X-Meridian Meditation, 12-Breaths to Enlightenment

By Srijana. This is an advanced Daoist meditation to activate the Extraordinary Meridians and to reinforce protective Wei Qi. The Extraordinary Meridians rule our destiny and ancestral inheritance, therefore this is a very powerful exercise that can deeply nourish your life.

This meditation is for experienced practitioners already familiar with the energy gates. It requires relaxed concentration and focus, so please take your time. It is best done using the Daoist Reverse Breathing Technique Described Here. Scroll down to view the image of meridians for each of the 12 breaths.

  1. Governing Vessel (Du Mai) – From relaxed Huiyin (perineum), inhale up the entire back, to top of the head (Baihui) and forward around the head to the upper lip and tongue resting on palate behind upper teeth.
  2. Conception Vessel (Ren Mai) – Exhale down from the tip of the tongue on upper teeth to relaxed Huiyin.
  3. Thrusting Vessel (Chong Mai) – Lift Huiyin. Inhale up the center channel to Baihui at top of head. Release Huiyin.
  4. Yang Linking Vessel Arms  (Yang Wei Mai) – Exhale down the outsides of shoulders and arms to the fingertips.
  5. Yin Linking Vessel Arms (Yin Wei Mai) – Inhale up from fingertips along insides of arms, to the underarms, up the neck to throat.
  6. Yin Linking Vessel (Yin Wei Mai) – Exhale down the front of the body through the nipples, down through both hip bones, and down the center of the thighs to the feet.
  7. Yang Linking Vessel (Yang Wei Mai) – Inhale up from the outside of the feet up the sides of the legs to the hips, up the side of the torso behind arms to the back shoulder, and up the sides of the head to the top of the head.
  8. Yin Heel Vessel (Yin Qiao Mai) – Exhale down from the inner canthus of the eyes, down the suspender route inside the nipples, passing the groin, and down the insides of the legs to bottom of both heels.
  9. Yang Heel Vessel (Yang Qiao Mai) – Inhale up from outside of heels, up outsides of the legs to hip joint, up to back shoulder joint, forward to the cheeks, to the inner canthus of the eye, and around into the back of the cranium.
  10. Belt Meridian (Dai Mai) – Exhale down from top of head a big protective spiral to the right down to just below the feet.
  11. Belt Meridian (Dai Mai) Inhale up a protective spiral to the right around the body to just above the top of the head.
  12. Thrusting Vessel (Chong Mai)– Lift Huiyin up. Hold and exhale slowly down the center channel to Huiyin, packing the energy into the Dantien. Keep lifting Huiyin for a few seconds. Then release and breathe normally.12-breath-meditation-1


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