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Srijana is on sabbatical in Bhutan for a time. Distance appointments are available. To schedule an appointment, email her: jane (at)

Visit her food and lifestyle website,, where you can subscribe to weekly musings on health, food, and recipes.

When she returns from Bhutan, Srijana will resume teaching classes in Qigong, Taiji and Meditation. These are sacred practices of gentle movements and mindful concentration, which harmonize body and spirit. Click for information on Jane’s Qigong classes.

Srijana is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars on transformational pratices, lifestyle, and diet. For event requests contact Lowell Hall –

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Srijana aka Jane Barthelemy, CBP, CRM, DRM, LAP, MBA is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Licensed Accunect practitioner, Certified 3rd degree Reiki Master, Certified MogaDao Qigong Guide, MogaDao Sacred Sexuality Instructor, MBA, and a lifetime practitioner of Tibetan Trika Yoga meditation for over 40 years. She has practiced over 1,000 hours of Qigong and Taichi under the direction of Master Lam Kam Chuen, Master Zhenzan Dao, Master Khamto Lee, and Master Franco Mescola at the Centro Ricerche Taichi Italia. Srijana lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM New Mexico. Contact Srijana

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