Comprehensive Health Scan, In-Person or Distance

What are your top health markers? Jane’s Comprehensive Health Scan is an exciting new tool which measures over 150 specific health markers. It surveys your organs, endocrines, meridians, hydration, body pH, food intolerances, emotions, and toxin levels, to name a few. The scan takes about an hour while you rest comfortably and Jane intuitively reads your body. After the scan is finished, Jane will review it with you and give you a list of suggested priorities to optimize your health.

Jane’s Comprehensive Health Scan is a relaxing, non-invasive way to learn about yourself on many levels. It can be done in-person, or via Skype or Zoom. The scan looks for stress points in your health profile and possible flags to focus future attention.

If you’re searching for a holistic overview on your health, this scan is a great place to start. Jane looks at the health of your bones, muscles, organs, tissues, body ph, food intolerances, senses acuity, blood sugar, level, sleep, emotions, chakras, and body micro biome. How much sunlight exposure do you need? What is your primary meridian, how is your water quality, and how much emotional stress are you experiencing? Jane will review the numbers with you and give you a list of priorities to optimize your health.

This kinesiological-intuitive scan may uncover areas in need of attention far before most standard medical tests, for a fraction of the cost. It can also indicate where you’re doing a good job. Consider it a starting point for your own research, healthy lifestyle choices, and specific diagnostic tests. Jane is not an MD. She does not diagnose disease or prescribe medication.

After your Comprehensive Health Scan, you can optimize your new health priorities with Jane’s Ageless-Timeless Lifelong Vitality Program.

“I’m so glad I took Jane’s comprehensive scan. It gave me perceptive feedback about how I’m taking care of my health. It showed me some strengths and a few possible areas to improve. For example, my endocrine system came in very high and my muscle tone is in great shape. One flag was the level of toxins such as pesticides and PCB’s in my bone marrow. I’ll be working with Jane to remove those. And my water quality looks low, so I’ll be getting a filter. Overall the scan has raised my awareness of how body, mind and spirit are a unified whole, and helps me listen to myself more deeply. Thank you!”  C. Thomas

Comprehensive Health Scan appointment: 2 hours: $275

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