Here are a few of my favorite meditations. Enjoy!

"Srijana, thank you for facilitating a new perspective and a shift in my life path. I feel my heart and senses opening to an inner reality. The subtle realm is so much larger, and its effects are far more powerful in manifesting the material world, which I once believed to be everything. Yuri B. 

12-Breath Wei Qi Meditation

By Jane Barthelemy. This is an advanced Daoist meditation to activate the Extraordinary Meridians and to reinforce protective Wei Qi. The Extraordinary Meridians rule our destiny and ancestral inheritance, therefore this is a very powerful exercise that can deeply nourish your life. This meditation is for experienced practitioners already familiar with the energy gates. It requires relaxed concentration and focus, so please take your time. It is best done using the Daoist Reverse Breathing Technique Described Here. Scroll down to view the image of meridians for each of the 12 breaths. Governing Vessel (Du Mai) – From relaxed Huiyin (perineum), inhale up the…

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16-Point Meridian Activation of the Qi Jing Ba Mai

This is an advanced activation technique to exponentially raise your level of functioning, give you more energy, and align your body to your spiritual destiny. It uses 16 acupuncture points, touching and tapping in a specific order. The exercise takes about 2 minutes. This can be done on waking in the morning, anytime during the day, or in moments of confusion or tiredness as needed. Scroll down to see diagrams and instructions.  What are the Extraordinary Meridians? The Qi Jing Ba Mai, called the Extraordinary Conduits, or the Eight Marvelous Ones are the deepest pathways of energy or Qi deep…

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