed Huiyin (perineum), inhale up the entire back, to top of the head (Baihui) and forward around the head to the upper lip and tongue resting on palate behind upper teeth. Conception Vessel (Ren Mai) – Exhale down from the tip of the tongue on upper…

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16-Point Meridian Activation of the Qi Jing Ba Mai

By Jane Barthelemy. This is an advanced activation technique to exponentially raise your level of functioning, give you more energy, and align your body to your spiritual destiny. It uses 16 acupuncture points, touching and tapping in a specific order. The exercise takes about 2 minutes. This can be done on waking in the morning, anytime during the day, or in moments of confusion or tiredness as needed. Scroll down to see diagrams and instructions.  What are the Extraordinary Meridians? The Qi Jing Ba Mai, called the Extraordinary Conduits, or the Eight Marvelous Ones are the deepest pathways of energy…

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