Distance Sessions

Sri Jana offers distance sessions all over the world. Remote treatments are an ideal solution if you are not in the same area, if you cannot walk, or if you’re traveling. Distance sessions are powerful, and frequently more effective than hands-on sessions, simply because Sri Jana is able to listen very deeply without distractions.

How does distance healing work?
Distance healing uses energy without visible connections. Energy is not local, as we know from our remote phones and garage door openers. Distance or remote sessions work according to Quantum Physics across time and space. It is known that our bodies at the most basic energetic level operate according to the laws of Quantum Physics. In the Quantum field everything is connected, part of a continuous whole, thus distance is not a factor. For a non-local session to function, there must be a sender and a receiver. In this case, an energy exchange is set up with Sri Jana as the sender, and the client as the receiver.

To schedule a time for your distance session, email jane@fiveseasonsmedicine.com.
Please include the following items:

  • A few sentences of what you would like to accomplish in the session.
  • Include your phone, Skype address or Google Hangouts id, and email address, depending on how you want to be contacted.
  • Ask any questions about the session.
  • Pay with PayPal on the Payment Page

Sri Jana will contact you at the scheduled appointment time.

Sri Jana, aka Jane Barthelemy, CBP, CRM, DRM, LAP, MBA is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Accunect practitioner, Certified 3rd degree Reiki Master, Certified Qigong Guide, Sacred Sexuality Instructor, MBA, and a lifetime practitioner of Tibetan Buddhist meditation for nearly 50 years. Sri Jana lives with her husband Lama D in Paro, Bhutan, and offers distance sessions anywhere. Contact Sri Jana

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