Master Your Deep Emotional Power with the Chinese Emotions Wheel

Powerful emotions may be your greatest hidden asset. Mastering your emotions just means knowing yourself. Strong winds of anger or fear may come up to trap your energy and sideline your progress. Yet when you can rise above the negative surge of reaction, your wise emotional connection will bring you the greatest success in every endeavor.

How can you know your emotions? The ability to read your own emotions and those of others gives keen perception and inner self-confidence, two essential qualities for effective living. Emotional intelligence means you can look yourself straight in the mirror with honesty and total acceptance. In Chinese Medicine, the emotions are seen as potential distortions of your reality that can block your happiness and spiritual development. Emotions stem from our deep unconscious and are carried as chemicals through the endocrine glands, lymph, and blood fluids, seeding our thoughts and actions. 

Yes. In a nutshell I’m saying that your success is all about Self-Love, Lymph circulation, and Spiritual Awareness. Ha Ha! When you master your emotions, you don’t need to hide behind yesterday’s persona or old feelings. Every day is a unique version of you. Mastering your emotions means harmonizing your true inner feelings with your environment without judgement. We all know to be successful in your life, you don’t need money, you don’t need powerful friends. It all comes from loving the infinity inside you. When you’re able to truly read your inner feelings and others empathically, you’re well on the way to becoming a master in every walk of life. When we lovingly press against the edginess of our challenges, when we completely immerse ourselves into life with passion and wisdom, then what happens? We can better serve others around us, and our progress through the matrix can be quicker. What do you think? 

But there’s a rub. Emotions exist inside us in successive layers, many intensities. And our path is unfolding in the moment, releasing layers over time. Some emotions arise from recent events that we can remember (Ex: “I’m mad at Kim because he crashed my car last week”). However other emotions are deeply engrained, complex, subconscious, hidden and compensated in unusual ways (Ex: “I fear all men because my father beat my mother”).

It is clear that conscious emotions from recent events are easier to recognize. But older, deeper, unconscious emotions are more difficult to recognize and read. Since our most profound emotions are hidden, it is particularly tricky to observe them honestly by yourself. It may require a spiritual teacher to heal you with universal love, or a therapist to observe impartially to help you untangle old patterns of fear, anger, or grief hidden in your body.

Ancient Chinese medicine holds that our deepest feelings are our greatest resource for healing, our fountain of inner power. Emotions are like a road map leading us to freedom and happiness. Follow your emotions, study them, heal them, and they’ll lead you to a joyful life free of stress and trauma. 

Most People Don’t Recognize Their Own Emotions
As a health practitioner and Qigong teacher I notice most people cannot identify their own emotions. When I ask what’s up, they say: “I feel pretty good.” Or “I feel tired.” Or “kind of quiet”. But those are not specific emotions. 

It is infinitely more helpful when we can pinpoint our emotions such as: “I feel ashamed and vulnerable.” Or “I feel irritated and enraged but I don’t know why.” Or “I feel a deep layer of optimism, and a bit anxious on the surface.” In these cases where we don’t know what we are feeling, intuition and kinesiology are very useful to discover what cannot yet be expressed.   

Recognizing your true emotions honestly is an essential skill to develop. When you have the ability to identify your deepest feelings, you can heal yourself of ANYTHING. Do you have the courage to take a look at your emotions straight on? When you have the skill to recognize and accept your deepest feelings, then your emotional IQ is very high indeed.

The Five Steps to Developing Emotional IQ are:
1) How Can You Recognize Your Emotions 
2) Acceptance, Self Love, Gratitude
3) Remove Your Mask of Old Emotions
4) Master Your Emotions to Harness their Power in Your Life
5) Ask for Support from a Professional

Ancient Wisdom of the Emotions Wheel

Wheel of Emotions and the Chinese Five Elements.


Can you precisely identify your feelings on the Chinese Wheel of Emotions? The Emotions Wheel is an ancient tool based on the Five Elements. giving rise to five major emotions of Anger, Joy, Worry, Grief, and Fear. Within each major element there are other sub-categories that help pinpoint the specific quality and intensity of an emotion in order to heal. Study this chart with an open mind. Please be patient, as the ancient and brilliant Chinese picture calligraphy has been translated into pedantic English letters. So, unfortunately cruel semantics can block understanding. I learned this from a great Qigong Master. Notice further that within each of the sub-categories of the major emotions lies its secret opposite. This is the path to healing the emotional pathology. For example, the the secret exit for Anger is Hope. Fear’s secret opposite is Wisdom. Study the chart and tell me what is the secret antidote to Worry? To Grief? Now you get it? 

Step 1: How Can You Recognize Your Own Emotions?
Get a piece of paper and a pencil. Take a moment to sit quietly and ask yourself an internal question. What are you feeling today, right now in this moment? Can you identify your three primary emotions on the wheel above? Be honest. Be quiet and let the emotions reveal themselves. Give your emotions a number 1, 2, or 3, with 1 being the strongest. You may notice they’re in levels, superficial, or medium, or very deep. Then rate the intensity of each emotion from 1 to 10, a low intensity being 1 to a high intensity of 10. Write it down.

In ancient Chinese medicine, each of the Five Elements is associated with a primary meridian, an organ, and an emotion. Notice in what element your emotions reside in on the chart. Are they all related to Fire? Or Wood? Or Water? Or mixed? Write it down. Are they negative or positive? How much intensity or stress are they bringing to your life? Now write down what is your story. How did these emotions arise in your body-mind-spirit? How have these source events changed you and made you the person you are now? Do you feel the tenderness of your reactions in the past? Did you reject yourself or the situations in that time? Write all your answers down. It could be one sentence or an entire page. Whatever you feel.

Step 2: Acceptance, Self Love, and Gratitude

SELF-LOVEStep 2: Acceptance, Self Love, and Gratitude

Sit down quietly and feel into your bones. Say to yourself: “I love and accept myself exactly as I am. I accept my true self and my unique destiny as a human being. I let go of my old self in total surrender. I release and give away my old self in order to be empty and allow my new self to reveal itself and to fill me. I honor myself as a sacred human being. I have a right and a purpose to live in this world. I release any old un-serving emotions and contracts and strongly desire to be honest to my true self. I offer gratitude for all my experiences and thank every moment in my path that has led me to this moment. I forgive the past completely with love and gratitude. I open my arms to the present, and to my future, whatever it may hold.” Then move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Just Remove Your Mask of Old Emotions

Remove Your Mask – Underneath your mask is a real and perfect you. When you’re ready to step out of a pretend world of old reactions into the real you, imagine yourself walking out of the old and into your new way of living. You can release your old personality with tenderness and compassion, in order to explore your new path. Leave behind any nostalgia or grief about the past. Don’t rush out blindly into the new, but rather quietly allow it to reveal itself to you. Accept all uncertainty.

If you’re not sure what your new life looks like, try to immerse yourself intimately in Nature. Wait for clarity. Meditate and tune into your deepest quiet. Get a piece of paper. On the left side write down the qualities of your old personality. On the right side write the qualities of your new self. Work slowly, thoughtfully, meditate and surrender until you find a bit of clarity. When you’re ready, tear the page in half. Wad up the old personality on the left and throw it away or burn it. Whew! Now move to Step 4.

Step 4: Master Your Emotions to Harness their Power in Your Life

Think about it. Passion in any endeavor is your key to success. So, it follows that if you UTILIZE that emotional power with wise awareness, you can become the master of your life. If you are a passionate person like me, this may be your biggest weakness. But it is also your greatest gift. Emotional awareness is a beautiful path to walk.

When we immerse ourselves into life fully with passion and wisdom, our progress through the matrix can be quicker, Nez pas? My first spiritual teacher, Rudi, said “If there is a harder way, please let me have it, because it must be wonderful.” When we have true passion tempered by wisdom, we somehow find the endurance, the flexibility to walk through the pain, discomfort, and insanity around to claim the prize of wisdom in your life.

Life is a mirror of frequency inviting you to master your deep emotional power.

Step 5: Ask for Support
Helping-handsNo one can heal alone. We don’t live in a vacuum. Everyone needs a helping hand in times of transition. Sometimes our deep, dark, and twisted parts can be difficult to see by ourselves, and unsettling to release.

Find an experienced medical practitioner, therapist, or trusted friend to share your journey. Regular meetings with a reliable counselor can help you see the truth and offer encouragement, assisting you to release the old and stabilize in your new way of being. Suggested emotion-body-mind therapies to consider are:

  • Qigong
  • Yoga
  • Emotion Code
  • BodyTalk Practice
  • Meditation
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Energy Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Craniosacral therapy

Srijana Healing Sessions in Person and on Zoom: 

My practice specializes in removing and untangling old layers that are difficult to see. What emotional patterns are you dealing with? If you’d like an intuitive session, if you are willing to change your thoughts and/or lifestyle habits, I can help you make a permanent shift. Check out these links below. What would you like to address?

Srijana Treatments:


Developing your Emotional IQ is a life-long journey to wellness. You can master yourself with this 5-Step exercise over and over your whole life. Let’s call it a game! I hope it makes you happy and healthy.

How will you know when you’ve achieved a high Emotional IQ?
Well, you’ll be a strong person, able to look fear straight in the eye without flinching. You’ll be able to read your deepest emotions and those of others without reaction or judgement. You’ll have a flexible, thoughtful approach to life. You will become a reliable support for others. You’ll be happier. Who knows? You may even achieve our wildest dreams!

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
Aristotle, Greek Physician, 4th century BC

Srijana, aka Jane Barthelemy is a medical intuitive, author, Qigong teacher, and healer. She has practiced Tibetan Buddhist meditation for over five decades, residing in the Rudrananda Ashram in the USA for 35 years. She practices craniosacral therapy, Acunect, and BodyTalk – an infusion of intuitive Chinese, and Ayurvedic wisdom. She is trained in Qigong, Taichi, Daoist sexuality, and Kundalini activation. Her medical Qigong training is with Mantak Chia, Khamto Lee, Daniel Villasenor, Zhongxian Wu, Dr. Ka’imi Pilipovich, Franco Mescola, Richard Leirer, and Master Lam Kam Chuen. She has her BS in Italian Opera and MBA in financial management. Her two paradigm-changing cookbooks show how to build health with unprocessed foods. Her upcoming books include: “Heal Your Past Lives”, and “Buddha Speaks – Illustrated Quotes for Children & Adults” She is on the faculty of NewEarth University and LearnDesk. Her websites are and Srijana lives in Bali with her Bhutanese husband, Lama D.

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