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The Spleen Meridian, Sweet Flavors and Balanced BioRhythms

The Spleen has a wide range of functions, from digestion to muscle tone to sensuality. The Spleen manufactures Qi from our food. The Spleen’s role is to transform and move foods, liquids, ...

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The Heart Meridian, The Emperor Over All Organs

To quote from the ancient Chinese text, the Huang Di Nei Jing written 4,700 years ago: “The heart is the sovereign of all organs and represents the consciousness of one’s being. It ...

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Shangri-la Mountain Healing Center of Bhutan

A humanitarian project proposal submitted 11 August, 2023. A pristine mountain nexus of traditional healing and MedBeds, where thousands will meet to meditate and birth a new humanity, The property ...

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The Small Intestine Channel: Discernment, Sorting, Mental clarity

Functions of Small Intestine Meridian? The Small Intestine is the Fire Element Yang organ paired with the Yin Heart. The human small intestine is about 6 meters or 20 feet ...

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The Bladder Meridian: Fear and Sensuality

The bladder is called the ‘Minister of the Reservoir’ and is responsible for storing and excreting the urinary waste fluids passed down from the kidneys.  It is the Yang partner ...

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The Kidney Meridian – Harmonizing Fluids and the Autonomic Nervous System

Kidney Functions: The Kidney system supplies essence or Jing to all organs. It stores Jing, our congenital & acquired essence. It houses the Yang will & Yin will. Generosity, creativity, ...

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The Pericardium Channel, Self Love and Relationships

What are the Pericardium Channel Functions? The name Pericardium comes from Latin Peri (around) and Cardium (heart). Often translated from Chinese as “Heart Protector”, “Spirit Protector”, or “Circulation/Sex” the Pericardium ...

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The Triple Burner, Your Crystalline Communication Matrix is Body-Wide Fascia

What is the Triple Burner? In Chinese medicine San Jiao is sometimes translated as “Triple Heater,” Triple Warmer” or “Triple Energizer”. Sanjiao refers to the three origins of everything: heaven, ...

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The Gallbladder Meridian, Discernment and Decision Making

The Gallbladder rules choosing between options, decision making, and good judgement. What course is right for me? It helps us find our life direction anytime we are wallowing in procrastination ...

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