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We are Lama D and Srijana, teachers and writers living in Bali at Keramas Sacred River Village. We invite you to subscribe below for weekly articles. Lama D's website is  Also check out Srijana's award-winning food & lifestyle blog at Best wishes!

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La Cosmologia del Qigong

Una presentazione nel Workshop in Gubbio, Italia nel 2016, per spiegare i radici, la storia, e come scoprire salute ottimale con Qigong. Pdf 70 pagine. Click per leggere. Cosmologia-Qigong-6-agosto-2016_compressed ...

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Hindu 14 Realms of Heaven & Hell in the Cycles of Time

Our modern world is a reflection and repeat of ancient cycles that’s beyond Biblical. Hindu myths also come alive like a déjà vu of something we’ve already experienced before. The ...

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Daoist Microcosmic Orbit – Your Future Genesis is Spinning Inside You

The Microcosmic Orbit is the oldest and most important meditation of Daoism. This video shows how to use breath and visualization to refine and build Qi within the human energy ...

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Formula for ASCENSION

Hello dear friends. How can we even talk about ASCENSION? We hope to penetrate the veils of consciousness in the magnetosphere. We attempt to make sense of the holograph of ...

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How to Keep Your Intestines Clean – a Picture Meeting

Hello, this is a picture meeting for our local healing group in Bali, where we discussed optimizing digestion with high-fiber foods and food combining. Click on pdf to see pictures ...

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WHAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT? Zoom Discussion with Lama D

Many people ask me how to raise spiritual awareness. Others ask me if “Ascension” is the same as “Enlightenment”. Well, it all depends on your goal. In this article I ...

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The 9 Faces of Reality – ZOOM Discussion VIDEO

Is life anything like a “Hall of Mirrors”? Here’s a video of our Zoom Discussion. The 9 Faces of Reality appear to be separate facets, but they are all ONE ...

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The Ghost of Genghis Khan – How Did the Mongol Khan Help Create a Globalist Playbook to Conquer the World?

The spell is broken. Although his grave remains hidden after 800 years, Genghis Khan’s curse has been wreaking havoc. As if secretly masterminding the New World Order globalist religion, his ...

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Kundalini Double Breath Activation: Awaken the Energy Body – VIDEO

This is a video breathing exercise to draw cosmic energy into the body from my teacher Swami Rudrananda, which he received from his teacher Sri Bhagawan Nityananda in 1960. “Just ...

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Are You Ready for the Wood Dragon Year?

The year of the Wood Dragon is already a positive, majestic, and formidable year indeed. In the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is the most powerful and auspicious animal that is ...

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This is a picture discussion for our healing group in Bali, Indonesia. Click to view pdf. Top killer diseases of the world include Heart disease, Cancer, and Diabetes. Disease is ...

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6 Ways to Activate Stem Cells Naturally for a Long Life

To discover the secrets to longevity, we need to re-imagine our biology, our health. We can slow aging and heal most diseases with dietary, lifestyle, and specific longevity strategies. We ...

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