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Just Go Barefoot! EARTHING: Fast-Track to Health

When was the last time you walked barefoot on the ground? Can you remember the feeling of sweet-scented grass underfoot, or soft sand squishing up through your toes? ‘Earthing’, also ...

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GROUNDING in 30 Seconds: How to Be a Spot of Calm in the Midst of a Storm

What is Grounding? This technique is incredibly important for your health, strength, and clarity. Some call it Rooting or Earthing. It just means anchoring yourself energetically into your true home ...

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6 Langkah Untuk Membersikan Hati

6 Ways to Cleanse the Liver. Enam Langkah Untuk Membersihkan Organ Hati Hati adalah organ besar dalam tubuh, yang ada di tubuh bagian kanan. Taruh tangan Anda di organ hati ...

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Idiopathic Diseases Increasing Worldwide. REDUCE INFLAMMATION!

1. What are Idiopathic Diseases? Chronic ailments with unknown cause and no known cure. 2. Could Inflammation be a Unifying Theory of Chronic Disease? 3. Metabolism and Micro-biome are Key ...

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Techniques for Self-Balance Under Duress

How to be calm in a storm. Today I’m offering my three favorite self-balancing tools. I don’t know about you, but some days my moods swing like a pendulum from ...

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Plenty of Reasons to Be Angry – An Urgent Message from the Buddha

A message from Sakyamuni Buddha: “My friends, anger is the one thing to give up, And you will be assured of freedom from the cycle of birth and death. Those ...

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Apa penyebab sakit sendi? Bagaimana cara mengobati sakit sendi?

What are causes of stiff joints? How can we heal stiff joints? Apa penyebab sakit sendi? Bagaimana cara mengobati sakit sendi? Apa semua orang punya sakit sendi jika sudah tua? ...

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High Fiber Foods Keep Your Gut Clean!

Fiber is essential and DELICIOUS! There are so many wonderful ways to do your own healing every day. A healthy intestine improves your blood sugar level, blood pressure, brain cognition, ...

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Galungan Festival in Bali: Victory in the Battle of Good vs. Evil

I am discovering the importance of prayer and ritual in human existence. The TRUTH is alive and well on planet Earth. And we celebrated it this week with Galungan, one ...

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EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique WORKS!

Here’s a practical tool to reduce stress in minutes. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) WORKS! Whether you’re dealing with a stressful family situation, a break-up, financial chaos, or constant stress of ...

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WiFi Disrupts Natural Sleep Cycles & Brain Biorhythms

Why do many people sleep poorly and don’t know why? But when they turn the WiFi OFF before bed, they enjoy refreshing deep sleep? Aha! That’s because WiFi tells your ...

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6 Ways to Activate Stem Cells Naturally for a Long Life

To discover the secrets to longevity, we need to re-imagine our biology, our health. We can slow aging and heal most diseases with dietary, lifestyle, and specific longevity strategies. We ...

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