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We are Lama D and Srijana, teachers and writers living in Bali at Keramas Sacred River Village. We invite you to subscribe below for weekly articles. Lama D's website is  Also check out Srijana's award-winning food & lifestyle blog at Best wishes!

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Teknik Bernafas Untuk Oksigenasi Darah Anda

Breathing Techniques to Oxygenate Your Blood. Halo Hari ini saya mau berbicara tentang biagaimana Teknik Bernafas Untuk Oksigenasi Darah Anda. Kita akan mengukur kekuatan paru-paru Anda, kecepatan bernafas, tingkat oksigenasi ...

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Lama D Teaches Everyday Buddhism to 21,000 Students in Bhutan

When I wake up at 7am every morning, Lama D has already been up for three hours. His group is called Tharpi Sabuen, “Seeds for Enlightenment”. He’s hard at work ...

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Why Are Idiopathic Diseases Rising So Fast?

When a disease has no cause and no cure, we call it “Idiopathic”. But why are the world’s most common diseases such a mystery? What are our most common idiopathic ...

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Homage to Rudrananda, Captain Kundalini in His Last Year of Life

Rudi as Captain Kundalini in his orange overalls and T-shirt. Rudi is the only person I ever knew who understood the meaning of TRANSFORMATION. He is gone now, however he ...

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Five Seasons Qigong Introduction

The secrets to healing are inside your body. Qigong is a meditation in motion practice from ancient China. QI means ENERGY and GONG means WORK. We USE breath to move ...

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What is Obesity? An Intuitive Healer’s Perspective

Welcome to my mini-series about “How to Heal the Top 12 Diseases of Mankind”. Obesity affects almost 2 billion people worldwide! Obesity is increasing so fast, especially in children, that ...

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Five Seasons Qigong Class Qigong Class Images_compressed What is QiGong? QI means ENERGY and GONG means WORK. We USE the breath to move body energy for health. This is easy for everyone. Even ...

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What is Cancer? An Intuitive Healer’s Perspective

In a very real sense Cancer is the #1 epidemic of our times, a disease of modern society. There are about 20 million new Cancer cases per year worldwide. This ...

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Change Your Thoughts, Heal Your Life

Our emotions and past traumas are in our memory forever. These are energy patterns, and they DO affect our body. That is why EMOTION is a root of every disease ...

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Three out of five people will die of chronic inflammatory illness worldwide. Why do we see rising chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s? Recent electron microscopy ...

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How Did We Get ADDICTED to “HEALTHY” foods we eat EVERY DAY?

Many people tell me they’ve quit sugar. They eat “Healthy” foods like organic noodles, fried rice, granola bars, chips, and prebiotic sodas. These ultra high-carb foods instantly turn to sugar ...

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Apa itu Kanker?

Halo, hari ini saya mau berbicara tentang Kanker, epidemi #1 nomer satu di dunia. Tahun ini 10 juta orang di seluruh dunia akan meninggal karena Kanker, atau satu dari setiap ...

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