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We are Lama D and Srijana, teachers and writers living in Bali at Keramas Sacred River Village. We invite you to subscribe below for weekly articles. Lama D's website is  Also check out Srijana's award-winning food & lifestyle blog at Best wishes!

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Spiritual Anatomy of India, Tibet & China: Which path is best?

How effective are the chakra meditations of India, Tibet, and China? Which is most effective? Which path is best for spiritual enlightenment? What body energy points correspond to the subtle ...

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EFT Emotional Freedom Technique – Tapping to Dissolve Negative Feelings Fast

Livid ANGER? Petrifying FEAR? Gut-wrenching GRIEF? Powerful emotions are a part of our human journey. When an emotion takes HOLD of you, you are not a victim of something outside ...

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The Legend of the Magpie Bridge and the Qixi Festival of Love

What is the Qixi Festival of Love? How does an ancient Chinese legend about birds explain a tongue position for spiritual and sexual vitality? This timeless poem links many metaphors ...

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My Favorite Anti-Aging Detox Health Tips (REVISED)

Several readers asked me to share my personal health tips and supplements. I’m workin’ it, and feeling quite good. As you probably guessed, we eat mostly unprocessed foods, lots of ...

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The I-Ching: Does it Hold the Secrets to DNA and Enlightenment?

Does the I-Ching hold the secrets to DNA and Enlightenment? Does this ancient divination tool represent an elegant and perfectly condensed map of the cosmos? Could its binary logic encode ...

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Brain Balancing is Pineal Activation

Brain-balancing is Pineal Activation. We can energize the pineal gland to enliven the “SWEET SPOT” of infinite multi-dimensional consciousness. When we synchronize the left and right brain hemispheres we automatically ...

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Five Seasons University

Welcome to Five Seasons University. This special school integrates a wide variety of subjects, so you can design your own curriculum. We have so much to learn and UN-learn! Choose ...

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How NOT to Surf the Web – Tips for Survival in the Cyber Jungle

The link between human DNA and the digital world is heating up. Today our 3D movie is all about the election, AI expansion, our Sun’s activity, and the Wireless Body ...

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The Tale of Two Spiders – How two enlightened spiders taught me the secrets of life

If you’re lucky, the universe offers you signs to guide your highest path. When we can listen to the synchronicities around us, our natural path opens before us. Sometimes these ...

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Reflections on a NEW WORLD Without Money

What would our lives be like without money? We’re going to take a little journey to see. First please remove all ideas of EGO and OWNERSHIP. Just let those fall ...

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Now you can move out of numbness and anger forever. Many people live in a constant state of Flight-Flight. Our entire nervous system can become a roller-coaster of constant ups ...

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Master Your Deep Emotional Power with the Chinese Emotions Wheel

Powerful emotions may be your greatest hidden asset. Mastering your emotions just means knowing yourself. Strong winds of anger or fear may come up to trap your energy and sideline ...

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