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We are Lama D and Srijana, teachers and writers living in Bali at Keramas Sacred River Village. We invite you to subscribe below for weekly articles. Lama D's website is  Also check out Srijana's award-winning food & lifestyle blog at Best wishes!

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Brain Balancing Unifies Science & Spirit to Keep You Healthy

Brain balancing may hold the key to the mysteries of higher awareness. By synchronizing both left and right brain cortices, we are able to re-charge the pineal gland to enliven ...

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The WEB of CAUSE & EFFECT in Our Reality

It’s not a simple “CHAIN” of Cause and Effect. It is more a “WEB” of infinite interconnected consciousness pulsing through time, space, and the multiverse. Buddhism calls this concept “Dependent ...

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Retrain Your Vagus Nerve to Relax Completely

Retrain Your Vagus Nerve to Relax Completely. Fear to Freedom in 6 Easy Steps. How many years have you been under stress? How many years have WE ALL been under ...

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Who Was Christ? Traveler from Thiaoouba?

What really happened 2,000 years ago? The Bible story of Jesus Christ contains much truth. However there is more. Behind the scenes, hidden hands are said to have orchestrated his ...

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Earth’s Vibration is Entering a New Frequency. Can you feel it?

We live in exciting times. Everything is shifting under our feet. We are being invited to reconsider everything we once believed, to completely restructure our world-view. This affects every living ...

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Five Seasons University

Welcome to Five Seasons University. This special school integrates a wide variety of subjects, so you can design your own curriculum. We have so much to learn and UN-learn! Choose ...

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Ten Messiahs of Judaea

WHO were the Messiahs of Judaea? What is the true origin of Christ Consciousness? This article traces 10 so-called Messiahs and their stories. Which of these stories are true? I ...

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Reflections on a NEW WORLD Without Money

What would our lives be like without money? We’re going to take a little journey to see. First please remove all ideas of EGO and OWNERSHIP. Just let those fall ...

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The Microbiome of Earth is ONE Unified System

We all feel changing vibrations around us. A feedback loop is happening within the Earth’s microbiome. The vast biodiversity of plants, animals, insects, and microbes on the planet is profoundly ...

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Speak the water blessing out loud. Then drink the water. This is the antidote.

We are one living consciousness connected by water and sound. What are the best words to say? The amazing power of SOUND and WORDS with intention completely erases any polarity ...

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What’s Your MAC address?

As millions are distracted debating vaccine dangers, meanwhile the WBAN worldwide network of bodies is ALIVE in everyone. Sounds crazy? Nope. Many people are unaware of the new universal MAC ...

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Brain Balancing is Pineal Activation

Brain-balancing is Pineal Activation. We can energize the pineal gland to enliven the “SWEET SPOT” of infinite multi-dimensional consciousness. When we synchronize the left and right brain hemispheres we automatically ...

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