16-Point Meridian Activation of the Qi Jing Ba Mai

8_Extra_MeridiansThis is an advanced activation technique to exponentially raise your level of functioning, give you more energy, and align your body to your spiritual destiny. It uses 16 acupuncture points, touching and tapping in a specific order. The exercise takes about 2 minutes. This can be done on waking in the morning, anytime during the day, or in moments of confusion or tiredness as needed. Scroll down to see diagrams and instructions. 

What are the Extraordinary Meridians?

The Qi Jing Ba Mai, called the Extraordinary Conduits, or the Eight Marvelous Ones are the deepest pathways of energy or Qi deep within the body that are initiated at conception when the egg and sperm come together. They precede, give rise to, and support the 12 organ meridians according to our spiritual, DNA and genetic heritage. One could say the extraordinary meridians provide a map for us to fulfill our potential, our destiny, the purpose of life, and to convert Jing into Shen through the transmuting power of Qi. The Extraordinary meridians are not thin lines like organ meridians, but are wider energetic bands that cover a larger area like a swath of energy.

The number Eight represents the primal organization of inner life prior to turning it outwards, like the 8 directions of the compass, like the Ba Gua of Fuxi. The Extraordinary meridians do not relate to the everyday maintenance of the body, but the deepest innermost structure of life.

By stimulating the points on the hands and feet associated with each meridian paired contra-laterally (diagonally), one can wake up, activate, and clear the ancestral and spiritual pathways, optimizing the “microcosmic orbit” energy flow, likened to a figure 8 or the infinity symbol.4-more-x-meridians

The two primary Extraordinary meridians are the Du Mai (Governing vessel) and Ren Mai (Conception Vessel), sometimes seen as two sides of the same Oneness, an inseparable Yin Yang, front-and-back cycle of life. These vessels both originate at CV-1 Huiyin point, and connect the lower procreative energy with the Kidneys, Heart, and Brain to form a complete circle when the tip of the tongue touches the upper palate in the mouth. In fact, lifting Huiyin and touching the tip of the tongue to the upper palate balances Fire (Heart) to Water (Kidneys) energy, and increases the body’s protective Wei Qi.

  1. Du Mai – The Governing Vessel, controller of the “Sea of Yang Meridians” in the back, is the area richest in protective Wei Qi. The Du Mai rules circulation of Wei Qi and Fire in the body to guard against external evil intruders. On an energetic level, the Du channel represents our ability to break away from Yin/mother/bond and to explore (rule over) our lives, transformational cycles, survival issues, and groundedness in the world. Psycho-spiritually, it relates to becoming independent, and taking risks.
  2. Ren Mai – The Conception Vessel represents our resources in life, and the resources we received in very early childhood in bonding with our mother. It can be fostering the process of birth, be it that of a child, a creative idea, or an endeavor. Ren involves bonding, nurturing, protection and love of self.
  3. Dai Mai – The Belt Meridian goes around the body horizontally. When it is healthy, Qi can expand vertically and horizontally, spiraling out in an energetic cocoon of Wei Qi that protects from external negative energy, diseases and radiation that bombard us in our world. If the Dai Mai is dysfunctional the “belt” tightens, and leads to a “stuck” condition, an energetic split between the body top and bottom. Psycho-spiritually, the Dai Mai meridian is a repository for unexpressed emotions and complexes that require transformation. Repression of the shadow aspects may lead to congestion of body/mind/spirit.
  4. Chong Mai – The Thrusting Vessel is the equivalent of the Tibetan Central Channel, which runs up the center of the body (between the Ren and the Du) from Huiyin to Baihui. It represents the blueprint, intergenerational patterns, issues arising from abuse, and cellular memory. The Chong represents our sense of self, how do I relate to myself, and whether I am comfortable with who I am (my blueprint). 4-X-Meridians

The two Qiao Mai channels (Heel Vessels) represent how we merge Yin and Yang. The Qiao vessels are about taking on roles: how I merge Yin and Yang, bridging these two extremes in order to stand up to myself or to the world. They are similar to the Wei vessels, but the Qiao vessels are more about “short term” personality –judgment and morality. The Qiao vessels are not so much about transformation but about our ability to accept the roles we are taking on.

These channels originate on the inside/outside of the heels. They support agility in the body, and govern motion, especially of the lower limbs. The Qiao Mai channels relate to the eyes, and the point BL-1 at the inner canthus (corner) of the eyes, affecting the pineal and pituitary glands. BL-1 is also the activating point of Wei Qi, and the first point activated upon waking from sleep. The way one’s eyes adjust to light affects many things, such as blood-sugar levels, body temperature, blood pressure, hormone balance, jet lag, menopause, and allergies.

  1. Yang Qiao Mai – The Yang Heel Vessel is about standing up to the world, how we extend ourselves into the world, how we interact with the world, taking in experiences. It represents the internalization of our interactions and how we express it back out to the world (eyes). Issues of over-emphasizing the world, and being angry at the world are Yang Qiao issues. Syndromes include a sensation of “walking on a slant,” excessive thinking, and a generalized feeling of being overwhelmed and out-of-control. Conditions such as insomnia, epilepsy, facial paralysis and Bell’s palsy (related to wind in the face) are relevant. Psycho-spiritually this meridian is useful for those that are in a constant state of rebellion, Type-A personality, activists, and those out to change the world. It is a representation of how we stand up to who we are and being comfortable with how we move in this world. The more one rebels, the more sick they will become. What one resists persists.
  2. Yin Qiao Mai – The Yin Heel Vessel is about how we stand up to ourselves. It is about taking on roles with clarity, with the understanding of the vastness of the potential of life. When the Yin Qiao Mai is open, we can express to the world who we really are. We have bright vision. Our eyes both take in the world and express to the world who we are. In going through the process of the Yin Qiao, we realize that the greatest gift we have to offer the world is our true self. Psycho-spiritually, it may deal with issues of self-trust, abandonment, depression, self-anger, and unworthiness.

The Two Wei Mai Vessels (Linking Vessels) represent how we hold together (Wei means to link or support). These are the vessels of aging. They are the vessels of the last two cycles of 7 and 8. They represent how we move along in life and transform either Yin or Yang as time passes.

  1. Yang Wei Mai – Yang Linking vessel, is about connecting and supporting the Yang. It is more about time than space or substance. In linking the Yang energies, its domain is about possibilities, and about becoming more rarified, hence it is very important in terminal disease. The Yang Wei Mai energetically regulates our old habits and patterns, and the release of pre-established modes of behavior that prevent us from evolving. Psycho-spiritually, since the Yang Wei Mai represents the last stage of defense before the body is penetrated by an invading pathogen, this meridian can be used to treat issues of terminal illness and dying.
  1. Yin Wei Mai – is about our relationship to the past and the future, about the meaning that we give life, about our sense of purpose and validating our existence. Psycho-spiritually, this vessel is concerned with the meaning that we derive from life, and helps us to respond to life with clarity and compassion. 8-extra-vesselsSummary of Purpose:
    Using the Extraordinary Meridians to raise the level of our functioning is about cultivating our Ren (resources) and Du (construction) through the Qiao (roles, judgment) and Wei (linking, making transitions) vessels, in accordance with our Chong (blueprint).Activating the Extraordinary Vessels is part of a transformational journey. This is a powerful tool. Remember that opening these vessels is tapping directly into the Jing, the essence of one’s humanity, the destiny map of our lives. Therefore it, must be done with caution and reverence.


Say or think your intention to clear and activate your energy body and align to your true destiny. Use the images and chart below. Start with the Du Mai column. Locate points 1 and 2 on your body, SI-3 on the Left, and BL-62 on the Right. Press your finger firmly into these points one after the other. Visualize the meridian as a swath of energy extending up and down the body. As you do the exercise, intend that the points you touch and the meridian be cleaned and washed until they glow with joy. After pressing the two points, spread your fingers and tap the top of your head with either hand 5-6 times touching both sides of the head, then tap the sternum in the same way, and then tap the lower abdomen. Now move to points 3 and 4, which are the same points on the opposite sides. Press the points and tap. Repeat this process until all 16 points are stimulated and you have finished tapping. (Points 1 & 2, tap; Points 3 & 4, tap; Points 5 & 6, tap; Points 7 & 8, tap; Points 9 &10, tap; Points 11 & 12, tap; Points 13 & 14, tap; Points 15 & 16, tap.)



How Does the 16-Point System Work?
The 16 Master and Coupled Points on the eight Extraordinary Meridians can be activated in a number of ways, however this system is the most effective and quickest that I know. This simple sequence can be done in a matter of minutes when necessary. With practice, you can use your mind alone to activate the Master and Coupled points because ‘The Mind Leads the Qi’.

Use this technique whenever you need it. For example, if you are about to begin an activity and want to be balanced, use the 16 points. When you are about to go into a meeting, have an interview, give a lecture, start work, finish work, wind down, rest, or begin any activity, this practice is useful. It will help make you more resistant to stress.

Always use the middle finger to touch the points, with either hand whichever is convenient. Focus your mind and attention to send Qi through your finger tip into the point to activate it. Keep your mind clear of extraneous thoughts, and notice how your energy responds and feels. This practice activates the deepest core of your energy infrastructure. Note your whole energy state of balance afterwards. Remember it. This is the very life inside you.

The purpose of the activation is simply to remind you in body, mind and spirit of any areas in your life’s path that are ready to be opened up as represented by the channel. This is not to manipulate the path, but simply to wake it up, to tap into the essential issues of your life, and to allow your deepest energy resource of Jing to be free to use its innate power to make its own decisions and act with integrity.


Sufested reading:
Excerpt from Jeffrey Yuan’s lecture: https://point-to-point-acupuncture.com/files/The_8-Extra_Vessels.pdf

I) History of the 8-Extra Vessels

1) These treatments were not popular until the Ming dynasty (1368 – 1644)
– Prior to this it was thought improper to work on a constitutional level – alter one’s

ming (one’s life), one’s destiny – the ancestral genetic subset with which a person was born

2) In the Ming dynasty, there was an increased interest in the function of the Kidneys/Jing – and thus the 8-Extras – and the ability to affect congenital factors directly
– ThethoughtsonthisatthetimeweremostheavilyinfluencedbyZhangJing-Yue(the

creator of the 8-Parameters and the 10-Questions), the Ming Men School, and the Warming Yang School (Bu Yang Pai)

  • –  Warming Yang School believed Yang/movement is our essential nature and shouldbe supplemented
  • –  TheseschoolswereinfluencedbytheearlierteachingsofZhuDanXiandhisSchool of Nourishing Yin (Ci Yin Pai)
    – ZhuDanXicamefromasub-tropicalareainChina,andsocametobelievethateveryone is too Yang, and are at risk of depleting Yin

3) In the Song (960 – 1279) and Ming (1368 – 1644) dynasties, acupuncture was not that popular because it was painful; the preference was herbal medicine

page3image2078791328 page3image2078791616 page3image2078791904

II)Theinterestinanduseofacupuncturetotreatillnesseswasrevivedinthe15thcentury by Xu Feng with his book Zhen Jiu Da Quan, Great Compilation of Acupuncture Interest was revived again in the 17th century by Yang Ji Zhou with his book Zhen Jiu Da Cheng, Great Accomplishments of Acupuncture

– Hedevelopedtheopeningpoints,aswellasthecoupledpairsforthe8-Extra Vessels

Li Shi-Zhen tried to one-up the acupuncture guys with his own writings on herbs, the 8-Extras and their pulses, which were influenced by the work of Wang Shu-He – in particular, his Mai Jing (Pulse Classic) and his commentaries on the 8-Extras
– Li Shi-Zhen was the last major person to talk about the 8-Extra Vessels… he

standardized their trajectories

Theoretical Aspects of the 8-Extra Vessels

  1. 1)  The8-ExtraVesselsreflecttheevolutionary/transformationaldynamicspertainingto humanity, ethnicity and gender
    – Theyarethe“roadmaps”ofphysiology,pathologyandevolution
    – Theyareresponsibleforbothnaturalandmoraladaptationstotheworld
  2. 2)  The8-ExtraVesselsdealwithconstitutionalenergetics–Yuan-Qi–asitisreflectedby morphology and astrology
    • –  They touch upon both Fate (Ming) and Destiny (Yun)
    • –  When you use your patient’s astrological chart and/or physiognomy to determine thecourse of treatment, you will be using 8-Extra Vessel points 3
  1. 3)  Workingwiththe8-ExtraVesselsgivesonethepowertoalterone’sgenetics/fate,thereby playing the role of creator/architect of life (probably the reason these vessels were avoided in earlier practice)
    1. a)  Cultivationofthesevesselsisthedeepestformofself-exploration;intheprocessof doing so you come closer to full self-acceptance and begin to understand your life’s purpose
    2. b)  With the 8-Extras, you can work on a person’s temperament
      – TemperamentiscausedbyapreponderanceofEssential-Qibeingdirectedtooneofthe zang-fu
    3. c)  Emotionalproblemslikesuicidalthoughtsandlowself-esteemcanbetreatedby 8-Extra therapy, as it works on a person’s non-acceptance ofthemselves
    4. d)  8-Extratherapyisusedonlytohelpapersonthroughacrisis–NOT(forethical reasons) for frivolously changing a person’s make-up
  2. 4)  Ifcertainthingslikediabetes,breastcancerorheartdisease“runsinyourfamily,”8-Extra therapy can work against these conditions arising in yourself
    • –  8-Extra therapy can actually change your constitution, dealing with mutations to DNAand RNA
    • –  It’s therefore the treatment of choice when confronted with cases of cancer, AIDS,tropical diseases and biological warfare
    1. a)  The Divergent Meridians also work constitutionally
      • –  Thedifferenceisthattheybeginatthemajorjoints(bones)ofthebody,andworkto divert EPFs coming in from the Wei-Qi level– TheyspanfromtheWei-QitotheYuan-Qilevelsofthebody
      • –  Acute pathologies (Ebola; malaria; lime disease) and auto-immune diseases areDivergent meridian issues
    2. b)  Constitutionalissuesrelatedtothelengthandqualityoflifeareintherealmofthe 8-Extra Vessels’ control

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