Past Life Clearing

We sometimes carry wounds and emotions not only from experiences in our present life, but also from events in past lives. While this is difficult to explain, it is extremely beneficial to dissolve old patterns or tendencies that can cloud our ability to perceive clearly and experience total health in the NOW.

Frequently the roots of an emotional problem or a relationship difficulty may be related to an unresolved trauma from a past life. Quantum physics has already made us aware that sequential time is an illusion, and that ALL time is really coalesced in the NOW. This means that emotional imprints of any unhealed trauma from previous incarnations are present in our deep subconscious. They can influence our responses and emotional states in unpredictable ways. The very fact that these distortions exist from past lives, and that they come to the surface, is a powerful invitation to clear them now. Life presents us with infinite opportunities to release old residue and heal.

A past life trauma can often be felt and seen in our deep responses to emotional situations, and especially intimate relationships. It can even manifest in physical characteristics, skeletal blocks, energy imbalances, or a tendency to feel fear at the slightest provocation. Healing a past life trauma does not dissolve the memory, which remains forever in universal time. It removes the traumatic charge in your body, and frees you from that limitation.

Healing or dissolving the traumatic content from a past life can have deep and profound benefits in your present life. We find we are less triggered by events around us. We are able to see though difficulty, illusion, and charming situations that otherwise might distract or de-stabilize us. We are able to separate from situations compassionately, instead of being drawn into the drama. You may notice an immediate lifting in your moods, increased physical strength, more stability, or a shift in your relationships to make them less stressful. That is a very good thing.

Frequently during a session with Srijana, a past life clearing may come up as a priority to heal. She will ask you if you would like to do that. If you agree, she will describe the past life to you in as much detail as is needed to heal its effect on you now, and it will be cleared. While past lives can be fascinating to discover, the true purpose of this healing is simply to release unneeded baggage and heal you right NOW in your current life. The purpose is not to engage in any drama or wander around in the past without a compass. This therapy is simply a trauma clearing. It is not a past life regression in which you experience deep memories under hypnosis.

“I came to Srijana because feelings of anger and hopelessness kept welling up in me, as if I was trapped in a situation beyond my control. My whole life seemed stuck in this pattern. Srijana cleared many things, including trauma from a past life in which I was a Japanese mother in Manchuria, suffering threats and constant danger from Chinese and unable to find food or safety for my family. I felt trapped and enraged at both Japanese and Chinese violence all around me. Finally it ended in my death and the death of my children in a train explosion set by Chinese taking back control of Manchuria. After the session I notice the tension and anger are gone, and I can move forward in my current life, much relieved.”   

Past Life Clearing can be done in a personal consultation with Srijana, or remotely via phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts. It may be included as a part of another session.

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