Past Life Clearing

“I contacted Srijana as feelings of anger and hopelessness were welling up, and I felt trapped in a situation beyond my control. My whole life has seemed stuck in this pattern. Srijana cleared many things, especially a trauma from a past life in which I was a Japanese mother in Manchuria suffering constant danger, unable to find food or safety for my family. I felt enraged at both sides of the violence all around me. She saw death for me and my children in a train explosion set by the Chinese. Srijana dissolved the emotional charge of the trauma. I feel reassured that I am not crazy and not willfully doing this to myself. After the session I feel much relieved, and I can move forward freely.”   Cindi G

We all carry emotional burdens of violence, cruelty, terror. Each lifetime we pick up the threads and continue the pattern, repeating what’s familiar. Here’s an image inspired by some of my past lives. It doesn’t matter whether you were an executioner or underdog – in both cases, the traumatic memory and stigma of brutality are the same. The key is to dissolve the emotional charge from these old memories and put them to rest forever.

Who would you be if you didn’t carry burdens from the past? Many people carry distant memories of heartbreak and fear. Deep, subconscious memories influence our experience, and can manifest as illness or stress. A Past Life Clearing is an opportunity to permanently dissolve negative patterns rooted in the past.

How Do We Carry Past Trauma? 
Traumatic memories represent highly concentrated toxic energy, like a knot at the root of friction and stress. Trauma holds you back from achieving your highest destiny. Every trauma you carry fragments your consciousness, as if a piece of your awareness is tied up remembering it. When you face the past and dissolve old trauma, your consciousness opens up. Your intuition awakens.

Trauma is a burden. 
Trauma creates holes in your auric field, that protective energy called Wei Qi in Chinese medicine. Old memories show up as wounds in your light body. Each trauma is tethered to specific memories and to a part of your body. Think about a pain in your body. When you release the root of trauma, you dissolve a physical knot and expand your inner awareness.

For example, a person who suffers panic attacks for no apparent reason, may carry an old pattern of fear, or activation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), increasing the likelihood of a fight-fight-reaction. It’s as if PTSD from the distant past seeps into our subsequent lives, bringing with it physiological as well as psychological distress.

Clearing Past Lives can help you to:

  • Reprogram your brain chemistry for happiness in the present moment.
  • Remove old subconscious memories blocking your from your highest destiny.
  • Free yourself of old self-defeating habits, and restore your body-mind to peak levels.
  • Develop the capacity to tune in to frequencies beyond our material world.
  • Learn to face yourself with compassion, to weaken the bonds of Karma.
  • Experience your own hidden, latent creative abilities, to change your destiny.

To heal old emotions can change your whole perspective, empower your true destiny, and bring you to health and wellness.

My upcoming book: “Heal Your Past Lives, Six Steps to Dissolve Old Trauma for Lasting Happiness” offers a technique to permanently dissolve negative patterns rooted in the past. The book shows how to pinpoint and dissolve any past trauma. My mission is to empower everyone to find health and wellness, to permanently dissolve negative patterns rooted in the past.

My book outlines six steps to heal your own past trauma, plus a journal of 54 past lives, and how the clearings transformed my reality.

Frequently the roots of our difficulties are linked to unresolved past trauma. Quantum physics has already shown that sequential time is an illusion, and that ALL time is really coalesced in the NOW. This means that emotional imprints of any old unhealed trauma are still present in our deep subconscious. They can influence our responses and emotional states in unpredictable ways. Fortunately, life presents us with infinite opportunities to release old residue and heal. The very fact that these distortions exist from the past, and that they come to the surface, is a powerful invitation to clear them now.

Past life trauma can often manifest in our deep responses to emotional situations, especially intimate relationships. It can even appear as physical characteristics, energetic blocks, body imbalance, or a tendency to feel fear at the slightest provocation. Healing a past life trauma does not dissolve the memory, which remains forever in universal time. It removes the traumatic charge in your body, and frees you from that limitation.

Healing or dissolving the traumatic content from a past life can have deep and profound benefits in our present life. We find we are less triggered by events around us. We are able to see though difficulty, illusion, and emotionally charged situations that otherwise might distract or de-stabilize us. We are freely able to separate from situations compassionately, instead of being drawn into the drama. You may notice an immediate lifting in your moods, increased physical strength, more stability, or a shift in your relationships to make them less stressful. That is a very good thing.

Frequently during a session with Sri Jana, a past life clearing may come up as a priority to heal. She will ask you if you would like to do that. If you agree, she will describe the past life to you in as much detail as is needed to heal its effect on you now, and it will be cleared. While past lives can be fascinating to discover, the true purpose of this healing is simply to release unneeded baggage and heal you right NOW in your current life. The purpose is not to engage in any drama or wander around in the past without a compass. 

Past Life Clearing can be done in a distance session with Sri Jana, such as via Zoom. It may be included as a part of another session.

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“Srijana, Thank you for a very unusual distance healing. I’ve been suffering panic attacks for no apparent reason. You healed trauma from a lifetime in which I was buried alive as a witch. Yes, many things are hard to understand. However, the only thing that matters is that I feel different, and so much better now. Thank you!” Stanya P

About Sri Jana
Sri Jana is an intuitive medium, medical channel, author, artist, and teacher, aka Jane Barthelemy. Born and raised in the USA, she is a student of Swami Rudrananda and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhist Kundalini meditation for over 50 years. She is the author of two cookbooks showing how to create delicious meals using non-industrial foods. Her food – lifestyle website recently won the coveted CV Magazine award for “The Most Innovative Food & Lifestyle Blog in North America”. Sri Jana’s upcoming books include “Buddha Speaks” a channeled book by Gautama Buddha, “Heal Your Past Lives, Six Steps to Dissolve Old Trauma for Lasting Happiness”. Her latest book, co-authored with her Bhutanese husband Lama D, is titled From the Kingdom of Happiness, The Bhutan Travel Cookbook”. More on upcoming booksSri Jana lives with her husband in Bali, and offers distance healing sessions anywhere. Contact Sri Jana.


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