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Three out of five people will die of chronic inflammatory illness such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, stroke, respiratory, or auto-immune disease. Recent electron microscopy shows that these chronic ...

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How Did We Get ADDICTED to “HEALTHY” foods we eat EVERY DAY?

Many people tell me they’ve quit sugar. They eat “Healthy” foods like organic noodles, fried rice, granola bars, chips, and prebiotic sodas. These ultra high-carb foods instantly turn to sugar ...

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Five Seasons University

Welcome, friend. Five Seasons University integrates a wide variety of subjects, so you can design your own curriculum. Choose from over 65 classes in major categories such as Spirit, Body ...

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Distance Session Special Price – $50

I live in Bali and do distance sessions all over the world. Remote treatments are an ideal solution if you are far away, or just prefer a healing in your ...

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Daoist Microcosmic Orbit – Video Training is Free

Your Future Genesis is Spinning Inside You. The Microcosmic Orbit is the oldest and most important meditation of Daoism, and an accelerated path to spiritual freedom. This video shows an ...

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The Total Liver Cleanse: 6 Steps to Harmony

The liver is one of the largest organs in the body and the second in command. If the heart is #1 Supreme Ruler and decision-maker, the Liver is the Prime ...

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12 Signs Your Liver Wants a Cleanse

“Cancer cannot get a hold on the body if the liver is healthy.” Dr. Barbara O’Neill. The liver is the largest internal organ in the body, and the only organ ...

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What are the Functions of the Liver Meridian? 

In Chinese Medicine the Liver is like the Prime Minister that coordinates all the activities and organs of your body, something like the orchestra conductor. To do this the Liver ...

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Brain Synchronization, the Pineal Gland, and the SOUL

How can brain balancing help us to align to the soul? Brain synchronization to the pineal gland may hold a key to the mysteries of human awareness. By balancing both ...

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What’s GNH? Gross National Happiness, Guiding Philosophy of Bhutan

As the new BRICS gold-backed financial system adds fuel to our global financial restructuring, Bhutan offers a refreshing concept based on Buddhist wisdom. What do we VALUE? Bhutan is a ...

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Organs Organ Tubuh Anda – The Organs of Your Body

How Does Life Begin in Your Body? BAGAIMANA KEHIDUPAN ANDA DIMULAI? Langkah 1: Kehidupan dalam Embrio Dimulai dengan Lima Sumber Vital: 1) Roh, 2) Air, 3) Qi-Listrik, 4) Jing-DNA, 5) ...

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Just Go Barefoot! EARTHING: Fast-Track to Health

When was the last time you walked barefoot on the ground? Can you remember the feeling of sweet-scented grass underfoot, or soft sand squishing up through your toes? ‘Earthing’, also ...

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