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How Does Life Begin? The Sacred Journey from Spirit to Embryo, a Daoist Perspective

What were the FIRST STEPS in your journey from SPIRIT to a PHYSICAL body? Embryo cell mitosis gives BIRTH to the first meridians in Chinese Medicine. What happens next? HOW ...

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Walking Into the Light – We Step Into a Powerful New Collective Journey

We live in a hall of mirrors. Life mirrors back to you exactly what you give it. The old world is slipping away. Your destiny is already known. Your unique ...

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Planting Seeds for Enlightenment at

Lama D’s daily classes in Buddhism now reach 12,000 members via WeChat and Telegram. His website is His group is called  “Tharpi Sabuen”, which means  “Seeds for Enlightenment”.  He ...

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Makanan Berserat Tinggi Menjaga Usus Anda Tetap Bersih!

High Fiber Foods Keep Your Intestines Clean and Lower High Blood Pressure! Makanan Berserat Tinggi Menjaga Usus Anda Tetap Bersih, dan menurunkan tekanan darah tinggi. Ada banyak cara untuk meningkatkan ...

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Life in Bali, Photos from Behind the Scenes

We have been in Bali for 3 1/2 years. Who would have thought we’d be here so long? We are so happy and comfortable at Keramas Sacred River Village, in ...

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The Inevitable Rise of Global Consciousness is Written in the Yugas!

We are living in strange times. Everything is shifting under our feet. WHO and WHAT can we believe? What if our success is already written in the stars? Is there ...

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The Venetian – Phoenician Bloodline: How the Phoenix Draco Rose from the Ashes of War

Once upon a time, the Phoenician capital of Carthage was the richest civilization in the world. The ancient kingdom of Baal, jewel of the Mediterranean coast in modern-day Libya, wasn’t ...

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Comparing Spiritual Traditions: Chakras and Daoist Gates

How are the Daoist Energy gates similar to Yogic chakras? Did these two traditions arise from a common origin in Tibet? And do these subtle body centers correspond to points ...

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12 Steps to Keep Joints Flexible

Are we destined to have stiff and painful joints as we age? I don’t think so. With diet and movement, we can sidestep joint trouble altogether for years. Doctors may ...

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To SURF or NOT to SURF? How to Fearlessly Navigate All 7 Layers of the Web? (Warning: Rabbit Hole)

Do any of us really GET the power of the Worldwide Web? Our search engines touch only a fraction of its vast labyrinths, which include the Surface Web, Deep Web, ...

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Yuan Ming Palace, Queen Victoria, and the Rape of China

Britain’s Opium War with China happened two centuries ago. It was a terrible loss and humiliation for the Chinese. But how does this past violence play out in our world ...

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Planet of Gold: But where’s the missing $17,000,000,000,000,000?

It was ALWAYS about the GOLD. For thousands of years the tug-of-war to hoard gold has been a contest between dynasties. At first I couldn’t believe the infinite wealth in ...

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